Finn version beta changelog! (Ver: 1.0.4)

Latest version: 1.04

Ver 1.0.4:

  •  Fixes when talking to Finn at clothing store then teleported to town plaza
  • Fixes bug where you can't win cooking contest no matter how high its level is
  • Fixes Finn baby event not triggering if you've missed the chance once (this one needs retesting to see if this fix works)

Ver 1.0.3:

Fixes major error of most festival scenes looping. (This bug is due to the previous fix for Finn overnight dating... yeah, fixing a bug causes another bug... :x). As this is a rather major issue, I'm bumping up the version xD 

Ver 1.0.2:

  • Fixes "cheese" bug xD (but you might have to start new game before it is fixed)
  • Fixes bug when you do overnight dating with Finn (as well as overnight dating with Moocha... but that was not reported for some reason lol xD)
  • Fixes bug for when you talk to Skippy (the zombie monster) in the ranch
  • Fixes bug foreplay mode Finn (weddingnight_shark not defined error)
  • Fixes rimming scene displaying wrongly
  • Fixes calendar displaying incorrectly after year 1

Ver 1.0.1:

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • Can't buy wedding rings in Finn's route
  • Finn's dick is missing when yukata is taken off
  • Finn's outfit is not changed back to normal when day changes
  • Bug when Finn is asked to join party

Additional fixes:

  • Can't visit Finn and baby after marriage
  • Random Moocha scene showing up out of nowhere xD
  • Foreplay mode error after marriage
  • You can now buy DIY projects book from general store, which unlocks building material recipe, which is needed to upgrade your ranch facilities
  • Fixes wrongly mentioning Moocha's name in some Finn events
  • Fixes multiple monster befriending events shown

If you encounter anymore bug, please let me know! :D


Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha/Finn/Yolkie route) - Mac Version 2 GB
Version 36 Aug 05, 2022
Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha/Finn/Yolkie route) - Windows Version 2 GB
Version 37 Aug 05, 2022

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Any possible idea when this game is going to be finished? I bought it three years ago and I'm excited to be able to play all the way through!

Do you know who the next route is gonna be yet? Finn is a 10/10

Found bug: egg simply won't hatch for finn route. i've been stuck on "tomorrow is the day! the wait is finally over!" for 4 days straight lol. though i did also encounter a cutscene where finn and the main character refenced the childen as if it was hatched on the same day it was supposed to hatch.

Are you on ver 1.0.3?

i'm on whatever version was last uploaded on

yes i think it's version 1.0.3

I believe that error is because at some point you got an event that directly jumps to morning, thus skipping the night event (the baby hatching event is in night period). I'll need to take closer look on how to prevent that from happening...

ah ok. Well I guess I can just start over again for now. Also I did the moocha route in a previous version but I don't see the cheats you mentioned in one of the posts, do I need to do moocha route again on this version?

First OMG Finn route.  I got the email this route was released as I was packing for an all weekend trip.  I HAD TO WAIT four days to play it *tears.*

Anywho early heads up.  Grizz is appearing in Spring afternoon in his workshop where he can be talked to.  But he is also appearing in the forest.  (The map is not indicating he is in the forest, and he is not selectable there, but His figure is standing there on the left side.)  Noticed Spring 3, year 1.  Tested again still present Spring 4, year 1. 

Also I've noticed that finishing conversations with Finn in the Clothing store teleports you to the town square?  Day 3, Spring year 1 I fnished convo with finn and appeared in town shop.  Same thing after handing chocolates and convo on Day 7, Spring year 1?  Perhaps because finn is often in the town square, and the coding for ending conversation is just bumping there instead of checking his current locale? or he is being moved to the clothing store on days the game expects him to be in the town square? :-D


Oops yeah, those are all bugs lol. Thanks for the report!

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Your work is awesome as usual. A few extra things.

additional notes.  I've noticed no increase in fall crops quality when Rowan is tending them? (The cow with the experienced botanist trait)  I've yet to test Rowan on crops in any other season.  EDIT: Correction Beans did not get the upgrade stat, but onions did.

