Baradise Escape Alpha Demo is OUT!

Sorry for the wait! I'm excited to announce that the ALPHA version of Baradise Escape demo is now up and running!

Why the ALPHA version?

1) Bugs haven't been thoroughly tested yet... 

I've tried running the game from beginning to end, but as the developer, I might have unconsciously selected the same choices / actions, which might have prevented some bugs from being discovered. So... play the demo at your own risk! (aka, there are probably still many bugs littered all over). If you do find a bug (or many :p), please give me a bug report to! It'll be a huge help ^_^

2) Some aspects are still not polished enough...

One that I can remember, player's sprite animation for axe / hammer actions are still not done, so for now, you'll be seeing awkward standing still while mining / chopping wood :x

3) I have a bunch of things that I'm still unsure of regarding the game...

Is the game currently too difficult? Is the gameplay fun enough? Is the game laggy or not? (since I'm using Renpy for this, which is mostly intended for Visual Novel)

Anyway, I have a lot of uncertainties about this game, so before releasing it to the wild for all to see (and criticize), I figure I'll feel a lot more comfortable releasing it for a closed audience. I have prepared a Google Forms link to gather feedback, if you’ve got the time to, I’d really appreciate it if you could fill it in! (link inside the game, click on the banner on the title screen page once you've finished playing ^_^)

CLICK HERE to download the game! 

(Link is Patreon only for now, hope to make it public in a few months!)

Here are some screenshots of the demo as sneak peeks!

Note: I don't impose any time limit for the demo, but other than the 3 Mads CGs, 1 Citali CG, 1 Ragnar CG, and 1 Syris CG, there are no further contents to be unlocked inside the game. You also can't move past Haluca tribe for now)

Get Baradise Escape: 18+ Adult Gay Bara Yaoi Survival Game


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