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Welcome to Baradise Escape, a survival game and dating sim rolled into one! You play as a young man who finds himself stranded on a tropical island. As you navigate the challenges of survival, you'll also have the chance to meet a diverse cast of handsome men, each with their own unique personalities and stories. Can you find love and build a life on the island, or will you be forever alone? Only time will tell.

As you scavenge for resources and craft tools, you'll need to keep an eye out for danger. The island is home to all sorts of wild animals and other threats, so stay alert and use your skills to stay alive. But don't let the challenges of survival get you down - there's always time to flirt and build relationships with the island's eligible bachelors.

Who will you choose to romance? Will you go for your high school ex, the cute guy you saved on a forest, the rugged hunter who could kill you at anytime, or the merman who saved you from drowning or the other eligible bachelors on the island? With multiple endings and tons of replay value, Baradise Escape is a dating sim unlike any other.

Engaging survival + dating sim hybrid gameplay

Scavenge for resources, craft tools, cook food, and do whatever it takes to survive. But don't let the challenges of survival prevent you from flirting and building relationships with the island's eligible bachelors.

Large, open world map to explore

Explore the beautiful tropical island and discover hidden locations and secrets. Play through the main story, or get endlessly sidetracked by the side quests. It's all your choice!

Collect steamy CGs as you play!

Meet a variety of handsome men, each with their own unique personalities and stories. Collect beautiful illustrated CG of your beloved and you in various romantic and steamy situation!

Interactive sex

This game will feature interactive sex gameplay via the foreplay mode, where you can interact with your favorite guy's various body parts before the actual intercourse.

Reversible roles

All love interests are reversible. Wanna top Ragnar? Wanna be a bottom to Citali? You can do it all. It's all your choice.

Multiple endings

Depending on your choices in-game, you will get various endings. Will you stay on the island forever? You get to decide how to end your journey.


Seiyuu Danshi (released, 2018)

Banana Ranch (Moocha & Finn route released, in development)


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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
AuthorMeyaoi Games
GenreVisual Novel, Survival
TagsAdult, Bara, Boys' Love, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Yaoi


Baradise Escape Windows DEMO 433 MB
Version 9 52 days ago
Baradise Escape Android DEMO 408 MB
Version 8 52 days ago
Baradise Escape Mac DEMO 413 MB
Version 8 52 days ago

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There's A lot of bugs on the Android version for starters My level always somehow resets itself to 1, only the first Datable character's info is unlocked, any other characters info never pops up despite any type of interaction with them, and the Heart bar thing on the Datable character's never increases no matter what gifts I give them. Hoping for new updates it's a fun game and Devs should consider an auto saving cause I accidentally exited the game after a 3 hour playthrough and I lost all of it, also the Controls need improvement they're too small in my opinion

Does the game support Chinese?

is the game dead or still in development? because i have been waiting for the public release for pc for a lonnnnnggggggg time. please dev, tell us.

is there an expectancy for full release or to be determined?

How to sleep? I can't find any options

Same lol

(1 edit)

I think i found a bug , after i almost drown and get saved by syria i wake up on the beach go through the dialog and then im stuck in place , my character is running in place with a large still image of him on the right of the screen , this happens on windows and Android version.

Is there a way to fix this ?

(1 edit) (+1)

I can't get relationship points no matter what I do, I tried talking and giving gifts

Is the game fully developed or is the game still being updated?


So I downloaded the Game off your Patron. After the scene with Syris saving you from drowning, my game freezes? With the MC Png for sleeping but the little model is walking in place I can't interact at all with the game to open up menus or anything. Any idea how to fix it/what could be wrong. 

My game crashes when I speak to Mads after triggering his cave scene at night

Is the cave scene ended already? (Did you manage to see the CGs and all?)

No I haven't gotten all the CGs because when I try to do the forest spirit puzzle, I get the "thats all for this update" screen so I never get to enter the village

Two things I think is bugged on my game (android) 

First: I can't find any of the romanceble characters in haluca tribe. Nor did I find the second merchant and there is no spite working in the mating room 

Second: after I am rescue by the merman the game froze.Froooze


Help im stuck in hell. He keeps asking me for 200 but im broke and the eye bats do nothing

Im on Android btw


How can I take a bath in mobile?

Press interact button when you're in front of any water source.


I am very sad because I have been playing for a long time, but I still don't know how to make a soft bed. Can someone tell me


Where do you get beer, onigiri and a fishing rod? and how do you upgrade your shop rank?

To have the full version and only on Patreon?

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On android when i enter the nautica isle the mc wont show up and i get stuck in the water please fix this thankss

That should be fixed in latest version. Please re-download.

In the merchants shop it wont let me scroll on android, i keep pressing the button to scroll but it wont work

Will take a look.

When i enter the Maya Village the camera doesn't follow my character. I tried making a new game and the same problem happened.

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How to take a bath?


Press Z in front of any water area to drink (can't drink beach water tho) or bath.

Thank you for updating the game for Android alot has been fixed but it seems now I am I unable to open my Inventory, like of I click on it it doesn't open

Also added note for android if you could make the movement a like joystick (go around in circles), than the d-pad one as it makes it hard to navigate and align myself with enemy's 

(1 edit)

You open inventory by using the menu button on the top-right corner. Yeah, intended to go with joystick but couldn't get it to work so for the time being, I'm releasing it with D-Pad.

I mean when I click on it it doesn't open the inventory

Can't replicate it on my end. Were you able to open inventory before? Do you remember what happened (or what you did in-game) before inventory becomes unopenable?

When like all the glitches where in the game like where you couldn't load saves I could open inventory, but ever since those have fixed I was unable to open inventory at all , is their something I'm supposed to to before I can open my inventory? 

I made a new game and collected some stuff then found out The inventory was not opening and won't open 

I have played the demo on Android version for about 10 min and come across some issues.  The first two is that I'm unable to teleport or leave the teleport selection screen.  The third is the inability to load a save file.  I'm post this here because the feedback link has yet to be updated to include the Android version.


Will check that out.


Should be fixed in newest Android version (demo version). Patreon-version still uploading.

Does anyone know where the second merchant is? I've looked all over the first and second island and I can't find him. 

Do you think it has to do with the "last dish" mission, I got totally stuck in that mission

How do you lower the volume? Is there a settings button

What metal do you need to make a hoe and how do you get it ?

I have ore, silver and bronze but it none of them


I cant take a bath, is it a bug?

I can't get into the chief's building. The bearskin at the entrance blocks the way.


can't wait for the full version to be released!!


Hey, I'm trying to run on mac but its crashing instantly. does anyone have a fix


I mean looks great not huge fan way the main character look eh he just looks so out of place but some people like so :D all power to ya! \o/

Lol I agree, all the MLs are so handsome then you just pan over to the MC...he look basic af ngl. I think its the hairstyling as well as the glasses style that makes him look so out of place....Rip


How do i befriend the dog? TT~TT

To the left of the dog is a sign post , interact with it will give you a hint and unlock a side quest, you need raw meat x3 I suggest equipping the strong brunch, hunting the deer in the mountain pass northe of the old man's cabin gives you 3 raw meat per deer 


Is there a guide for the game? Literally been playing for an hour and still don't even know how to shower or where everyone is lol

How to do Mads side quest to find ideas for the bed

Android please =3


I am completely stuck.
I am of the assumption that I have to use the silver I have acquired to make a weapon effective against the werewolves.
And I see people talk about a second merchant. however I can not find him for the life of me.
Can anybody assist me? 


🥺🥺 android??


How do you beat the werewolf

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