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(Please be warned that the beta is not yet thoroughly tested and your gameplay experience might be riddled with bugs). If you have any bugs to report, please send me an e-mail at meyaoigames@gmail.com.

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Banana Ranch is a Boys Love (BL) / Gay dating sim game, mixed with farming and ranch management gameplay aspect.  The story follows Ban (changeable name) who suddenly comes to a world with no human.

The game will involve three years of Ban’s life at Banana Town. As the player, you’re in charge of shaping Ban’s destiny! How will you spend Ban’s days? Can Ban save Banana Ranch from the verge of bankruptcy? Will Ban be in a relationship with one of the eligible bachelors? Who will you marry and have kids with? Will you befriend the cute monster boys in the nearby areas? Well, it’s all in your hand! 🖐️


Like in my previous game Seiyuu Danshi, in this game you can be either top or bottom in the relationship! 


Tired of the usual inactivity during love making in other games? In this game, you get to touch & kiss your partner as much as you want! Woo-hoo!


Marry your boyfriend and have a kid with him!


Meet a wide range of ranch employees that you can recruit, each with their own quirks!



Befriend cute monster boys and let them stay at your ranch!


Purchase & design outfits to your liking and spend your days hanging out in town looking all stylish!



NPCs play a very important part in the world of Banana Ranch! NPCs give interesting quests with rewards that you definitely can't miss out


Seiyuu Danshi (released, 2018)

Baradise Escape (in development)


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Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMeyaoi Games
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Anime, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Life Simulation, Ren'Py, Yaoi
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $29.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

[Pre-order] Banana Ranch Game
Version 2
Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha & Finn route) - Mac Version 1 GB
if you pay $45 USD or more
Version 36
Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha & Finn route) - Windows Version 1 GB
if you pay $45 USD or more
Version 37
[Pre-order] Banana Ranch Game + Beta Access + Fanbook
if you pay $60 USD or more
Version 1

Exclusive content

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Basic Physical Pack

$85 "Basic physical pack" tier (+ shipping fee $15)

  • Name in credit, digital wallpaper, digital wallpaper, DRM-free digital copy of the game, beta access of the game, DRM-free digital fanbook
  • Physical game copy, 2x postcard, acrylic keychain of a character of your choice 

Complete physical pack

$125 "Complete physical pack" tier (+ shipping fee $40)

  • Name in credit, digital wallpaper, digital wallpaper, DRM-free digital copy of the game, beta access of the game, DRM-free digital fanbook
  • Physical game copy, 2x postcard, acrylic keychain of a character of your choice
  • 3D keychain, hardcover fanbook

Enthusiast physical pack

$195 "Enthusiast physical pack" tier (+ shipping fee $45)

  • Name in credit, digital wallpaper, digital wallpaper, DRM-free digital copy of the game, beta access of the game, DRM-free digital fanbook
  • Physical game copy, 2x postcard, acrylic keychain of a character of your choice
  • 3D keychain, hardcover fanbook
  • Banana Ranch T-shirt, 3D Mousepad, fullbody acrylic standee, fullbody character strap

Collector pack

$325 "Collector pack" tier (+ shipping fee $50)

  • Name in credit, digital wallpaper, digital wallpaper, DRM-free digital copy of the game, beta access of the game, DRM-free digital fanbook
  • Physical game copy, 2x postcard, acrylic keychain of a character of your choice
  • 3D keychain, hardcover fanbook
  • Banana Ranch T-shirt, 3D Mousepad, fullbody acrylic standee, fullbody character strap
  • 2x A4 poster, plug-and-play USB flashdisk, dakimakura, 20cm chibi doll

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Banana Ranch DEMO (Windows & Linux) 452 MB
Version 2
Banana Ranch DEMO (Mac) 435 MB
Version 2

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Where does one get building material? I've been searching for the past few days

You need to craft it. There's a book called DIY projects in general store that contains that recipe.

