Banana Ranch Game Guide Thread

Feel free to post questions and ask for guidance in this devlog post!

Some frequently asked questions...

1) How do I propose?

To propose, aside from proper love point, you also need to have: 

  • Buy wedding rings at Grizz's woodshop
  • Buy big bed
  • Have finished the priest church quest, until marriage service is opened. To unlock priest church quest, you must first finish the police officers at love hotel quest

2) How to make ingots / coins?

Ingots: You can get it from a book given as reward of town mayor's quest (the blue jello one)

Coins: It's a bit too hard to trigger, so will change it later, but for now, you can get the recipes by reading town board posts on Winter year 1 or Spring year 1 from date 15 to 31

3) How to get stronger?

You can be stronger by finishing Haves quest. After finishing his quest, you'll be able to buy enhancing potion (ATK/DEF/HP/MP). 

(Will add more FAQ later on...)

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I come again, how t make the angel statu? doI have to increase my craft levels?

How to finish police mission II, I can not find the partner

sorry, to play it I must buy -[Pre-order] Banana Ranch Game- or I need to buy -Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha route)-


Have you figured this out? I'm still stuck here as well.

For the police quest 2, you've got to talk to Hunny when he's in the clothing store. 

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I cannot find the way to craft the 3 star iron ingot used to upgrade the facility. Also the farm field production rate is quite low (not sure if it's coz the facility level is only 2. I plant the seeds and the next day I have to remove all..even harvest, the star is only at 1 or 2 max).  Another question, where to get the receipe for cappuccino and red wine? i saw on the book shelf there is one empty slot guessing there is one more sweet lover book.

Production rate is more determined by the employees assigned to the factory (you can level up employees to increase their productivity). Levelling up facility to 3 allows you to assign one more employee, which makes production rate higher. Seeds need to be planted in correct season and have at least one employee with more than 0 stamina to maintain it. 

Yeah, there is Sweet Lovers 2 book but I forgot which mission rewarded it... (No access to laptop now :x)

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Haha, okay, thanks! As I'm not able to grow higher quality vege like cucumber or cabbiage, as a result I cannot make the 3 star salad for example to upgrad the employee level to 3, like a bit stuck there.  I have the sweet lover 2 book but still dun see the receipe of cappuccino and red wine, was thinking if have a sweet lover 3 book and how to get it.

Hi, can you please give me a hint on how to proceed with the Cop Mission 2? I have the 45$ pack, so I don't know why I don't have other interaction for it.

Also, how to craft the 3 star ingot to upgrade the facilities in your farm.

Thank you for your help!! :((((((

- For the police quest 2, you've got to talk to Hunny when he's in the clothing store. 

-For the ranch upgrade, it's Building Material 3star that is needed (I need to make hover-able item name shows up for the level up screen x'D), which recipe is obtained from book called DIY projects.

Bug - End of Year 2 - Spoilers

For the end of year 2 performance, I chose the team at the library doing the scary performance (Klein, Yolkie, one of the centaur brothers).  For my blessing, I chose more money (already maxed out the other options)

The screen below popped up (Ignore said you could ignore, but you may experience more problems later, so I used the quit option to quit the game).

Oh, thanks for the report!

How do I complete the quest the priest gives?

One only requires you to donate some money to finish the quest. The other one is making angel statue, I think.

I'm having problems just maneuvering through the slime forest (just bought the game - only 2nd day in).  I can click on the question mark by a plant, it turns gold, but nothing happens.  I can only see the top of Ban's hair and he's usually at the very edge of the screen.  Sometimes I get a circle with an arrow, but it seems I have click the arrow to get him to go to that spot, but the arrow doesn't stay up long enough.  I've tried using arrow keys, but Ban doesn't seem to go anywhere or doesn't appear on my screen at all.

I can't fish - the fish thought bubble works the same as the harvestables - I can click on it, it turns gold, but nothing happens.

There is no Town Map or Back To Town link, so the only way I could get out of the Slime Forest was to hope enough monsters attacked me to have me faint & end up in the clinic.

