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What is Seiyuu Danshi?

Seiyuu Danshi is a Japanese-style Visual Novel / Dating sim centering around life as a voice actor. In this game, you'll play as a newbie voice actor who strives to win for the year-end Seiyuu Award. On his way to reach his goal, though, he will still live his daily life and YOU get to make the choices on how he should spend his days!

The game is highly interactive and there's no usual restriction in plot that you get in ordinary VNs. If you don't feel like working, feel free to slack. If you feel like being single for the rest of your life, yes it can be done! Just keep in mind that ALL your actions matter and will decide how the game ends!

You can try out the new demo now! Download link is there below on the bottom of this page (so you need to scroll a lot) =D

The demo contains SIX weeks of in-game time (up to 16th February). For the full game, you can play as the main character for around 1 year game time. There are 5 love interests + 2 secret characters that are woo-able! Wo-hoo!

You'll play as a newbie voice actor who's on the verge of being kicked out from his agency. Going back home is not an option, and thus begin his journey to become a good-enough-voice-actor-to-not-get-kicked-out-of-the-agency! Join his journey and woo some guys on the way!


Banana Ranch (on-going)DEMO DOWNLOAD LINK


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Seiyuu Danshi ~ After Story ~ (continuation of Seiyuu Danshi, episodes released monthly)

Seiyuu Danshi Fanbook (includes: guides, art compilation, unused art, behind-the-scenes, and bonus OP & ED track songs)

Seiyuu Danshi Official merchandise store | Grab your own Seiyuu Danshi official merchandise and support future BL game production!


Buy Now$32.99 USD or more

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What you get:

  • DRM-free copy of Seiyuu Danshi (Windows, Mac, Linux)
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  • A4 fanbook (artbook + guide portion) with hardcover and glossy art paper for the inner pages (189 pages)
  • 2D USB Flashdisk (include game files so you can play the game everywhere)
  • 1 Couple keychain of your choice
  • 1 3D keychain of your choice
  • 2 A4 Seiyuu Danshi poster
  • 1 A4 Sexy character poster of a character of your choice

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I have no idea how to change into the clothing I bought. Any help pls. ^^

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I just finished Shuu's route a day or two ago and landed the best ending.

This time around, things were a little more annoying because at first, you can only visit Shuu at the Mansion on Mon or Wed; later, he will also appear at the Bookstore on Fri and the Restaurant on Sat. 

A lot of auditions take place on Mondays, I belatedly realize. 

So yeah, I was off to a slower start in getting him to move on from Strangers to Acquaintances to Friends. I managed to get to the Friends stage in early Feb, and finally sailed into the Crush status at a week before May ended, then not long after I had MC/Haato confess. As always, the sexual relationship began in June.

To completely change your partner's sexual preference, you need only have sex with them eight times. 

Unlike on my laptop, I had Shuu be dominant instead of submissive. You will net more CGs if he's submissive, just a mini spoiler, I'm throwing out there. I finished the game with $800, 000 still left over. 

Currently, I'm working on Shiba's route. 

hi!~ i have some problem with foreplay mode, Toru route (1st route)

bug starts after 5-7 interactions every lovey dovey time тзт with and without costume. what can i do to fix it? (sorry for english kkk)

oh and, i have released version

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I just finished Tocchan's route and got the best ending. 

He confessed around April, a day or two after I refused to let Haato/MC do it himself, then they became Lovers. I continued taking him out on dates, talking to him, etc all throughout May and into June. June is where they finally moved onto the sexual aspect of their relationship.

Rinse wash repeat. I continued going on dates, running into him around town, etc. They had a beach date, like June 21st, I think, and later in July, the fireworks festival happened. Then later, there was a couple other scenes with Shige where he asks Tocchan to come back to the corporate world, I chose the option to ask what Tocchan wanted to do, not the option 'what do you feel you should do?' or something like that. Anyways, after that, Tocchan came to the conclusion he wanted to keep working with the VA company and stay with Haato/MC all on his own.

Later,  there was the PonPon Magic Land date, Planetirum date, and Christmas.This playthrough, I made Tocchan completely submissive and it was pretty neat, the CGs. 

Next playthrough, I aim to go for Shuu, then Shiba, and then Hikaru with Toru-chi being last. 

Edit: I did all this without Shuu's Max Money cheat, which is useful to buy household stuff like the TV and computer/desk, and clothes. I want it to be known that it is entirely possible to romance Tocchan at a decent pace. I also had close to $700, 000 left over. 



I'm currently in June and still no progress with Tocchan... I went out on date with him numerous time, talk to him almost everyday abd gave him a chocolate at valentine's day... What am I missing? T.T


Are you touching his pecs/chest, hands, etc. Basically his "hot" areas. Take him to the bookstore, not only is it cheapest, but you can buy a newspaper and novel there while doing the recommended touching and this will boost the date score tremendously. 

Talk to the stalker guy in the park if you haven't already, he will inform you about your level of relationship you're at with Tocchan. Last but not least, don't just invite him on dates, talk to him during the week; he can be found at the Agency, Mart, Bookstore and Park. Although I don't think it really changes anything, also work to do well in auditions. Money is def necessary after all.