The only craft book I see is the advance book and I have already read that. I am only at Year 2 summer 20.

The book won't show up on the store if you play older version than 1.02, I believe (that was a bug where you couldn't find DIY projects book anywhere so I added it to the general store stock later on) 

(1 edit)

Ok, I'm playing 1.0.0 still the Finn Beta

aaa sorry for so many questions but i'm having trouble finding yellow flowers and broken glass, is it possible to add a feature where you can see where to get items?

ok finally found yellow grass but broken glass isnt spawning anywhere

I think I got broken glass sometimes in the slime forest, but I'm not 100% certain

May I ask when yur planning on doing Gingers route? I love this dog way to much 😫😫

I made a monster cookie but i'm still not able to befriend monster boys

Befriend requires you to have max charm and learn skill "Bond of friendship" and use it during battle (there will be chance of monsters being befriended). The monster cookies can be used as gifts to those monsters once they've been befriended (to increase friendship level)

ohhh sorry its been a while since i played

sorry for another question, but how many silk threads do i need for the spider twins? the quest log doesnt say

It's 10 =)

ok i have way more than that. like. 51.

It needs to be five-star quality.

Deleted 6 days ago
Deleted 6 days ago

So I waited to play this game till some routes came out and was really happy to see Finn done. Sadly, I find it very hard for me to want to progress with this game despite me liking a lot about it. Of course, you don't need to take my advice and I know others likely aren't having these problems, but I can't see myself playing this game due to one big important factor: the battle gameplay. 

First off, let me just say that the battle system is fine. It's easy to get and not frustrating. What is though is the whole movement on the map. It's not fun and is buggy. I find it hard to move Ban on the map as he either won't move quick enough to avoid monsters or he gets struck on the background scenery. 

The next big thing is the whole way Ban will level up. I don't think it's good to have it that he can only level up when after completing a certain side quest. I don't know if we're suppose to wait till going out or not, but it's a weird mechanic to have because it seems like the game wants you to adventure to some degree early in the game. Honestly I feel like having his stats level up when he wins a battle or when getting up courage would be the best way for this. 

It's because of this system that I find it hard to want to keep going because I know the rpg element plays a big part in the game from saving the farm to getting items. If we're not meant to do it so soon, I suppose i can get that, but needing to do a certain request to level up just doesn't sit well with me, especially since we have to level up a certain skill which can move slowly. What also makes this worse is that there's not hint to this system, and depending on how one plays, they may take a long time before seeing Ban get stronger. 

If I'm wrong about something or how the system works, I am sorry.  I do think though that Ban's movement on the field has to be tweaked a bit because it's not fun...

Still, besides this, I do enjoy the game and want to play more. I just find it hard to get into the rpg part....I hope i can play it down the line. 

Hi there, thanks for the thorough feedback!

For the movement, unfortunately I'm not a skilled enough programmer to make Ban move anymore smoother... I think Renpy is just kinda limited in real time movement :x (if it helps though, he can be controlled with both mouse / keyboard WASD and arrow, and SHIFT can make him dash to make him move faster to evade monsters. Also, chance for escape is also still very high, so you are most likely successful if you decide to escape battle)

As for the battle, it makes sense to make it immediately available to at least level up a little. A possible tweak would be making Haves' initial strengthening potions immediately available (so, level 1-2 potions already available, which should strengthen player enough to beat the first 2-3 dungeons), and the more advanced potions (3-5) will be unlocked upon quest completion. That might be better? Implementing EXP system / courage-based increase at this point is a bit hard ^^;

Hey Meyaoi, thanks for the reply. I do understand. I hope I didn't offend you. I think this game is really good, it's just the map movement and leveling was a bit of a put off for me. I admit this is likely me. I'm not the best with rpg's honestly, though I do enjoy them. I didn't know WASD could be used or the shift, so I'll try this. I think I just need to be better with the system and not get too arrogant when fighting. But I also understand the limits. In terms of combat, it's just fine. Also, it may be my computer maybe? Sometimes this happens. 