On that note, I don't know if this is deliberate but Moo (the cow with reduced stamina consumption) seems to consume a regular stamina amount when working the farm?  That may not be a bug, the stamina skill may not be intended to reduce anything other than milk consumption, but with the wording as it is I figured I'd report it since the wording doesn't imply just milking stamina is reduced.  I have not yet hired another reduced stamina employee this month yet, to test if all use normal stamina gardening.  

Also year 1 cooking contest.  THIS may not be a bug but is it not winnable?  I had max cooking skill this try through but when I tried the difficult dish it told me I didn't have enough skill?  Then when I insisted (cause I had max skill cooking) I failed?  That might be intentional though :-D


I'll take a look at these issues! (More complex issues so I need to take closer look at the codes...)

Thanks for the report ^_^

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Got Finn to the daaaaaaaayte and the looooove hotel.....such a serious shark :-D.

A few more notes. First update to the Rowan thingy, tried a few more tests still seems a bit random on Winter seeds as well?

I'm not 100% sure the Rowan skill is not working?  Is it perhaps dependent ONLY on when the seed is sewn or harvested perhaps?  Like if he sows the seeds anyone can harvest them at bonus quality?  Or if he harvests them it doesn't matter who sows the seeds?  I might just be doing the wrong half the few times I tested and got randomness.  Or it might be some seeds may only ever produce one star quality no matter what?

Also this may be a more serious issue? I bought the final upgrade for the ranch to level A.  I produced one of each Milk/Wool/Eggs (In that order Left to right)

I upgraded the first one (milk) from level 1 to level 2.  Instantly the Wool also upgraded to level 2 and the eggs to level 3.  

I think the level B ranch made the dorms and rest area lv 2 automatically and similar shenanigans happened at the C-level but I wasn't paying as much attention as the set up so didn't want to report, so I carefully noted the set up and how it went down on the A-level.

Haven't tried to reset the game and repeat the bug yet.  But my lower tier buildings were all lv 2 when the A level was purchased and this went down.  (I think one of the B-tier may have been tier 3 actually but I never bought it so, it just was lv 3.)

Can I get a explanation on the negotiations like Ive kinda started making a guide for my own use for future play and chirpy just accepted it feels criminal and I think cowboy went as low as 100G while others won't take less than 50% is there rhyme or reason for this madness LMAOOOOO 

Also is it because its a beta but Im having to install each version/update from scratch hopefully can figure out a update feature... the app lets me check for updates but tells me its up to date when it isnt. Not your issue just kinda thinking out loud lmao.

The app doesn't let you only install the differences? Kinda odd since when uploading, I only have to upload the changed files (hence why I can upload fixes really fast) I thought installing the game through the app is also like that... :x

to be fair it doesn't let me check which version it is, so it might be updating without me see it?! but I ran into the overnight date issues last night and checked and saw there was an updated version so I manually installed it and it fixed it.

I think it allows you to only download changed files but sometimes it can bugged out lol xD

Deleted 1 year ago
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Are you on version 1.0.3? (I believe Finn overnight stay bug was fixed... or so I hope)

Encountered another bug on Finn route:

On the day of the cooking contest when I go to leave I get stuck on an infinite loop of going back to the contest after I go home. It sends me home I get the the hat and outfit but then it repeats the "its the day of the contest etc" and it's goes back to the town square like the competition has just finished and I can't get out of it xD just keeps happening over and over. That's with the latest patch version. 

Hmm, I can't replicate this bug for some reason. If you have saved it before, can you try reloading and replaying the scene to see if the same thing happens or not?

i have the same issue except its on the swimming competition it just keeps playing over and over when i press go home 

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Oooh, I think I've found the issue now. This issue occurs due to previous fix of Finn's overnight dating, which is why previous versions weren't affected. This should be fixed in 1.0.3 (which I'll upload soon!)

Found two bugs:

One: when in foreplay mode and go to rim Finn a CG or art of Finn rimming Ban comes up instead (should be other way round I assume since he's receiving or some sort of dialogue between them)

Second: When you try to have sex with foreplay (pre marriage I haven't gotten as far as marriage yet) and you go to click on the heart to move to the sex part an error message toggles. This is with the latest patch version and I started a fresh beginning (I thought it might have been the same bug fixed that was listed post marriage foreplay) but I don't think it is. This is the error that comes up (sorry it was easier to copy and paste than to screenshot aha). BTW this only happens during the love hotel initiated sex scenes, their first time it didn't happen.


