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I kept the promise I made on Kickstarter to you so long ago. :) Yay!

I'm looking forward to Banana Ranch and really am happy to contribute.  Will you have a Discord channel?

Wow, thanks so much for the contribution!

Yeah, I do have Discord channel to discuss about both Seiyuu Danshi and Banana Ranch. Invite link: (kinda inactive though xD)

If I purchase 45 bucks or more and get beta access, will I be play the game right away? 

No. You can see at the very top of this page that the release date of the game is still long way to go.

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I found a bug in the demo... In the love hotel, if you scroll to the right of the room, the screen goes out of the background, showing the night town map that's behind.

Also, a few recomendations I'd suggest (aside of typos), unless they have been said (or fixed) by now:

- Change the exit button in menu, for a "return to main menu". Its bad having to close and open again the game everytime, in order to go to the main menu.

- I also want the "delete save" option thats missing in the load/save windows.

So far I'm liking the game very much, so thanks for making it... Regards!

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Just the demo is interesting and I can not wait to play the full game. I would only suggest to put bubbles of the characters on the map of the city to know where they are in the city as in Seiyuu danshi.Other good luck
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Hello.  My apologies if this has been asked before. I have a question regarding the "name in the credits" reward... Is it only available for the physical rewards purchases? Or also is a reward for the people that purchase the game digitally, like other proyects like this, do... Also, is the game to release only in here? Or also on Steam... Thanks in advance for the responses. ^^;


Physical only if you back through here, digitals also get credits if you back through Patreon. Yeah, game is only released here and not Steam.


I see... I ask because in the announcement entry from 4 days ago (Campaign is LIVE + DEMO RELEASE!), it says that the "+30$ The game" also includes the name in the credits reward, but I didn't find where it says that it is a reward only for Patreons, thats why I am confused.

Hi, I'm having problems for the demo for the (Windows & Linux) I tried everything even removing it and re-downloading it again but it just doesn't work. When I start the demo it works but when you get to change the name it won't allow me whhich I thought was fine since it's the demo but when I try to start it won't allow me.

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Do you have screenshots to showcase the problem? (because the game works fine for me even when I change the protagonist's name & birthday)

I have manage to fix the problem but I have only starting playing the demo a little bit and it's really good so thanks for creating the game I can't wait to pre-order it soon.

The demo isnt working for me.   T.T

How is it not working? Can you elaborate?

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Everything turned out fine I had to mess around with my laptop a bit (=^x^=) thank you 

Ok, that's a relief ^w^

If I ordor the game, when will it be release? How will you send the copy?


Check this page again, the "estimated" release date is written at the top of the game. The copy will be distributed via

I love the demo so far. It is so cute that I am grinning ear to ear. I have noticed through that despite changing character name it was not integrated into the text during the interviews. I changed the MC to Benjamin but when interviewing Yolkie it still stated name as Ban. However it showed the name change with Cotton.


Ah, I'll take a look again. Probably mistakenly used "Ban" instead of "[name]" (code for displaying changed name). Glad you like the demo so far.


Yay, congrats on the start of the campaign! I've been telling everybody about it - I tell them to think of it as Stardude Valley, which seems to perk interest. :D

Haha ;D

Thanks for spreading word about the game~

Hey! loving the demo! i was wondering would you consider an option to turn off the white flashing that happens in certain situations?

Ah the white flashing during the milking scene, is it? It shouldn't be too hard implementing such an option.

Yeah my eyes are sensitive to bright flashing lights so that low key killed me lol but if you can I'll be extremely grateful!

Just started playing the demo, and found a missing word... Klein says “... Well, I agree that it’s at least than this ghost village.” I assume there is “bigger” missing in this sentence. I play the Mac version.

Haven’t seen much of the game yet but it sounds really interesting

Oh, right, nice catch.


Like most people here, I've been following you since Seiyuu Danshi was first announced, and it's amazing to see how far you've come. I'm really excited to play this demo and wish you all the best with fundraising and development, etc. It's a lot of work, but you're doing really great. Thank you for catering to our fujoshi hearts! xx

Thank you, hope to create even more BL games in the future <3 

How do you increase Social? I keep watching Drama on TV and nothing is happening.

Since demo only lasts until Spring 14, you probably don't have enough time to increase your Social to the next rank.

Played the demo for a while and i like it so much! Hope it gets funded soon <3

Glad you're liking the demo!