Sad as it is to say, if it's June and there's been no real change in your relationship with him, I think you should start over.

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm playing the demo and I'm on day 28 of January of the game (the part you do the BL RPG game recording after you do the Hiiro Justice recording) but when I try to go further into the game to record this shows up.

I don't know what it means. I've tried redownloading the game but nothing I can think of seems to work. Any help would be much appreciated.

That happened to me and I'm going to email them and see if they have any idea what it might be.

did it happen during sexy time nip with hikaru?


The BL job scene isn't available in demo version.

oh okay thank you!

hi there! i bought the game back in 2018 but i'm having the same problem although I updated to version #178450? 

I'm not able to make the purchase

How do I get Shuu's last scene replay?

How do I get Shuu's last scene replay?

Hi there i wanted to know how i can access the cheat menu. I finish shuu's best ending.

When  you start a new game the cheats from completed routes become available for you to choose from

I’m trying to get the maid CG for toru route (I’m replaying cause I missed a lot) do I need to win or lose the audition because I’ve seen mixed 

Ugh I’m in September and I only have a little bit of the 5th star for Toru left. I’ve been visiting him everyday for like two weeks but I can’t confess or get him to confess. What to do?

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I had the same problem just recently. I think I finally got it by talking to the fans in the class building because he next day I got the last scene. Let me know if it works

it worked!!! Thank you!!



Does anyone know how to download the After Stories? The directions on the store page are sparse and confusing...

Is there a reason why Fudanshi is so cute and can't be romanced? As far as I concern, one of rules of romanceable characters in dating VN is that they have to be cute or attractive and he is both! Why why why? DX

hey all, just a question: how to get Kei's ending? what am i missing? last time was in october, when he confessed and rejected.. is there is anything afterwards? if there is, what is the trigger?

no need, i got that, i just should not go beyond popular (fame)

Wont i stall for me on Android tablet. now what? 

anyone know how to get hikaru's last outfit in the bottom right? I thought it was the Christmas one but I didnt have it and couldnt buy it from the bear even after the christmas event.

Hi I just brought the game but I'm stuck in the loop with the dates, I would like to know how I can get a guide to see what I am doing wrong, thanks!


well I mean I being working like crazy, going out on dates and talking to them. However, reading the comments I am having now progress whatsoever like everyone else. So I think I'm doing something wrong.

Have you been visiting them during the week? You have scenes for the various days of the week with specific scenes to fill up the stars. Even after you fill it there's another heart and more scenes.

Oh I didn't even realize I had scenes and hearts to fill up, I need to go back and look for them. Thanks so much!

Great! You can check your progress with the guy, fudanshi?, in the park who was introduced in the beginning.


Lmao, yall got money,I'm chilling with the demo. B)

lol same, and i'm cryin' for being broke as f

Can anyone help me with Shiba? I have become lovers with him and done a few scenes afterwards but i'm not getting any of his scenes to do with the agency. Bought the guide which doesn't help much regarding this. All other scenes are locked until I do some scenes in the agency so no cleaning room, no dog appearing.. nothing. I am in December now with a full heart and i;m confused with this. Any help would be great! Tyty

Just finished and got the best ending but i still missed a few cg's, including the doggo one. the cg guide online didnt help either.. am i missing something obvious?

(3 edits)

I wish there was like a more concrete way we can get pinged for people when they respond to these things lol. To get the doggo CG, Shiba has to be completely submissive, he can't be on top when y'all boink, ever. Then there will come a scene during the week where y'all meet in the park, he sees the cute doggy, picks it up, it licks his cheek, etc.

After Shiba leaves, you will encounter the Love Hotel suit wearing person and a prompt will pop up. I forget what it is. Anyway! I think it's a sex toy that it will be trying to give you, get it and the next time y'all meet up, it'll automatically do the scene.

I'll be going through this again for y'all since I messed up with my version on my laptop :/

That must be it, I had him be top once or twice. I'll have to go through it again 😅 thanks for the help

No problem <3
If you need anymore help, I'll be around. 

Maybe you didnt get the ones in other places or the day? Usually it has events for the days of the week and I noticed it wouldnt go to the next 'week series' until you collect them all from the week your on. 

I'm new to this game and i was wondering how do you check your friends and lover points in this game?

You talk to the guy at the park who collects info. I forgot his name but he was introduced in the intro.

thanks for the info it really helped. :)

Hello! I just bought a brand new Macbook and I wanted to download Seiyuu Danshi but it kept saying that It can't run because it couldn't verify that the developer. Any help?

press the question mark, then there will be an option for it to open the general page or something, then the general, there should be an option to open the game anyways :D

oh! you will then have to cancel that, it shows in the photo, then reopen the game to get the things I said in my above comment

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Can someone please tell me how to get the CGs I'm missing for Shuu in both screenshots ? He's my favorite and I can't find a guide anywhere.


