Finn route finally released!

Sorry for the looong wait! Beta version has now been updated to include Finn route! You can now romance our lovely shark boy in the newest version of beta! :D

Currently, the game has 190k words and 46 unique CGs, woot woot! <3

On top of Finn route update, some general improvements based on feedback have been made.

  • Easier slime forest monsters
  • Added cheat screen for easier replaying
  • Fixes some bugs (monsters in volcano and rocky mountain couldn't be encountered after befriending snow beauty)
  • Can hover items in level up screen to get the exact item name needed for level-up
  • Game build has been updated to the latest Renpy version!

NOTES: The beta version is available for $45 backers and up ONLY

(In case you want to upgrade your pledge, unfortunately doesn't have a way to manually do that. The only way to do that would be:

  1. Contact, asking to refund the previous purchase with the reason (saying because you want to upgrade)
  2. Repurchase the game at $45 tier or up ($60 tiers will get you a Banana Ranch Fanbook for free)

Also, the game is in beta version, which means it is very likely for you to encounter bugs! Do save often in various save slots to mitigate it. If you encounter some bugs, please report to and I'll try to fix it ASAP!

Thank you very much for your patience, I hope you'll enjoy it <3


Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha/Finn/Yolkie route) - Windows Version 2 GB
Version 25 Jul 29, 2022
Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha/Finn/Yolkie route) - Mac Version 2 GB
Version 24 Jul 29, 2022

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For a second, I was sad to have to wait to play Finn. Then I realized I'm one of the $45 backers. xD Woot! Off I go!


How do you access the cheat screen?


if you have gotten Moocha's ending before, the cheat screen should show up when you start the game from the beginning.

Okay thanks!