Baradise Escape Demo: Update Devlog #4!

Hi there, been a while since last update! Since then, I've gotten a bunch of work done, and this should be last update before I release alpha version of the demo on my Patreon(Public version will follow after). Along with the demo, I'll also release a questionnaire (using Google forms), where I hope you guys can give me some feedback regarding the game so far! 

Anyway, here goes the update!

Citali CGs are all finished! 

Yep, 12/12 of Citali CGs are finally done, and we're moving on to Ragnar's CGs now :D

This is the rough sketch for our first Ragnar scene...

Visible NPC schedules

One thing that I spent a lot of time on (more than I probably should xD) was the visible NPC movement during schedule changes. Like in Stardew, I want to make NPCs walk all over the village to do their own schedules. This was unexpectedly harder to implement than it looked, but I was able to get it done! (at least, it appears so... I haven't tested for any possible bugs or such ~0~)

You can see the characters sleeping in their bed during the night!

Gifting mechanism done!

You can now gift the currently held item (the system will detect if you're holding a consumable, and if yes, the correct option will show up). I've also made the talk dialogues for Citali, which will differ depending on his schedule.

Added mini additions like bubble animation popping out when Bond/Love level is increased

Video cut scene preview showcasing this with cute Citali scene as bonus:

All crafting items added, item descriptions added, item / weapon store coded

Necessary for the gameplay stuff! (but a not very exciting update to see :p)

Some more enemies and maps... 

(All maps up to Haluca tribe should be completed!)

You can preview bond / love status via status screen now 

You can move basecamp to Haluca tribe

Coded CG gallery


The core features of the game itself should be completed by now, what's still missing (as far as I can recall):

- TALK DIALOGUES FOR MADS, LEX, RAGNAR: I've only made talk dialogues for Citali so far. Will move on to making the talk dialogues for the other three!

MINING / AXING GRAPHICS: Yeah, I still haven't done the graphics for hammer / axe animation yet x_x Really want to commission artists who can help me with them, but also too lazy to open recruitment and such, oh the dilemma x"D (Well, it's not really disturbing the gameplay itself, but it just looks odd when you're supposed to chop wood and the player character is just standing still =P)

- FARMING SYSTEM: still need to add the remaining plants and seeds objects (For this one, I might wait until final version since you need to first buy the big house before you can plant, which should not be doable in demo, anyway)

- PROPER NPC GRAPHICS: right now, all of the NPCs (for store owner, etc) is still a temporary placeholder. I'll probably open up slots for these NPCs during the fundraising campaign (include full body character image of course!) 

Anyway, ending the long post with this haaawt CG 🥵

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Can't wait for this to come out goddamn.