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Game is still in early development!

Alpha DEMO is now OUT! (Currently PATREON-only)


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Warning! Demo is still not thoroughly tested and may have a bunch of errors. Play at your own risk! If you encounter errors, please contact me via meyaoigames@gmail.com and I'll fix it up as soon as I can!

Alan encountered his ex Mads during a cruise. As if things weren't bad enough, the cruise ship the two were on got caught in a huge storm and the two suddenly became stranded together in a mysterious island with no signs of rescue coming.

Join Alan's survival journey as he encounters more guys and gets involved into various steamy situations and control his destiny! Will Alan return to the modern life and reunite with his ex? Or, will he instead be married into the local tribe and start a new life there? Will he find out the truth behind the sudden shipwreck? 

It's all your choice!

Interactive sex

Like all my other games, this game will also feature interactive sex gameplay via the foreplay mode, where you can interact with your favorite guy's various body parts.

Reversible roles

All love interests are reversible. Wanna top Ragnar? Wanna be a bottom to Citali? You can do it all!

Engaging survival gameplay

Keep your various stats in mind as you explore the mysterious island!

Crafting / cooking / farming

Craft items, cook food, and till the land to help you survive better. 

Romance 4 guys & Collect steamy CGs as you play!

Multiple endings

Depending on your choices in-game, you will get various endings. How will you end your journey?


Seiyuu Danshi (released, 2018)

Banana Ranch (Moocha beta released, in development)


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StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorMeyaoi Games
GenreVisual Novel, Survival
TagsAdult, Bara, Boys' Love, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Yaoi

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I dunno. seems pretty buggy.  i wandered the island collecting things, it told me to find someone else, the only thing I found after fixed two bridges was a bat that kept attacking, I'd kill it, it wouldn't disappear, but immediately attack me again over and over, I'd kill it over and over, until I closed the game.

If this is 18+, how come the main sprite doesn't have genitals?


A suggestion: While I think the title is good and pretty clever. It's bad marketing and community-wise. When people google "Baradise Escape", the top results will be Paradise Escape, Escape From Paradise or Burnout Paradise. People will have a hard time googling things related to the game. 

An example would be: The game Little Nightmares' previous title was Hunger. But the search result for "Hunger (Video) Game" only showed the movie/book series Hunger Game. So the devs chose a better, more unique title.

The entire first page of google results when you look up baradise escape is this game.


A pity it cannot let play the demo.


Any update? Has been quite a while! (just curious!)

Is there any way to play this on phone

Hello please where to download enough to buy

Hi there! Currently, only the demo is released. You can download by becoming a patron. Go through this link: https://meyaoi.itch.io/baradiseescapedemo/patreon-access

Hello it says to me

We had some trouble connecting your account

  • You don't have a pledge for Meyaoi Games Boys Love / Yaoi / Gay Dating Sim / Visual Novel game

Hi there, you first need to become a patron for at least $10 (patreon.com/meyaoigames)


Please ask how to pay WeChat can you, I am Chinese, did not do those cards


It said

We had some trouble connecting your account

  • You don't have a pledge for Meyaoi Games Boys Love / Yaoi / Gay Dating Sim / Visual Novel game

How to pay, WeChat can be, I did not do the card

he looks like Dwight from DBD 



love the art. I missed the coming out on top style


The art in this game looks so dang good - like wow! Especially that we have some chest hair on some of the men! 
Also, will we be able to customise the protagonist in any way? Like choose whether he has glasses, facial hair and chest hair?
In all honesty I'm not that big on what the protagonist looks like, but that's' probably because I love my bara protagonists to be physically big (well, bigger than this guy is) and total doms (which I'm glad we can choose), but as long as he turns out to have a good/interesting personality he'll probably end up growing on me.
I'm deliberately holding off on playing the demo for now, but for sure am gonna buy the game when it's out! :D


can't wait for this release

How... do you cook? I've tried and i just cant seem to get the food to cook? Idk what I'm doing wrong. Gonna die of starvation at this point.

Never mind. It's because it didn't want just a clam. I used mushrooms. And then to feed your self, click on the food in the inventory and then the picture of yourself on the right.

Is there an NSFW scene for Ragnar and Citali in the Alpha Demo?

In demo, only NSFW scene for Mads. Ragnar and Citali both have 1 SFW CG :)

i just realized..are you guys the people who made coming out on top?


It is the same artist :)

would be nice to play a demo, but seems there is not one available. does not bring a lot of desire to pay for a vn with seeing a demo


The demo will be made public in a few months. It's still in ALPHA right now, so yeah, too many bugs to release to the wild.

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I'm a huge mermaid/ merman fan so seeing a merman character has me excited! I'm curious if there will be any sex cgs with him as a merman or if everything is just with him as a human?


