Baradise Escape version 1.03 released (fixed some important bugs + added gamepad support!)

Game guide is up on:

1.03 Changelog:

  • Fixes loading save causes crashes randomly
  • Fixes some errors regarding NPC schedule (which also causes random crashes at times)

1.02 Changelog:

  • Significantly reduced stats consumption for actions such as swimming, using tools, battling, etc
  • Fixes bugs where you can only teleport to a waypoint statue once

Got the game updated as there was a vital bug that caused some cutscenes to be deleted even though you haven't triggered them yet (like Mads' intro cutscenes, etc).

Also added some QOL updates like adding "Press any button to continue" in initial logo part and the sliding CG scene

Also added basic gamepad support (no control rebinding yet) due to many requests. The helper control is also changed according to your connected controller type.

If you experience crashes and would like to help report those bugs to get them fixed, please run the game through command line so that it pops up the complete debug log!

1) Type cmd on the explorer bar like this, press ENTER, it should popup a black box

2) Then type "start BaradiseEscapeWindows1.03.exe" or "start BaradiseEscapeWindowsDemo1.03.exe" (without the quotation marks) depending on the version you're playing.

There should be many scary lines popping up there, but it's the complete log of what's happening back-end. If you experience crash, please copy paste all the lines there and send them to me via e-mail

Thank you and thanks for trying out this game <3

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I'm not able to bath in anything

How do I get past the dog so I can use the farm. Also, how do I get some sort of water source. I've run out of apples, oranges and coconuts.

How do you even move around. Using a lenovo yoga with a 6800u ryzen 7 and cannot figure out how to even move. 


I found another bug. As you can see I already tried to make my herb into herbal powder, but it didn't work because I got a full inventory. I bought an empty slot, but the herbal powder is still present and won't go away. 

I met the merman. He rescued me but didn't unlock him. I am guessing I have to drown a couple of times before he speaks to me.  Another thing. I tried to hold a mushroom while holding a novel but it didn't change places and I can't recover that book. I gotta talk to the npc again. I hope I will get another one, I hope it wasn't an important book