As for the leveling system, I think all you have to do is maybe give a hint that the players need to do Haves side quest. Like maybe he says something is passing. I only knew cause I manage to find your faq. Doing this means you don't have to change anything and it'll be up to the player to manage their time. I think this way it'll solve it. I think my problem was if I didn't read your faq, I wouldn't know how to level up. I think a hint is a good way so you don't have to add any more code. 

Anyway, thanks so much for the reply. I'll try again with the game today because I really want to play. Everything is else is great and the combat itself is good (i love turn based). Thank you for all your hard =). 

(1 edit)

Okay, hint should be very easy to implement! :) No worries, I appreciate the feedback 😁 (might also add the movement control hint since some might not realize you can dash using shift or even move using keyboard 🤔)

Np. Thank you so much for reading and replying =D. I'm gonna play more this week =D

which route do u think ur gonna do next???

(1 edit)

Planning to do Yolkie's since he was the 2nd winner during the previous poll :)

Hey :) just bought the game! (An i Love it :D ) - I had 2 loops so far: 1 at the flower festival - it restarted over and over till i danced with all 3 possible chars. Atm i'm stuck at my second loop: Its the swimming contest on the 1st of Summer. I talked with every Char as much as possible, but after going home the event starts again. Save and Load didn't work :/

This looping problem should be fixed in 1.0.3. Have you redownloaded? (You can still play your save file)

i bought the game yesterday - and I just realized, that i started the game with the wrong exe :) itch shows me 4 different. Thanks for ur reply!

You're welcome :D

I bought both the $30 one and the $45 can i refund the $30 one?

You can contact support@itch.io for refund request =)

thank you

Umm, am I the only one getting a loop glitch/bug during the Test of Courage? 

(1 edit)

Hmm, I can't replicate this bug for some reason. If you have saved it before, can you try reloading and replaying the scene to see if the same thing happens or not?

Edit: Nevermind, I've found the issue now! It seems my fix for overnight dating with Finn causes this error...

Oh! I'm out of the loop! You fixed that really fast, thank you! :) 

Glad you're out of the loop! xD

I ended up getting the $60 version of the game, it says beta access but only the 45 backer says moocha + Finn route, silly question ik but will I be able to play Finn's route?


Yes you can, it is $45+ backers xD

Theres a reoccuring bug in fins route regarding his clothes; when he wears a white suite to confess to the MC he will wear the outfit ever scene from then on until a complete wardrobe change is done on the charcter which took quite a while (2-4 in game weeks). Same thing whenever you see him fully undressed, he will go on the rest of the game naked which make some scenes a bit odd lol, but events such as the festival fix it back to normal. In addition to this if Fin wears the yukata in foreplay mode and it is taken off, his whole dong just dissapears- (Also quick question is there a glitch in his route regarding marrying finn? Im asking since I did all the quests for the priests and have gotten Finn to full with no new scenes appearing, and yes I have chacked in with grizz for the rings but there is no option to buy them :/) Overall the game is great though! I only noticed 1-2 speling errors in the beginning and the game is fantastic, keep up the outstanding work :>

Ooh yeah, those are all bugs indeed... I forgot to trigger marriage prompt event for Finn. Will fix soon-ish!

Fix is up! 😊


I got an error when Finn agreed to join my party. Im not sure if its because he cant adventure with you yet or its an actual bug.

That's a bug indeed! Will fix soon.

Jesus you're fast, a literal speedrun TT 

i bought the $29 and $45 ,but i can't download the $29 one,why?

I did the same thing. All you have to do is go to your purchases and click on the Banana Ranch that matches the time you purchased at $45. Hope this helps

Thanks.But I'm still curious what happened to the $29 one

Oh, that one won't have the beta download links because it's a lower tier so it'll always send you to the same page. Unless you're saying that one isn't in your purchases anymore?

where is the best place for people (with the beta download) to submit bugs and other inputs?

