Yolkie's route beta changelog (ver 1.0.4)

Latest version: 1.0.4

Ver 1.0.4 changelog:

  • Fixes you can't become lovers with Yolkie in 1.0.3
  • Fixes you can't see any of Yolkie's marriage events

Ver 1.0.3 changelog:

  • Fixes error not getting marriage proposal prompt 
  • Prevent becoming lovers with Yolkie if you're already with someone else
  • Changed some conditional logics for flower festival 3 (requires you to marry and have the babies already see it)

Ver 1.0.2 changelog:

  • Fixes not being able to go with Yolkie during test of courage
  • Yolkie not showing up as party member during battle even after inviting him out

Ver 1.0.1 changelog:

  • Crashes during weekend dating system with Yolkie

If you encounter anymore bug, please let me know via e-mail meyaoigames@gmail.com :D

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I'm having a problem with Yolkies route, He won't confess. I tried switching it up, but I can't get Moocha or Finn to confess either I'm over halfway through the second year with only one quest left and none of them will move on to confession. I've restarted a few times but nothings working outside of loading old saves where Moo and Finn have already moved past confession.

I think everyone is having this issue as I came here to ask about that as well

It got fixed in the newest version. But now I can't propose to him.

Hello, I wanted to ask if there is something I'm supposed to do to get Yolkie to confess? Cause I've waited and tried replaying since I can't get anything after the research scene. Or maybe I did something wrong? I got all the hearts, and I played all the scenes leading up to it. Do I need something else? Or maybe did I rush through it? I did it all in a month... Thank you for your time, have a good day, and thank you for the game

I have this problem too :((

me too

same problem here

Please inquire...

After playing for a while now you have updated Nong Kai today...

I would like to ask if you have to play all over again?? For those who want to try to flirt with Nong Kai, someone or I bought it when I could only flirt with the first 2 people...

If you have to play again, it's definitely a long time-*-...well, I've been playing for a while until I'm in the 2nd year and I've done a lot and I want to try to flirt with this chicken, but if the old save can't be done is...

Do you play again??..If not, I'll continue playing the old save, I don't mind, but if it's not true...I'd like to wait for the owner of the bad game to complete all characters.

Please reply, thank you and continue to follow the work and wait for the new games that you are still working on in the future.

**The game is stuck on the island**

You can try using the old save, if it loads up then it should work fine. On the other hand, if you have finished Finn or Moocha route, you get to enable cheats during the new playthrough which should help a bit (Finn's one gives you 100,000 G immediately for example). Hope that helps!

Oh ok 

Thank you...55+...I thought I had to come back and play again.

Now, some of the captured pets were able to reach about 5 relative values.

[Mermaid man that I played until it was completely dead at 5 if I remember correctly... The game freezes, when I try to click to see how much it is.

I would like to update this part as well.. even though I still have the latest chicken stagnation.. can wait]

Follow up on the next work and as I said with the game stuck on the island as well...

I'm waiting to buy it. If you want to buy it already.

Please check it out...

CG Finn or red shark?

When I go to look at the CG images, I can't look back and it's still a shadowy figure, like I can't click to see everything...but the cow and the chicken that doesn't flirt or do anything can still be able to You can press all the CG images.

**Not sure that after we flirted with that character and got married until he had a child, so he couldn't click to watch first or what, I'm not sure about this part...

But now I'm married to Finn until I have a child for 2-4 days after you update the chicken character to flirt with...**

Well, if it's a bug or something, please fix it directly.

thank you