There will be sex CGs with him as merman! (I just need... some ideas regarding merman sex xD)

Woohoo that has me excited! Hmm I suppose it depends on how you design him. I know a lot of people when doing Merman sex scenes design them so that they have a front hole and a penis, so that they can be topped but also so that they can top as well, which is something I always find interesting, and I think that adds some sex scene diversity. Also, I'm not sure if you plan on doing any kink/ fetish stuff, but years ago I came across a CG comic where a merman becomes infatuated with a human male's feet because it's something he himself doesn't possess and he loves the idea/ concept of feet so there was some foot fetish/ foot worship scenes.

Maybe including double p*nis...


I see nowhere to download the demo, where is it?


Will it be available for Android?


I hope there are more PoV CGs in the game (as in showing the love partner as top/bottom during sexy scenes). Maybe a variety would be nice where in a scene there are CG where the MC is visible and  there are also CG when the MC isn't so players can self-insert.


I suggest that you should just released an alpha version of the demo for now


Is the artist the same as the one who worked on Coming Out On Top? The art style looks very similar.


Yeah, the same CG artist :)

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Wait...I didn't notice there was a dragon and an evil warlock! Sign me up! xD But seriously, once I have the money, I'll definitely pitch in for this. <3

It says only four guys are romancable, but I hope that's just old info(or just demo specific) and I can run away with Draco or Sylvester. xD

I have a question, does it run on Android via joiplay? (Hope it does) looking forward to the demo ver. Y'all Stay safe 🤍

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I want a threesome ending, but with Ragnar and Lex. It's better to have two separate threesome endings for the yaoi crowd and the bara crowd I think. Something in between is probably a meh for both audiences. 

I also think cock size could be longer for Lex....

(1 edit) (+3)

I think the best way is to have variations of threesomes (Lex and Ragnar, Ragnar and Citali, Lex and Citali). That way it can please the bara and yaoi crowd.

Personally I'd like a foursome route with all three tribesmen. Happy family route is the best! :D

Lol, I agree Lex's penis should be bigger! Big penis is not a problem for (experienced) gay men, so I think that can be a potential story idea for Lex having problem/complex with his penis size being too big.


This is nude Lex right now. Dick size should already be pretty big? I think I've put the wrong dick size on the char profile lol.

Why should Lex have a bigger dick than the half-dragon(Draco)? That doesn't make sense to me...Oo

Dragons are much bigger like humans and have a much bigger....

Just my opinion, but that's your game. ;) :p

Dick size what a conversation lol...

Lol, I mean it does sound trivial, but some people can be very... "passionate" when it comes to dick size of fictional characters, especially on R18 games marketed toward gay men. You can see other crowdfunded indie  game projects targeting gay men almost always include dick size in their profile (some even go as far to put detailed info like girth and erect/flaccid size as fun trivia in fanbook, lol). In the end, games like this are built on players' fantasy, so no harm done indulging with people's fantasy, and build bigger fanbase that way.

Nobody said Draco can't have bigger penis ;)

it's actually more on the how big the penises player perceive/fantasize them to be  than how big the penis are in the portrait (unless you put the characters side-to side naked in the CGs and portraits). Putting dick size means putting a clear standard to compare the size of all characters. 

I just thought it's quite weird for multiple characters to have the same penis size (8 inch). Lex in particular has the biggest physique, so some people like me imagine he'd have bigger if not the biggest size instead of the same as Ragnar's. Maybe like 10 inches or so ;)


Might just remove the dick sizes from all chara profiles and let players fantasize about the actual sizes in their mind xD (since I'm bad at gauging dick sizes anyway...)

Lol, it's one of those things you put way later instead of the beginning. I think it's  still nice to have them, but it's decided by observing the reaction/common consensus within an established fandom. Usually body size, age, personality, and who people prefer as top/ dominant /"alpha"/how versatile they are determine the characters' perceived size.

Will this and Banana Ranch be available on steam? owo

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For Baradise, probably yes, but it will be put on Steam at least 1-2 years after the game release. For Banana Ranch, probably not since there are several shota characters and Steam most likely wouldn't allow the game.

I cant download the game...


There isn't any download for this game because it's pretty early in development. Demo is planned to release on 17th March for now!


Oh my god, I thought the art looks familiar... I'm glad to see their work again. 


Glad to hear that! 😄


A small hope to have another twink just like Citali even though its baradise.


There's a lot of suggestion about this, so we indeed have a plan to add another twink merman as possible love interests (since we need an NPC for underwater area anyway, let's make it a cute twink 😝)


Can I ask ? What do you mean by releasing around Q2 of 2022 what does that mean? Btw nice Game.