Taken from the game's page:

"(Please be warned that the beta is not yet thoroughly tested and your gameplay experience might be riddled with bugs). If you have any bugs to report, please send me an e-mail at meyaoigames@gmail.com."


so, any news about future updates?



Just asking, is there gonna be a mobile port because Ill love playing this on mobile!!


I didn't play it yet, but if it's made in Renpy then there's big chances to play it through app "JoiPlay" 

(1 edit)

It didn't work sadly, but if there's a chance that's it's gonna be on mobile I'll play it for sure!



So I have a few doubts about the purchasing options(because they are so many lol). 

So buying at 30$ give you the right to preorder the game right? This mean we can download a beta version of the game already? When the game is finished can we play the finished version normally?

The second option about buying the mocha route... Only if we buy this option can we get to marry and have kids on beta? In the future when the games finish will we have the routes for free(after we bought the game for 30$) or we will have to buy each route when they are updated?

Hm for now it's just these question. I really wanna buy this game but it costs to much for me now (my main currency it's not dollar so). That's why I want to resolve my doubts before I actually purchase it. Thanks "3


$30 is just to pre-order the game to play once it is fully released, but it's $45 pre-order and to play the beta. It's one payment, then as they update the beta, you'll get the other routes as well until it is fully released.

If you buy the beta, you will be able to get married and have children.


Will this be available on steam? I mean since your other game Seiyuu Danshi is on steam I just thought this should be on steam as well.


I kind of wish this was free because I'm broke. also, any tips on how to make a game like this?


I really want to play the Moocha route, but I bought it for $29.95 not realizing you had to purchase for $45.   Can I pay the difference or what is the process.


I really hope this game doesnt get buried under the new game in development Im eagerly waiting a new route since moochas.

Howl for me though he might be the hardest so might possibly require some work.

another question, if I buy [Pre-order] Banana Ranch Game

can i play it? or can you only play Banana Ranch Beta? (I ask why I am collecting the money) OwO


I recently purchased the game and the email I received for the purchase is not giving me a option to download the game. Itchio is only recognizing it as a demo.

Can someone help me out


the game is still in early development

also, there is a quest for the twins about cloths. I can't seem to choose the option "anything I can help" after I'm done with crafting ;v;

love this game so far! one thing though that makes it hard is that, when I go to a rpg map, the creatures can go out of reach, even out of sight, making it really hard to get into battles when I want to. It would be great if you could make them stay within our own walking boundaries <3 

Hi! This game so f'ucking amazing and i really want it! but the thing is that i don't really feel to safe buying games in sites likes this (don't mean to offend anyone). So my question is: Are you going to uppload (not sure if this is the right word, sorry english is not my first language) this game on Steam like other games? Really hope so, would buy it from there the moment i find it there.


Banana Ranch most likely won't be approved by Steam, since it has shota characters with 18+ scenes. So, if the game is to be put on Steam, all 18+ scenes will need to be stripped and made into a patch, which is not something I plan to do in the near future. 


I always found it odd that steam seems to only do that with BL games. I've seen multiple straight up hentai games on there with loli characters. Steams so Sus sometimes lol.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the info Sen ^-^. I will think about it a little more and I was thinking the same as you about the BL games in Steam but att the same time is strange because i buyed the game Uncle Neighbor and it as erotics scenes and others BL games too.  And i think Steam let you hace NSfW games there now if i'm not wrong.

I'd love to wishlist and buy this on Steam. So +1 for me on that. 


When I first started using ich.io I didn't trust it either but it's actually relatively safe. Definitely one of the very few websites I recommend for Visual Novels. :)


hi hi! i just bought the game but the only link provided just says it's preorder, but won't let me download it. not sure if  i missed something or just need to wait for the release date? sorry if this is a silly question, it's my first time purchasing a game here haha ^^"

Hello, at the top of the main page if you refresh it you'll find a download link. The game isn't complete it's just the Moocha route unlocked.

