Poll result so far & complete demo to-do-list!

Thanks everyone for the enthusiasm and for your help in filling the survey! 

- Poll survey so far -

Received 163 responses in public poll & around 30-40 of the patrons voted. The result so far is the following!

  1. Draco route: 132 + 34 = 166 
  2. Threesome route: 80 + 16 = 96
  3. Sylvester route: 65 + 16 = 81
  4. Lex route: 67 + 11 = 78
  5. Body hair customization: 48 + 15 = 63
  6. Skin color customization: 30 + 16 = 46
  7. Bladder meter: 36 + 6 = 42
  8. Partial English VA: 31 + 7 = 38

It’s been roughly the same result for the past few days, so this is probably the final result. I’m still opening the poll until the end of February, though, so you still have time to vote until then!

I’ve also received several other feedback which I find interesting:

  • More “cute” love interests like Citali. Might add cute twinky merman NPC as another possible stretch goal since I need NPC for the underwater area anyway.  
  • More 3P route pairings. Not sure which characters will have chemistry with each other, but this is an interesting idea that I’ll definitely look more into!
  • Dynamic role in 3P (for example, you can also top Ragnar in 3P route. Yes, this is the plan!)
  • If the bladder meter is unlocked, make it optional (yes, making it optional is what I’ve been planning to do, so don’t worry 😉)
  • Foreplay mode back view. You will be able to get the characters to turn to their back, allowing you to interact with their behind. This will be an additional expense for art, but this is an interesting idea too. 
  • Marriage (already in the planned feature without stretch goal 😁)

- Demo to-do-list -

For the fundraising campaign demo, I’m planning to end the demo when you’ve reached the Haluca tribe. These are the to-do-list before the demo can be released!

1) Add Lust and Hygiene to the current meter. 

For the current system, I’ve only coded Hunger / Thirst / Health, so will need to add those two meters in. It shouldn’t be too hard to add, though. 

2) Implement battle system. 

I initially intended to make it an action battle system (so the battle is done on the map itself), but it makes the game lag too much, and I’ve decided to make it ordinary turn-based combat. 

Some notable features for the battle system: 

  • Turn will be calculated based on AGI of player / enemy.
  • Usage of item to move back the enemy's turn (food to distract the enemy, etc)
  • Buff / debuff states dependent on survival stats (if hungry, less attack power, etc) 

3) Implement fishing system

Simple Quick Time Event (QTE) where you click the screen when the fish bar is in the blue area. I’ve coded the exact same fishing system for Banana Ranch and I’ll reuse it (just gotta change the graphic, so will be quick)

4) Implement quest journal system

Mockup. Final design might vary.

5) Skill system 

I plan to make it so you can collect skill orb throughout the island, and allocate it to your skill as needed.

  • Combat: increased health bar, requirement to equip advanced weapon / armor
  • Crafting: learn weapon / armor recipes
  • Cooking: learn cooking recipes
  • Fishing: learn to make baits, requirement to wear 
  • Foraging: chop bigger trees / wood
  • Mining: mine bigger rocks 

6) Implement world map fast travel system

Throughout the island, there will be teleportation portals that you can activate. After activated, you’ll be able to teleport to that portal anytime you want to enable quicker travel. 

Mockup. Island map is in-progress, so it looks a bit empty right now. There will also be an underwater map for the underwater area. 

7) Draw RPG sprites for the remaining NPCs, animals, and player poses.

Have drawn Alan, Mads, Citali, and Ragnar. Still needs to draw Lex and other Haluca tribe NPCs, Alan’s sprite for when he is fishing, and the wild animals sprites (for demo: deer, bear, blood sucking bats that appear during the night)

8) Write + code in scenes (intro Haluca, peeping Mads bathing scene, masturbation scene, etc) 

9) Add some more maps & obstacles in-between the beach where the game begins and Haluca tribe. 

…And that should be it! More might be added as necessary, but this is the rough breakdown. Fingers crossed I can finish all above to-do-list before my self-imposed deadline 😅

What you can do to help!

For now, I plan to release the demo & begin the fundraising campaign on 17th March! 

Since the campaign can only be run through itch.io (aka this site) because Kickstarter isn't supported by my country, the visibility will definitely be limited. Due to that, we'll have to rely A LOT on word of mouth to spread words about this game. If you want Baradise Escape to succeed and for all the stretch goals to be achieved, please help us spread words about this game as much as you can! You're allowed to repost any of the images on this page if you need to!

Suggestion for more promotional channels to reach bigger audience is also really appreciated! (you can contact me directly via e-mail meyaoigames@gmail.com if you're hesitant to comment :p). Anyway, any kind of help is welcomed. Let's all do our best for this game to succeed! 🥰 

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Not my boy Lex coming in 4th. :(


Fingers crossed his route can be achieved! Since the campaign is done through itch.io, I can do an extended period of funding (for Banana Ranch, it was extended to 6 months) which hopefully allows more time for the stretch goals to be achieved!

I feel the same :(

(1 edit)

This game seems like an ambitious project with all that you have planned, but I absolutely have faith that you'll succeed because of the quality so far. It really does look promising. I certainly couldn't create a game like this myself, so I'm grateful that you're able to make it for us.

And more mermen?! Yes, please! (I wouldn't mind an under-the-sea triad route...hint hint, lol.) ;)


Most of the gameplay elements are things that I've implemented for Banana Ranch, so the additional challenge here is in making nice RPG maps to explore and survival aspects! It's definitely an ambitious project, but so is my other games. I want to push myself to break my own limits & continuously improve with each game 😊

Anyway, production time is definitely around 2 years until actual completion (judging by how long it usually takes for me to finish my games...). Though, I update almost daily on Twitter (twitter.com/meyaoigames) with game updates so hopefully that can ease up the anxiety for the long wait. Making games is just so time-consuming no matter how long I've done this for 😅

Pleasee....android version?


Android version will be released when the game is finished!

Okeey...thanks xixi


twinky merman sounds wonderful if that's what you end up going with ^_^


Aye, planning for one with cute curly hair! 😄


No Ragnar route on the demo?


You can see and talk to him, but no romance scene with him yet.

But will there be in the future in the public update?