It's only the demo version release date! We've got a planned date now, though: 17th March 2022!


Can we have a flip fuck choice??? Sometime i wanna do both haha

A third choice that lets the game decide it for you randomly should be easy enough to implement 😆


Survival elements, GREAT artwork (same artists as COOT!!!??!?!), awesome selection of guys for my guy! Sign me up!



Glad to hear that! Hope to show a demo soon ^^


do we have the player character customization?


I hope so, that would be neat if even if it's just a little bit of customization.


Something like skin color option / body hair option should be possible, though that will come at an additional cost, so might add them as future stretch goals if there's enough demand for it!

thatd be great, especially if can make them all body hairless

Probably not for the other characters. If there is, body hair option is probably only for the main character.

is this game coming out to steam when it is finished?

Most probably yes, but it's probably 1-2 years after the release. Itch buyers will also get Steam key when / if the game gets a Steam release :)

Ill get it for steam. This game like several on itch has a third party site. Meaning i can’t just install it like most games i play. I cant just click install or buy it. Then play whenever. With steam i never have this problem

Since itch buyers do get the Steam key as well if it does get a Steam release, if you want to support the game development, it is much better to purchase through itch (if the payment method you use is supported). Steam unfortunately takes a big chunk of the revenue, so on top of tax and other fees, you only get like ~50% of the sale.


Well if you want me to buy off itch im ganna need the games to be more reachable. Not have to download a separate file on my comp everytime. Just quick access. And alot of people are doing this and its getting bothersome. I literally follow several developers and have files of all kinds. I just want a clean library


There is an itch app for desktop and I'm p sure it lets you just play straight after installing without looking for the file etc


Merman Cock size: ???? 





I look forward to this game! The art style reminds me a bit of COOT and I love it.
Heck yeah to the reversible roles part! Been so many times in games I have played where I wanna top someone and they turn out to be a total top ;p


It is the same artist! :)


I am super excited for this game. I have played Seiyuu Danshi and absolutely loved it. Still need to play Banana Ranch but I already know I will love that too. Your games always turn out the best. My favorite part is you make it so the person playing can pick which role they want to play if they choose to romance people. I tend to play bottom more then top and a lot of games make the player top more so really enjoy this. Thank you for such fun and entertaining games.


What games are you playing lol, I wanna know
I play top majority of the time and I feel that most bara games on itch feature much more player bottom content :p

(1 edit) (+1)

Ah I should clarify that I found more games over the recent years but I also don't just like bara games. I play a variety of bl and even some otome  games when I feel like it. there have been a lot of games I have wanted to play based on art style and story alone but the main character is only top like in No Thank You  for example. I love the art style of the game but I don't really feel like I can see myself as the MC in that game. BUT still a good game for those it does work with. I just never really connected to it. That is only one example. I do agree there has been a lot more games where you can be bottom over the past few years but many of them don't let you choose who you bottom or top with and that is what I enjoy. It is nice to have the choice. I usually try to play all routes when I like a game but I just get sick of not being able to choose. Most the time I do prefer to be bottom for everyone but I also don't mind toping when it is my choice. For some games I like that they tried to do the reversible roles but again still not a choice they just made you be bottom one time and top another or vice versa. I do hope this makes sense as I should have said games in the past. I have not seen any issue with it as of late. Just noticed them doing it more equally with Seiyuu Danshi when I got that. I am sure there have been others (I play a crap ton of games) but it was one where I felt it flowed well and made me want to try both versions.

Happy to hear that! I definitely will offer reversible option for all my games :p

I greatly appreciate this as I like that option to choose and not having to pic specific people to romance based on my own preferences. I can just romance whoever and choose my preferences when the time comes >W< Every now and then I do like to mix it up so the choice will always be nice to have.


Are there plans for more love interests or will this game stick to only the four depicted currently?


There's 3 more guys being made, but they will be made into potential love interests that can be unlocked if stretch goals are reached. Will reveal them once they're done!

(1 edit) (+1)

Kinda surprised this doesn't have the Bara tag when it's called "Baradise Escape", either way it looks amazing. And all the things you have planned seem like a blast. Awesome that it includes reversible role choice, and lets the player make the decision. Looking forward to the campaign, and am ready to support it once it launches 


Good point! Have added the bara tag now :)


Looks interesting! Besides hunger and thirst, I'd add something like horniness state, so they it grows over time or events and then you can use it to get a naughty scene. Then it drops, and you can't have another sex scene for some time. That would make sense.


That's a good idea! Though I'm a bit torn between horniness stat / hygiene stat (they can take a bath together etc). Or maybe we can just add both 🤣


I love the artwork so much. I can't wait.

Glad to hear that!

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