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/foreplaymode_finn.rpy", line 1208, in <module>

NameError: name 'weddingnight_shark' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "npc/npc_shopkeeper.rpyc", line 10, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 370, in script call

  File "cow.rpyc", line 320, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 379, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 379, in script call

  File "cow.rpyc", line 320, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 370, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 379, in script call

  File "cow.rpyc", line 320, in script call

  File "cow.rpyc", line 320, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 370, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 379, in script call

  File "cow.rpyc", line 320, in script call

  File "cow.rpyc", line 320, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 370, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 379, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 370, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 379, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 370, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 379, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 370, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 370, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 418, in script call

  File "dse-event_dispatcher.rpyc", line 297, in script call

  File "shark.rpyc", line 379, in script call

  File "datingsystem.rpyc", line 308, in script call

  File "foreplaymode_finn.rpyc", line 1203, in script

  File "/private/var/folders/d0/24xx3rcs5bl2cxnq6yqrs30c0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/01FBB64E-2B1C-40D0-812A-5FB38C582893/d/", line 2115, in execute

    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):

  File "/private/var/folders/d0/24xx3rcs5bl2cxnq6yqrs30c0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/01FBB64E-2B1C-40D0-812A-5FB38C582893/d/", line 1080, in py_eval

    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)

  File "/private/var/folders/d0/24xx3rcs5bl2cxnq6yqrs30c0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/01FBB64E-2B1C-40D0-812A-5FB38C582893/d/", line 1073, in py_eval_bytecode

    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/foreplaymode_finn.rpy", line 1208, in <module>

NameError: name 'weddingnight_shark' is not defined

Darwin-19.0.0-x86_64-i386-64bit x86_64


Banana Ranch

Sun Jul 31 23:13:35 2022


(Really enjoying Finns route so far though you've done a great job thank you!)

Oops those are bugs indeed. Will fix soon!

Found another minor bug where all cheese is marked as 1 star regardless of what quality you actually made it so it all gets grouped into 1 pile. This is honsestly one of the funniest bugs I found 2nd to waking up next to moocha when dating finn lol, but of course the moocha bug was fixed. Just the cheese bug that isnt. 😂

Update: found out if you talk to "skpippy" the monster at night they will teleport your character to the plaza at night where you find 3 other characters.

Thanks for the report, will fix soon!

How do I propose to Finn?/get him to propose?

when I tried to start a new game to try the Finn route, it skipped the whole beginning, so you can't change your name, and also you already have all 10 hearts with Finn. Hooow do I start from scratch?

Am I supposed to uninstall the previous beta before installing?

Oops, my bad. I accidentally uploaded the version where I haven't deleted some testing code lines. Will re-upload soon!


I was able to do the wedding just fine but when it came time for the kids after they hatched and they were named, the game cut to the moring where i woke up with moocha instead of finn- I was so confused (in the waking up scene it's mocha & MC's egg hatching which added to the layers of confusion)... and are we able to be able to interact with Finn and the kids? because neither of them show up in the home unlike in moochas route where you could interact with the kid in the crib or moocha in the kitchen ect.

Forgot the mention this in my initial post before this update; but when deciding to participate in foreplay mode, once you finish and click the heart the game will state there is an error and take you to the beginning to where it asks you again if you wish to participate in foreplay mode. Thought I would mention it since it was zinc present in this update and has led to a weird cut in the after wedding scene at the love hotel.

Oops yeah those are all bugs. You should be able to interact with Finn and the baby as well... Will fix soon! 

(The Moocha scene showed up out of nowhere because I stupidly forgot to add a certain condition in previous beta lol)

"When deciding to participate in foreplay mode, once you finish and click the heart the game will state there is an error and take you to the beginning to where it asks you again if you wish to participate in foreplay mode." => Do you have screenshot of the error?


Oh nevermind, I got it!