Banana Ranch Game Guide Thread

Feel free to post questions and ask for guidance in this devlog post!

Some frequently asked questions...

1) How do I propose?

To propose, aside from proper love point, you also need to have: 

  • Buy wedding rings at Grizz's woodshop
  • Buy big bed
  • Have finished the priest church quest, until marriage service is opened. To unlock priest church quest, you must first finish the police officers at love hotel quest

2) How to make ingots / coins?

Ingots: You can get it from a book given as reward of town mayor's quest (the blue jello one)

Coins: It's a bit too hard to trigger, so will change it later, but for now, you can get the recipes by reading town board posts on Winter year 1 or Spring year 1 from date 15 to 31

3) How to get stronger?

You can be stronger by finishing Haves quest. After finishing his quest, you'll be able to buy enhancing potion (ATK/DEF/HP/MP). 

(Will add more FAQ later on...)

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I am playing and it fun, however when I ugraged my farm to the 4th level I cannot see all my employees,   I can only see 6 sheep or chickens at a time.  also what is the most recent update?  Thanks.

What do I need to do to be able to get dye?

I wish you could go to more then 1 place a day

I'm stuck on the undercover mission  2. Please help!!

I found what I was looking for \o/

Where do I find Soft Feathers? I need them in order to make the fan for She Jiu.

you can find them in the snowy mountain area :)


Where can i find sliver,bronze,and gold ingot?

That is something that you have to craft at your craft station (you buy it from Grizz) and to craft it you need iron, bronze or gold ore. You find those when you go to the outside world at the Volcano or Rocky Mountain.

Does anyone know how to learn the recipe for Red Wine? I seem to have space on the bookshelf for one more book but I don't have any pending quests :(

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How you proceed after the first Magical PonPon item is found in the God of Loves Quest?

also, How do you get the materials for the Rubik's Cube?

How do I complete the police officer's quest?

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Which one? First one you need to raise enough charm to talk to love hotel owner. Second one, talk to Hunny in clothing store. Last one, find the foxy guy in night bar.

(If I remember it correct lol)

to get married, the one with the rabbit and fox lol

Are there monster boys you cant befriend in the beta? Not sure if its a bug but Dullahan isnt working for me

His befriending rate is much lower than the others, so that might be the reason (I think someone asked the same question and it ended up working for them after multiple tries).

I'm a little frustrated with the beta atm, especially the angel statue quest. I was finally able to get enough blue jelly to process a quest (which took AGES due to the restrictions of the protags combat abilities) just to make a FOUR STAR statue instead of a three star which is required. Idek how to make a three star statue. This game is super enjoyable and I appreciate the hard work that's gone into it -- I do think it desperately needs some quality of life updates as a $45 beta. 

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I might modify all quests quality requirement to something more flexible... (like minimum quality only specified, so 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star would qualify for quest completion?)

I think that would solve a few questing issues. Having the quality for farm products (milk, wool, farmed vegetables) is great for making money and I love that aspect!

I purchased the game while on sale a few minutes ago and now it's off sale. I am unable to download the game as the sale dropped the cost to 26.99 below the 29.99 to play. Is there any way around this?

The reason you can't download it is because the game isn't released "officially" yet. The current version available is the beta version, which is  only downloadable for $45+ buyers. When the game is officially released, you will still be able to download the game.

Thank you! :)

I know there isn't a new update for the game yet, but when there is, how will I be notified (I did the $45 purchase), and how do I update?


Anyone know the recipe for tough boards?

How do I assign my employees to rest and recover their stamina? I can't seem to figure it out...

Need to build resting room (need to first upgrade ranch rank, then you can start building 2F ranch)

Thank you!


I come again, how t make the angel statu? doI have to increase my craft levels?

You can increase your craft levels by continuing to craft things.

For the Angel statue: Go to the general store and buy a DIY crafting book. 

How to finish police mission II, I can not find the partner

sorry, to play it I must buy -[Pre-order] Banana Ranch Game- or I need to buy -Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha route)-


Have you figured this out? I'm still stuck here as well.

For the police quest 2, you've got to talk to Hunny when he's in the clothing store. 

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I cannot find the way to craft the 3 star iron ingot used to upgrade the facility. Also the farm field production rate is quite low (not sure if it's coz the facility level is only 2. I plant the seeds and the next day I have to remove all..even harvest, the star is only at 1 or 2 max).  Another question, where to get the receipe for cappuccino and red wine? i saw on the book shelf there is one empty slot guessing there is one more sweet lover book.

Production rate is more determined by the employees assigned to the factory (you can level up employees to increase their productivity). Levelling up facility to 3 allows you to assign one more employee, which makes production rate higher. Seeds need to be planted in correct season and have at least one employee with more than 0 stamina to maintain it. 

Yeah, there is Sweet Lovers 2 book but I forgot which mission rewarded it... (No access to laptop now :x)

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Haha, okay, thanks! As I'm not able to grow higher quality vege like cucumber or cabbiage, as a result I cannot make the 3 star salad for example to upgrad the employee level to 3, like a bit stuck there.  I have the sweet lover 2 book but still dun see the receipe of cappuccino and red wine, was thinking if have a sweet lover 3 book and how to get it.

Hi, can you please give me a hint on how to proceed with the Cop Mission 2? I have the 45$ pack, so I don't know why I don't have other interaction for it.

Also, how to craft the 3 star ingot to upgrade the facilities in your farm.

Thank you for your help!! :((((((

- For the police quest 2, you've got to talk to Hunny when he's in the clothing store. 

-For the ranch upgrade, it's Building Material 3star that is needed (I need to make hover-able item name shows up for the level up screen x'D), which recipe is obtained from book called DIY projects.

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