90% FUNDED! Which character route for the first stretch goal?

You read that right, we're now officially 90% funded! (which is pretty awesome considering the unusual way we do it xD)

We're getting super close to being completely funded, and it's time to start talking about the stretch goals!

Which character romance route would you like the first stretch goal to be? 


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Version 2 Sep 29, 2019
Banana Ranch DEMO (Mac) 435 MB
Version 2 Sep 29, 2019

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I vote for Raion


Ginger, howl, Raion, Grizz, Sterion and Thunder (I have no idea what the plan is for them) in that order.

Hunny or Ginger!

Klein or Ginger would be my choices <333 I'm especially curious about how Klein's path would go since he's the only other human!

My vote is for Ginger and Klein. These two definitely need to make the final cut.


I really want to date Grizz


Ginger, Howl and Hunny - in that order.


I agree with Keksiks. I want all of them too :)

But if I must choose my first choice would be Ginger or Hunny

How do I access the Banana Ranch DEMO (Mac)? I just paid $60 and was hoping to get my mitts on the Mac demo.

Deleted 2 years ago

You can download demo for free from the front page (meyaoi.itch.io/bananaranch). Scroll down below until you get to download demo section. 

Got it, Thanks!


Ginger, Ginger, Ginger! Also, congratulations!


Personally, i want ALL stretch goals to be achieved, they are all amazing ^^ But my first choice is Ginger))


klein!!!!! <33


Ginger and Klein please!!

KLEIN please!!!!


Klein and Ginger would be my top choices! <3


Ginger <3

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