I have a question, if I buy it, do I have to pay that sum every month?

(1 edit) (+2)

No, you don't have to pay that sum every month. It's just a one-time purchase.



another question, if I buy [Pre-order] Banana Ranch Game

can i play it? or can you only play Banana Ranch Beta? (I ask why I am collecting the money) OwO

At the moment, it's just the Moocha route you can play. So only the Beta for now.

Hello, just bought the game and became a patron. However, I can't seem to be able to download the game. It just says pre-order. Can't find any way to download it via Patreon either. Am I missing something?

Hello Meyaoi Games, Will this game have an android version?


Yeah, definitely. However, android port takes longer to create, so I'll make it when the game is more stable. 

hi, i played moocha route and i love it! the game is just SO great, im anxious for finn's route, do u guys have a expected date for it?
and i wanna say that i'm absolutely in love with the summer event, the cg was jut so pretty *-*

Hi sorry to disturb anyone but I've been stuck on getting 2 items for awhile, where can I find tough board and black bye stuff bc it felt like forever trying to find it if you can point me the right direction it would be appreciated. Thanks

(1 edit) (+1)

Tough board is a crafted item, I believe. It's been a while and I have no access to laptop right now so I forgot the way to get the recipe.  Black dye is also crafted item (recipe is obtained from doing quests for the spider twins, if I remember correct, with raw materials of black colored grasses you can collect in spooky forest)


hi thank you very much

hi, if i buy moocha beta, i will have acess for future betas too?

Yes, of course 😄 You will get access to full version game when it is finally released too.


Just for anyone's curiosity on possible game release dates:

Originally, the game had been planned to be finished by Q4 of 2022. But that was largely in part due to the smaller (original) amount of ROs. After the stretch goals and the many others that were added, it's become apparent to all of us fans out there and the Dev😆🙌 of this game, that they will actually need more time to create/finish the game, especially due to waiting on art CGs because they have to be worked on and tend to take the longest. Artists aren't vending machines, ya know?

Well, anyways, with that in mind --I assume the Dev can work on 3 or maybe 4 max routes a year? At least until we reach that pinnacle of 12 🥳🙌. So this game is likely to be out by the end of 2024 or 2025 (no guarantees tho, because IRL obstacles can occur) For those that don't wish to wait so long, I suggest the beta access and purchasing it whenever you find it on sale. The routes will be added as they complete, and you can finish them 1 by one. Meyaoi's games also tend to take a while to play through for me, so I personally NEEDED the beta access 🤣.

Side note for anyone interested: 

*The Baradise Escape game was actually a game put into motion BEFORE the making of BR. Due to some things, it had to get temporarily shelved. But the artists team is revving to go again on it, and the Dev is ready to work with them and continue this wonderful game🙌🥳!*

Personal note: "It's possible, that even if the Dev only worked on just BR or BE that neither would finish sooner. I think it's because, they still have to wait for things when you work with a team on games such as: BGs, regular CGs, NSFW CGs, sprites, animations, along with coding, etc. This means there will be down times where the Dev honestly can't do anything but wait. So I think it's good that during those times, they can likely hop from working on one game to the next😆🙌"

So just wanted to say: "Thanks for your continuously hard work! And keep on pushing forward 💪🙌😆"

(5 edits) (+7)(-1)

Thanks for explaining it so well! This is basically the reason. Also, I initially didn't expect each route of Banana Ranch to be this long (I wanted it to be shorter than Seiyuu Danshi's route, but it ended up being much longer instead 😅). The CG count for each route is bigger too (SD has around 14-15 CGs per route iirc while BR has more than 20), which causes the artist's workload to be bigger too. 

