Baradise Escape Demo: Update Devlog #3!

Hi there, been a while since last update! Here's another update recap for Baradise Escape!

Implemented masturbating together scene!

Finished cooking system!

Added all the "collectible resources" with the sparkles as hint

Battle system finished!

Made a bunch of maps as well as obstacles! (broken bridge, etc)

On-map enemies!

Added this cute Citali scene to the demo!

CG progress!

Artist is no longer working on the game full time (working part-time right now), so progress on CG is getting slower, but it's still a pretty good pace overall. 8 out of 12 Citali CGs have been finished! Next up will be Ragnar :)

Regarding the crowdfunding campaign...

A lot has been happening in this month and not in a good way. To be honest, I don't think it's the right moment to make a game crowdfunding campaign... Combined with the fact that the demo is still very rough (not all gameplay features I want have been added),  I've decided to postpone the campaign to May/June, and polish up the demo some more until then (I truly hope the situation will be better at that time...). Might still release an alpha version of the demo on Patreon first to gather feedback (as I'm still unsure whether the gameplay is fun or not currently).

Anyway, I'm still pretty happy with the progress made on the game so far! Hope to make good progress this month as well =D

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I want to play this so much! Haha. But I can wait until it's ready.
Will it be available for purchase on Steam? I'd love to wishlist and buy it there on day of release. :D


I suggest that you should just released an alpha version of the demo for now


Better to hold back and have more demo then rush it out and have people pissed at you.

The good thing is it's a demo (not the full game) so a delay is no big deal BUT you also want people to try it. I feel it's better to wait


I might still soft release the alpha version of demo to first gather feedback 🤔 since I'm still unsure whether the gameplay so far is fun or not 😅