Some quick updates for Baradise Escape demo!

Some quick updates for Baradise Escape demo!

Coded first CG of Mads with some neat cinematic effect!

Can't post the video sneakpeek here, so feel free to check it via Twitter here! (I post there quite often, so do follow me if you want to stay updated on Baradise Escape and my other games more often! xD)

For Baradise Escape, I decided to use bigger images for CGs and using code commands to dynamically zoom in & out and change position of the image.

Plus is: CGs look crisp even with higher res monitor because the native image size is 2160p!✨#renpy #visualnovel #BLgame #gamedev
— Meyaoi @ Banana Ranch & Seiyuu Danshi After Story (@meyaoigames) February 2, 2022

The additional stats have been added & Most of the major UI screens have been coded!

...Minus battle system screen & world map screen (mainly because I'm not done with the world map itself :x)

Fishing is done!

CGs are continuously being made!

Art progress has been really great. As for today, 11/12 Mads CGs are done! Woot!

...Unfortunately, for demo, only 3 of them will be showcased xD

Still lots work to do before demo is functional, but it's pretty neat progress so far, so yay for that! 😆

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I love ur games. I am so getting it


Woohoo!  Can't Wait! ^_^