I would love to have a Back To Town link added, in case I do get stuck in the forest and can't continue the game.

Not sure if this is because I have an old computer or if anyone else experiences this bug.

Can you try using keyboard to move around? (Use the navigation arrow keys to move around and ENTER button to collect items). The only way to return to town is by moving to the edge of the town right now, but I might add clickable town map button for faster navigating.

I tried the arrow keys also, but those weren't working initially.  Once I got more ambitious and tried some of the other areas, I didn't have that problem (could navigate with the mouse and now understand how to gather items and fish).  Once I went back to the Slime Forest after trying the other regions, I was also able to navigate with only the mouse.

Thank you for responding. 

I also found some other minor errors (spelling or one time differences) - 

the Log item shows up as Lod (I think this comes from the spooky forest).  

When you're buying the battle boosters from Haves at the clinic, one of the level 2 boosters shows as $5000 price, and when you buy it, the pop up says "You spent $2500" but the $5000 is what comes out of your money - can't remember which one, but that only happened with one of the level 2 battle boosters (HP, SP, DEF, or ATK - I think it was the DEF or SP booster).  This didn't happen for any of the other boosters at any level - the quoted price is what the pop up showed after purchase and also what was taken from your money total.

I think this game has made some great improvements since Senyuu Danshi and I really liked that game as well.

Having said that, I don't know if this is a bug, I'm just having bad luck, or if it's working as intended but the drop rate for blue jello is abysmal. Other than the first two I got from the intro, I didn't get a single blue jello for the first 10 slimes I defeated or so... Pair that with the power of slimes, they basically knock you out in two-three hits, makes the third part of the intro questline tedious and waaaay harder to complete than any other quest so far. The fact that I need to raise my charm to 3-4 levels to reliably defeat slimes in order to only get about 1-2 jello/excursion feels bad. Then the fact the crafting is basically gated behind this quest is not fun. Is the recipe for empty bottles are part of the crafting reward`? Because that makes it even more tedious, since you can't heal effectively either.  I think I've made about 20 or so excursions and I've only got 11 jellos now.

My suggestions (unless I'm the only one experiencing this and just have crap luck) is to either:

1. Make slimes attack less powerful and/or lower their health a bit.

2. Significantly increase the drop rate or at least as long as the quest is active (don't know if that is possible to code)

3. If your satisfied with the difficulty, I think you should consider renaming this last part of the quest. Having a quest called intro quest and then being harder and taking longer than a bunch of other early fetch or drop off quest is a bit ridiculous and counter-intuitive.

Sorry if I sound rude, I'm just a bit frustrated. Anyways, keep up the good work! :)


Hi there, no worries! I might tweak the amount of blue jello to 5 or 10, then? As for difficulty in battle, the best way to quickly get stronger is by doing Haves's quest so that you are able to buy various strengthening potions (can buy ATK/DEF/HP/MP increase potion, which is a lot more significant than charm skills). I feel like I need to tweak the escape rate so that it doesn't succeed too often (right now it's like 99% success rate) which makes fetching / gathering quests a bit too easy since you can currently escape all the time. I'll release these planned tweaks when I'm also done with Finn's route!

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I think that's a fair solution.

Side note, how do you craft 5 star silk thread? I forgot the instructions, and so far I'm only able to make 2 stars ones.

Edit) Nevermind, I figured it out!


I might also reduce the slimes difficulty a bit, since it is a newbie forest area, after all. But yeah, difficulty stuff hasn't really been properly tested  so feedback is appreciated! (not properly tested because while I was testing, it wasn't really in proper game flow aka I was probably using several cheats to quickly playthrough just to ensure no significant errors 😅)

I think an increased drop rate and lowering their damage is a good start. Or you coould lower the amount of jello needed, that works too.

Yeah, that's what I was getting at. It's the starting area with the starting monsters. Personally I think you should be able to do it with out needing to invest in charm at all. That should be for later areas. So far the progression in the battle system is wonky. The battles are really difficult and slow paced in the beginning and become easier later. You basically have to either almost max charm or courage to safely navigate the first area. Then the others become a breeze because you already did that for the first area. Also, having to finish Haves quest in order to do the intro quest is also a bit weird, especially with the mayors dialogue when you turn it in.

