Baradise Escape Demo: Update Devlog #2!

Some more update recap on Baradise Escape!

These are stuff that I've posted on Twitter & Facebook the past week, just recapping it here for easier viewing :3

Finished coded intro scene + Mads peeping bath scene

Made RPG sprite for Lex! Also made animated expressions for him!

Also halfway done with hammer animation (Only done the front-view animation, still need to draw the side & up animation xD)

World map + teleportation system finished!

Halfway coding Mads masturbating together scene!

Haven't written the actual masturbating scene,  but done with the "prelude" of the scene. 

Mads CGs are totally finished! Moving on to Citali's CGs now!

Here's the sketch for next Citali CG!

...And this is the lineart! (What a huge difference, huh?)

As a recap, to-do-list next:

  1. Draw the monster / animal RPG sprites -> Code battle system
  2. Continue with the masturbating scene coding
  3. Coding Haluca tribe first scene (when you first arrive at the tribe)
  4. Continue hammer / axe animation sprite (the side & up animation)
  5. Add obstacles to pass through in-between the starting cave & Haluca tribe 

Number 5 should be the one to take the longest, the rest should be quick enough to finish... (I hope so) 

Anyway, progress has been great so far, and I should be able to meet 17th March 2022 deadline for Baradise Escape demo!

For those waiting for Banana Ranch Finn's route, as we speak now, more CGs are being made! 

...Back to the grind now.

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oh my Finn!  <3

Also great work on the upcomign demo :-D