Baradise Escape Update (+ Android version available)

Happy to announce some neat updates for Baradise Escape. Here's what you can expect:

1. Android Version Now Available: You can now download the APK file and play the game in your Android phone / tablet. Enjoy the NSFW scenes in the comfort of your bed!

2. Love Interests Can Now Follow You Around

The love interest might also give comments when interacting with the world, which (hopefully) makes it more fun during island exploration.

3. Added dating spot mechanism

There are signs with heart icon you can scattered all over the world. If you interact with it, you can get a date scene with the love interest (you have to bring him there by asking him to follow you). For the time being, there are 4 dating spots:

  • Haluca tribe's mating room (you can get... mating scenes :p)
  • Waterfall
  • Flower field
  • Tavern inside a cave

4. Added some more (hopefully) fun NPCs and quests

Some of the NPCs can only be encountered during night time / day time.

Demo has also been updated with the new content so feel free to download it and give it a try! Same  7-day restriction as before.

Bug reports?

For bug reports, please post in our Discord channel (in the bug repots channel) for easier organization. I'm not always active there, but I'll periodically check it out.

Discord invite link:

Some reported issues that have been fixed in latest version:

  • [Android] Can't teleport / exit teleport menu
  • [Android] Can't load save file
  • [Android] Control missing after going to heaven / hell (after dying)
  • [Android] Fix Shop buy and sell UI to accommodate touch
  • [All platform] Fix Inventory still taking up slot after being sold / used
  • [Android] Can't close craft / cook screen 
  • [All platform] Item taking up inventory after being crafted
  • [All platform] Axe weapon durability not going down
  • [All platform] Can't interact with Syris
  • [All platform] Going through a teleportation circle while holding items causes the item to be stuck there.


Baradise Escape Mac DEMO 413 MB
Version 6 58 days ago
Baradise Escape Windows DEMO 433 MB
Version 7 58 days ago
Baradise Escape Android DEMO 408 MB
Version 4 58 days ago

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Will this be free when it's fully developed.  My ass has not starter an account yet 💀🤚

I really can't find anyone in haluca tribe besides npc that don't do much. Where is everyone? It's a visual glitch maybe? I'm on Android

Also, it froze after I was saved by the merman. I've tried twice and the same thing happens 

How do you recover HP in the game? Also if I remember correctly, last time you can interact with a campfire to sleep. For the current version do you just have to wait to tire out to go to sleep?

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My good havens, this is like the PERFECT game for me lol. Bless you and your hot bara boys

How to encounter ragnar?

Quick game guide:

Deleted 46 days ago

Hmm, there should be an intro scene right when you get there. Did you pass the flying spirits puzzle already?

Deleted 46 days ago

Can I ask a dumb question? (Dorothy: better than anyone I know.) I haven't been following development very closely. About how much of development is complete?