Banana Ranch Game Guide Thread

Feel free to post questions and ask for guidance in this devlog post!

Some frequently asked questions...

1) How do I propose?

To propose, aside from proper love point, you also need to have: 

  • Buy wedding rings at Grizz's woodshop
  • Buy big bed
  • Have finished the priest church quest, until marriage service is opened. To unlock priest church quest, you must first finish the police officers at love hotel quest

2) How to make ingots / coins?

Ingots: You can get it from a book given as reward of town mayor's quest (the blue jello one)

Coins: It's a bit too hard to trigger, so will change it later, but for now, you can get the recipes by reading town board posts on Winter year 1 or Spring year 1 from date 15 to 31

3) How to get stronger?

You can be stronger by finishing Haves quest. After finishing his quest, you'll be able to buy enhancing potion (ATK/DEF/HP/MP). 

(Will add more FAQ later on...)

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The option to buy wedding rings from Grizz does not appear for me. Do I need to do a quest to unlock it? I have bought a bigger bed and I have completed the Church quest with the statue so I assume the only thing I'm missing is the rings?

me too

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T.T I'm so confused! How do we complete the priest's quest with the angel statue? Does it require max knowledge to make it? Can it be found? Also, where is the Magical PonPon figurines, does anybody know? 

Edit: I answered my own questions. I'm in Year 2 on Mocha's route and this is definitely a long game lmaooo. I enjoy it though. The only thing I'm still stuck on is getting the dye for the Rubix cube and the fan. 

Edit 2: All ingredients (the dyes) for the fan and rubix cube comes from the Slime Forest, Autumn Forest(?) and the Snowy Mountain place. I'll go back later and get actual names right but I'm just too excited. I just knocked out two birds with one stone.

So I started playing the beta version and a bug has already appeared... the animal men are no longer giving me egg, milk, and wool... kind of hard to sell items to pay people when i can't even get the stuff.

Have you given them days off/breaks in between work days? Each only has so much stamina. You can manage their positions at the 'Ranch' during weekdays, and check their current stamina by examining them in the 'Employees' menu. Just move them to the 'Resting Area' to raise their stamina, and put them to work in the Factories to exchange their stamina for sellable items. 

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Is there a wiki up yet for this game? I haven't played in a while and I've forgotten a lot of information(currently how to befriend monsters and where I can catch salmon when going to the outside section of the map- I'm assuming the beach location but don't wanna waste a day and end up being wrong)

If theres not, I'm totally down to help make one on like Fandom or something, but I've only had experience with editing pages mostly so if others are willing to help that'd be great. 

(if MeYaoi would be okay with a wiki )

(also sorry if this is a repeat comment)

I bought this game like three years ago for 30.99 and Im still not able to download it or play it. its so frustrating I know its still in development but I want to play the more than then the demo sooooo badly

When I harvest my produce just disappears. Am I harvesting too late? And which jumpy monster for the black leaves/grass? I've been fighting all the monsters there and no one has given any :(  

Where can I get black leaves/grass for black dye?

you need the jumpy monster from the cemetery

Do you know how to upgrade monsters?

Where is the cemetery?

Can you like collect monsters? Is that a thing? How do I do that?

How do I get silk threads?

Where and how do I get angelfish? I swear I've fished in all the spots with all different kinds of bait.

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how do i get the ranch employees to recover hp?

Put them in rest areas. They can be built in levels 2 and 4. which become open as you upgrade the ranch.


Hi, how do I get empty bottles for the HP and SP potions?

it looks like a good game! my broke ass cant buy it tho

Anyone know where or when to find the massager for God?

I am playing and it fun, however when I ugraged my farm to the 4th level I cannot see all my employees,   I can only see 6 sheep or chickens at a time.  also what is the most recent update?  Thanks.

Hey, don't know if you figured it out but you have to scroll to see more than 6 employees at a time.

What do I need to do to be able to get dye?

I wish you could go to more then 1 place a day

I'm stuck on the undercover mission  2. Please help!!

I found what I was looking for \o/

Where did you get the black leafs for black dye from ?

Where do I find Soft Feathers? I need them in order to make the fan for She Jiu.

you can find them in the snowy mountain area :)

Thank you very much :-)


Where can i find sliver,bronze,and gold ingot?

That is something that you have to craft at your craft station (you buy it from Grizz) and to craft it you need iron, bronze or gold ore. You find those when you go to the outside world at the Volcano or Rocky Mountain.

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