Yeah, I get that. Things like game balancing need many sets of eyes looking into it. I've played a lot games in beta or early access so I'll gladly share my opinions.

I do not think it is possible to upgrade the facility level beyond level 2. The silver ingots show 3 stars but we are able to make 4 star ingots as far as I can tell. Unless....I am missing something.

Yes, max facility level is 3. You are able to make 4 star ingot, the star is calculated by the average star rating of raw materials (so if you use higher materials, you can bring the star up to 4)

okay. Thank you

how to tame a monster to work at your ranch

When charm is max level, you get some skill called Bond of Friendship, which if used on a monster during battle, there's a certain chance they'll be tamed.


So, just a couple things I've found to be glitched. The iron ingots you can make are 2 star, but the building upgrades ask for 3 star. Also, I don't see a recipe to make tough boards, which I presume is made from the tough wood you can collect. Other than that, everything has gone smoothly for the Moocha route and my first play through. :) Very well done! Looking forward to further updates!

where can I find black grass for the black dye?

Only source I have found is to befriend Skippy from the Dark Forest. That is an item he randomly gives. I've received enough items from him for 5 black dye so far. Had him on the ranch for about a month. It is rare, but the only way I've found.

thank you

I don't have a Dark Forest on my map are you sure it's not the Spooky Forest?

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What is the material needed to upgrade the ranch's factories to level 3? Also where do I find the materials to make black dye and the tough board for the chessboard?

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How do i get more crafting recipes so i can increase my crafting level theres only an advanced crafting book in the general store

You can get more crafting books by finishing the townfolk's quest. For ex, town mayor gives out crafting for dummies book upon completing his third quest (the blue jello one).

How can you make dye?

You get the recipe book by finishing the spider twins quest, and to unlock spider twins quest, you must first finish the police officers quest and get a Banana Town Helpful Citizen badge item, which can unlock several side quests.

Okay thanks! 😁

How do you propose to Moocha? I bought the rings from Grizz and the Bed, but when I hang out with him it just keeps saying we got closer T.T

If I remember correctly, you have to finish the Priest's Angel Statue Quest. You get that quest after you complete Undercover Mission II with the police officers. 


Damn, how are you even supposed to know that? The game doesn't say anything about it >. >

 a lot of if was trial and error or dumb luck xD

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Thank you, it worked! I finally proposed! Since you're so reliable, do you know if you can win the cooking contest the first year? I had my cooking skill all the way to Master and even read all the cooking books, as well as the recipe on the bulletin board, but MC still said he's not skilled enough and hasn't finished it as a result, and lost. Also, do you know if the God of Love Quest will be important to the story like the cops and church quests? Because my game glitched that I can't get the general store magical ponpon figurine. Will you need to complete his quest to progress the story at some point? 

Hey. Sorry for the late reply! I am not sure if you can win the cooking contest early on. Mine was low so I lost anyway. As far as I know, the God of Love quest is just an extra quest. I have not needed it to complete other stories. I think he just gives you bonuses to your relationships. 

Can u tell me how to finish the undercover mission II?

So do you have to use the bond of friendship more then once on the Monsters?

for spider twins second quest, how many of each dyed fabric do you need ( and how many stars).  also anyone have a hint to black grass or black leaf?   ty

It would be helpful if they quest log told you (reminded you) what you need for the quest. example 10 ***** silk threads. after a few days I tend to forget how many item, and what star rank they were.  just a quality of life adjustment. loving the game.


The quest log indeed does that, but if you are using old save file, some of the description might be lacking because it was initially made not to be shown to players xD The new description is declared in the beginning of new game so only can be seen if you're starting a new playthrough, unfortunately. 

i started playing in the last update, just a few days ago. mine is not showing that

Hmm which quest is it that's lacking in description?

the ones for the silk string and for the priest statue.  i was making the wrong star quality, and could not figure out why i kept getting it wrong, had to look it up in here to get the correct one again.

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