Try this guide by beelzebaey


Hope it helps

Thank you so much, this was much needed ! 😊

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I left seiyuu dan s Tocchan for last cause they said its the easiest and he is super duper cute!! 

I know you have hands full with Banana Branch and also cant wait to play it...

And so just a suggestion how about making a candy crash like game for seiyuudan? Like shopping with Tocchan... I kind of got hooked with the first scene with the old man shoopping....

Haato emoticon crash with Tooru

Idol popp with Hikaru - where you get annoyed by Haato throwing weird things into the game to make it harder and he just laughs like a fool

And you could earn a CG puzzle piece with each level won.

You can choose character at the beginning to play with and the theme and CG choice depends on the choice of the character at the start.

And when you get Haato as a character you can collect new CGs that are not in the original game that features new cute or smexy CG of the targets or just put the After Strory CG in there. Or... get your fans a chance to showcase their fandom pictures of seiyuudanshi and put their work into Haato route!!!

Also you get 3 random characters you can choose for free at first and you need to finish all 3 to unlock the right to chose next character you want.

For Lucky lottery you can use the park kid who shows you the love meter in the game and the extra life and helping tools like hammer (blind fold...) you can use the shady people in the game to find them or earn..... 

^^ Thanks for reading

I am in love with your work. I played Banana Ranch a while back, which was absolutely hilarious (and I'm super looking forward to the final version!) Seiyuu Danshi is a fun, sexy but surprisingly challenging visual novel. I really love all the interactivity, and the level of detail with animations. There is such a level of attention to detail in your games and I adore it. 

Hello I just bought your game and it told me my card was declined and took the money out of my account......

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Hi I'm having trouble with texting with the secret character can someone explain how to do it to date them plz

(You might need to dumb it down 4 me 😅 I can sometime cant understand what 2 do lol)

Hello i have a question, can seiyuu danshi run in 32 bit computer?

um... when I was talking to shiba (Day 22 Jan this happened and I thought I would just point it out for the sake of it being a text bubble and not the normal box. There was no difference in the gameplay or problem, just that this isn't normal lol. so yeah :)

seems to only happen when in the restaurant...

That happened to me too! I wonder why


Can anyone tell me how to get one of Haato's endings (the other endings)? I have no idea how to get it or what it is (it's the last one on the right).


You have to lose seiyuu award to get that one.

how did you get kei's ending?

Bug: The text boxes sometimes cover their faces when I go do the weekly events. I think it may be something with my computer but I wasnt sure since it only happened after it told me it needed a new program to process the images?

Is there a way to skip to a certain scene? Got Tocchan's bad ending because I left him leave the company, is there a way to skip to the part where you can tell him to stay or do I need to replay the whole thing?

After you get a happy ending with someone you can skip through parts or go to a save before the event so you dont have to do that.

Can you get them to confess first?

Yes. If you have a full heart by the time you complete the weekly scenes and you get the chance to confess they will do it if you choose to stay quite and wait for them. Otherwise if you get to that scene and the heart is not full you will have to fill it first. They recommend waiting for Tocchan to confess too.

How do I get this cg? sorry I've been looking any comments about it.

He has to be a top and dom in foreplay mode. Someone recommended using your tongue a lot. It shows up when they supposedly run out of lubricant.

how did you get the cg in the top right corner? I still haven't got it :)

So i have been trying to get the gakuran scene with Tocchan, but somehow i can't get it. Tocchan has shown me the pic, and he has worn the gakuran during sex 6 times during this playthrough (where he is a dominant top), and about 10 times in my last playthough where he was a submissive bottom.

Is there something else i should do??

Does anyone have a guide for date locations? Where to take a certain character out on a date?

They have useful guides that document that you just look for the game name and guide.

Hii, I have a question. Right know, Im following Hikaru's and we are in the beggining of July. I dont know, but how do I unlock the sex life? Because Im getting all teh toys and I cant use them. Hope someone anwer. :))

You have to wait for the firework festival. Only then, do they figure out who will top

hey i have a question. i want hikaru to be a bottom, how can i do? i don’t really like being a bottom so what can i do to make him bottom? ㅜㅜ pls help 

If you want to be the top, when the heart shows up in foreplay click on it instead of continuing to tease him. Otherwise he will no longer be able to take it and take the initiative thus becoming a top and you a bottom. After a couple of times of you topping their preferences change.

You also click on the topping chibi image once you click the heart.

thank you so much ^3^ u really helped me

Can someone please help me? I'm doing everything right, hanging out with him like all the time and I still can't get Toshiyuki's best ending! I'm not that fond of his route but I really want the hidden characters. Please help ;_;


there is a guide online (this is the link) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xKhE31i0TlpRMTIlMNNtPZ3Iu2E11KtuMTjO7ukU2XM/...


there is also this just incase u need it https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P6iYaiVrfa9TLpGbv7B51TocGv3zhcPUK89HzrbKyIw/...


i don't know if there is a guide to help reach the happy ending for each route but i already did all the routes some bad, some good, and best endings so i can help 

Thank you so much!! This helps a lot!

your welcome

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