Beta version released! (FREE demo available)

Whew! After pulling several all-nighters, I finally manage to finish up the new beta version for Baradise Escape! 

There's also a neat trailer that I've made about the game, please have a look~

Some disclaimers beforehand that even though I've spent like several days testing, there might still be a bunch of undetected bugs (as I was still detecting bugs even today... :"D). Especially for Mac & Linux users, as I don't have any of those devices to properly test, I'm just relying on Godot's default export setting and hoping it could run fine. Please let me know if it's not working for you. What about Android? Well, there's a plan to release Android version, but I've gotta code the control mechanism for mobile device first. 

FREE demo is available, with the only limitation being that you could only play 7 days in-game.

If you'd like to play further and would like to support the game development, consider joining our Patreon! 


By being a patreon at tier $10 or more, you'll be able to bypass the 7 days limit. I also plan to make it a monthly update thingy for the time being (some months might perhaps have less updates, some have more)

I managed to finish 1 bond quest for Citali, Syris, Ragnar, Mads with each having a scene with CG as reward (for Mads, gotta go to the cave at night period after finishing his first bond quest to get the scene), so you should be able to see those scenes as well. 

I've also revamped the game over mechanism so that you don't really "die" when you die in the game. You either go to heaven, do some menial task to be revived, or go to the underworld and pay some gold to be revived (free for first time). So don't immediately restart the game when you die as your playthrough can still be saved.

~ Some game hints ~

  1. To meet Syris, you have to drown in a certain sea area first. Where? Well, you've gotta try it out yourself.
  2. Go to a jungle area to meet Citali. Help him out to trigger the Haluca tribe path to meet Ragnar and Lex (you have to do a kinda lost woods-like minigame to get there)
  3. Meeting Mads is easy, he's in the same island as when you were initially spawned
  4. To raise RP: talk to the guy once per day, and give him items up to 3 per day
  5. Each merchant has different inventory, when you purchase a certain amount, it unlocks more of their inventory. Stock are replenished daily.

Gameplay-wise, I think I've added most that I want to add. Further updates will include new regions to explore and more romance cutscenes to unlock. 

There were some technical stuff that couldn't be implemented, though, mainly due to lack of time, which I will add to the game later on, like:

  • Food buff (eating food should not only add the survival stats, but also add various buff, such as attack / defense buff, swimming & walking speed enhancing buff, etc)
  • Proper settings screen (controller remapping, sound / music slider, windowed / fullscreen mode), return to title option 

On the title screen, there is a link to a questionnaire ( a button on the bottom left corner). Please fill that in once you're done playing! 

Anyway, that's it from me. I hope you will enjoy playing the game! In the meantime, I'll go get my zzz now...

Get Baradise Escape: 18+ Adult Gay Bara Yaoi Survival Game


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is the demon only available with patreon? I tried downloading it here, but the launcher only open up to the Meyaoi screen and is stuck there.

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Press any button on your keyboard to continue after like 3 seconds have passed (after logo animation has ended)