For a small dev, it is actually *very* common to work on multiple projects at once. Even during SD development, I had asked the artists to start drawing for other games when they no longer had task to do for SD, I just didn't announce it back then (and those games unfortunately ended up not getting continued). For Baradise Escape, I'm fortunate enough to get the artist currently working full time for me, so I keep commissioning them for new art now (at a scary rate for like ~15CGs per month) . Unfortunately, art costs money so I have to quickly finish the Baradise Escape demo to gather funds for further commissioning (otherwise, I'll just keep the project a secret project like I usually do lol, because people tend to assume the worst  😅)

Baradise and Banana have different artists, and I still keep commissioning art for Banana Ranch CGs as well (unfortunately at a slower pace due to artist not working full time). It's not like I can ask Baradise's artist to work on Banana Ranch's CGs, their art style is totally different 😅

Anyway, my current plan right now is: Work full time on Baradise Escape demo until 17th March, and hopefully by then Finn's CGs are mostly completed, and I will then switch gears to work full time on releasing Finn's route, then switch back and forth between the two projects like that. If the CG production for Banana Ranch takes too long, I might try hiring additional CG artist (though it can be hard finding reliable artists that are willing to draw 18+ and match art style ^^;)


Yay, I'm glad I could help explain! And I figured as much too. The art style for both games looks different, so I figured you had 2 completely different teams going, and I think it's great you can hop back and forth to work on the games when you have to wait for more art content from another🙌. And completely agreed, most if not all indie dev groups (or smaller game companies) need to be able to work on multiple projects if they want to stay afloat as developers. So I'm very happy that you're able to put in the hard work and dedication to man both teams and keep going, so thank you😘😆🙌! Your work is very much appreciated ☺!

basically it's going to come out when i finish university and work, \(qwq)/ great, thanks creators! I will come back and buy the game in a few years.


When will all routes be released? I find it weird y'all are starting on a new one even though this game is no where near done with all the other routes, I've been waiting to buy this game once you have all routes released, would like to get with Grizz and Noir.

(3 edits) (+4)(-2)

The post by Le20 up above this comment basically explains the reason why.

The artists for Banana Ranch and Baradise Escape are different. For Banana Ranch, my only workload from now on is writing the scenes then coding in the CGs once they're done. I'm in the phase of waiting for the CGs to be completed (for Finn's route), so rather than idling around while waiting for the CGs to be completed, it is much better for me to work on another game. It is in fact very common for a small developer to work on multiple projects at once. Yes, sometimes more than two at once. Yes, sometimes those projects end up being scrapped before the public knows their existence to begin with.

Each route has more than 20 unique CGs (not including variants), which takes a long time to draw. I don't want to cut corners for any route, so it will understandably take time to finish. Making game takes a long time. If you have pre-ordered the game and do not want to wait, feel free to request refund. I'll happily process them.


Hii hiii, I loveee this game! But I have one question, you could have sex with the Gods? I mean, they are hot xD

Buaah I cant wait for the full game to go outttt

Have a great day!


Unfortunately, there isn't any way to have sex with Gods in the beta, I'll definitely keep that suggestion in mind though (bcs they're indeed hot! 😆)

(1 edit) (+2)

first, I love the beta. I Keep chipping away at it. One small suggestion.

The interaction in the ranch needs some streamlining? Maybe either have the worn out employees auto drop from production facilities!  And either auto assign unused employees to the sleep room or maybe have a visible on the main ranch screen box that shows all the still unassigned employees. Sometimes I miss a few. 

Lastly far be it for me to offer you MORE ways to take my money. But if this game offers post games paid dlc after the fact like your other awesome work….. I’d kill ( or pay $$$) for a sex scene with one or both of your gangster chicken employees >_> hell we don’t even have to be part of it. They can bang each other. >_>. Even if they didn’t get a rivalry Bonus as a ranch owner  id make them work together in the hopes they’d hate bang each other. Also a dlc with West the simple country cowboy cow. >_> grants this is after I work my way though Finn and my doggo. Grizz. Klein, And the cranky Kitty in regular play  mind you. ^_^ ( actually now that I think about it Klein might not be an in game option. I forget. If he isn’t I’d dlc him too in a heartbeat!)

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