Upcoming campaign + Stretch goal polling!

First of all, thank you for all the enthusiasm so far! I’m really ecstatic to hear you guys are looking forward to Baradise Escape as much as I do :)

What’s the plan next?

My plan is to launch a mini funding campaign at the same time as the demo release using this itch.io page, which is probably around mid to late March as I want to have time to implement all the planned gameplay elements that I haven’t coded in yet & make it so you can at least get to Haluca tribe and meet Citali & Ragnar in the demo.  

The way to back the project is simply by purchasing the game / beta access / the other tiers (that include more rewards) through this page & the amount will immediately go towards reaching the funding goal. On top of the funding goal, I’ll also add some more delicious stretch goals to be unlocked. More details down below!

Stretch goals polling!

No funding campaign will be complete without some exciting stretch goals to be unlocked. For Baradise Escape, I’ve got some interesting ideas that might make great stretch goals, however I’m not the player and I don’t know which stretch goals the majority of players would like the most. 

As such, I’d like to ask you guys to help me decide which stretch goals to prioritize on! 

Here are the possible stretch goals that I've planned!

1. Additional love interest #1: Sylvester 

With this stretch goal, you’ll be able to romance the mysterious dark wizard, Sylvester!

2. Additional love interest #2: Lex

With this stretch goal, you’ll be able to romance the current Haluca tribe patriarch, Lex!

3. Additional love interest #3: Draco 

With this stretch goal, you’ll be able to romance the ancient dragon, Draco!

4. Threesome route: Alan x Citali x Ragnar

With this stretch goal, you’ll unlock the threesome route with Alan x Citali x Ragnar. Included with some brand new CGs :)

5. Player customization: skin color option 

With this stretch goal, you’ll be able to pick the skin color for your player character. He can have pale skin, tanned skin, or dark skin, and the CGs will reflect player customization :)

6. Player customization: body hair option 

With this stretch goal, you’ll be able to pick the body hair for your player character. He can have no body hair, some body hair, or thick body hair, and the CGs will reflect player customization. 

7. Bladder meter + watersports kink CGs

I’ve received some nice feedback and have decided to add 2 more meters to keep track of, namely Lust meter and Hygiene meter. I’ve also received suggestions to add Bladder meter, but that’s something that might not be the kink of everyone, so I’ve decided to make it a stretch goal. If this stretch goal is reached, bladder meter will be added into the game and there’ll be neat watersports CGs for all the love interests to be unlocked.

8. Partial English VA

I’ve been shying away from implementing VA due to bad experience in the past, but I do like VA and I feel they can add a lot into the game. Though unfortunately, implementing VA comes with a cost so I’ve decided to make it a stretch goal. If this stretch goal is reached, partial english VA will be added into the game. Partial, as in, some important dialogues and the sex sound effect will be voiced. 


If you have an idea for interesting stretch goal that, feel free to add your idea in the additional column. Will read all the answers & if I feel like it's a great idea & possible to do, it is very possible to add it as potential stretch goals (or if it's not that much hard work, immediately added into the game! :))


Now that you've seen the possible stretch goals them, please fill in the poll and select your most favorite stretch goals!

  • Click on "Public poll" down below & select 3 stretch goals that you're most interested in (Google forms link)
  • If you're a patron, you've got an extra vote to use! Please use "Patreon poll" and once again select 3 stretch goals that you're most interested in.


Patreon + public polling will be combined to get the final result :)

The stretch goals will be sorted based on popularity order (So, most popular / desired stretch goal will be the first stretch goal)

Thank you for reading through this post! Happy voting ^^

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I like poly routes so much. Also, all of the stretch characters are cute!


I'm most excited probably for the new love interests, especially Lex (hehe, dilf...) and Draco cause cool red dragon man, and the poly/threesome route just cause fun.


I loved Seiyuu Danshi (and still play it)... So I have great expectations for this one... 😍

God, I hope Draco will be a stretch goal. He is the most appealing to me (redheads ftw!). Voted in the poll!

I can't hardly wait to play the demo! 🙂


Draco is 1st now by a large margin, so he most likely will be the first stretch goal 😉


Whoaaa I'm so excited for this 😍 all the guys looks great

Glad to hear that 🥰


Have you considered doing a Kickstarter? You might raise more money that way, and god knows I want to romance all three of those men.


Unfortunately, my country of origin isn't supported by Kickstarter (nor Indiegogo or any other notable fundraising sites), leaving itch.io / Patreon my only options 😅


they did doing a KS for Seiyuu Danshi and what happen after the campaign is not pretty (about tax and all), that's why they don't do it anymore.


I solicited a friend's help who lives in US and borrowed her account detail to launch the KS campaign for Seiyuu Danshi. Didn't think it'd get her that much trouble and don't want to trouble her anymore so I'll stick to itch from now on xD


I can solemnly say that I am definitely a Draco kinda guy. He seems like a world-class himbo 

He really is one dumb drago 😆


bro all the romance options are so fine oml

Glad to hear that! 🤩


Sylvester is so hot 😳


Glad to hear that 😋