A thought just popped onto my head after Finn shows up for the first time........ Shit who do I romance first?


lol. Finn, obviously. =D (then I'll go after Klein, Ginger, Noir...) *starts listing them all* xD

Finn's a good choice for first....yes......yes.....

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Just finished playing the demo~ Ahh, I don't know where to start! I had so much fun! All the characters are interesting and cute in their own way! After getting to know them better, I conclude that my favorite is Ginger, but then I realize that he's not romanceable yet!! Ahhh, I really hope we can reach his stretch goal! Let us unite our wads of cash for this campaign!! For the love of Ginger!! > <)/

Anyway~ other than some minor typos and grammatical issues, the demo is awesome! The characters will be voiced somewhere down the road, right? If so, looking forward to it in the final game! If not, then I'm sad. Ban's VA in that YT intro has such a nice voice to listen to~ ;w; 

Oh and, I hope there's a delete feature for saves and loads as well in the final game, like in Seiyuu Danshi! It'd be nice to organize our saves and stuff ^w^ But yeah, all in all~ amazing demo! There are a lot of visible improvements compared to that of Seiyuu Danshi and I am so happy for you guys! You've come so far!! *^*)/ Will there ever be a remaster of Seiyuu Danshi? ;;D

Now, I'mma go and pledge to the campaign~ I know this game is gonna be amazing, so I would happily part with my money! Onwards to Patreon I go~~ >w<)/

EDIT;; lol nope, nevermind. Paypal is being a jackass and won't allow me to do monthly subscription without a credit card. I guess I'll just do a one time payment through here then, sometime next month. Ahh, and here I was looking forward for some Seiyuu Danshi After Stories perks too. Just my luck, I guess. My luck is just rotten this month, honestly, so I'm no longer surprised by this point x'DD


I am so happy for another MeYaoi game. You guys have great humor. I'm already loving the demo as I play. Ugh, I just want to snuggle Finn and Klein and Noir. *Finn runs away* Nuuu!! Get back here you sexy fishy. xD


Yosh. After having met all creatures in the, I just want them all. As always, MeYaoi, you find ways to make every character interesting and adorable in some way. I feel like I could easily date every one of them. Though still my heart is most dedicated to Finn, Noir, Ginger, and Klein. <3

Happy to hear that you're liking the demo so far! XD

Yep. Was only sad that I couldn't get my social up to spend time with Finn. Curse you, you shall not escape me, you sexy silly fish man! >xD

*runs off into the distance chasing a scared Finn, while Ginger runs behind chasing happily after me. Klein and Noir just stand back and shake their head in exasperation*

Gah, wish I was rich enough to afford a npc. Ah well, beta access shall be enough. Thank you again for this amazing new game. =)


Please make it available to steam so I can buy it pleaseee.


Im so excited for this game!! wil moocha be one of the love Intrests ? And love youre art tho its so cute 😍


Hope this will be available for Android too :)


Soo Excited for this game!! are the potential Pairings already hooked up in this game? meaning you can't go after them?  

No, it's a planned feature if the stretch goals are achieved, where you can see the other love interests' romance building up (kinda like Harvest Moon's rival system). 

Each love interests will still be romanceable (again, if stretch goals for them are achieved ^^)

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Oh I see! That's awesome news, when you say stretch goals? do you mean like a daily quest that you have to complete?. I'm loving the cute bunny, so my rival would be the bear huh.. I got this!

No, it's the funding goal ^^

a funding goal?? You mean like you have to reach a certain money goal In order to have their route? That sounds a bit difficult but i could be over speculating. I so want to start a little bunny family with Hunny.. 

Yeah, if the funding doesn't exceed certain goal, Hunny the bunny will be in the game as NPC instead. Creating one route is costly, after all.  If there isn't enough funding for it, I can't make it.


I vote for Howl, Finn, and Raion. Just wondering with this be on Android?


how do I pre-order this? *pulls out a wad of cash*...

I just read the patreon campaign...ok I'll wait. *september 29 hit*  Back in my day we had horses pulling wagons, not these four wheeled death traps... 


I want Noir, Grizz , Howl and fizz or raion. >.< I want the first 3 because they seem aggressive ^.^. Also does fizz have um..two dicks..?


I love how 95% of people in the comments want Finn. But to be fair, I want him too XD top teir 


Well, he's topping both public and patreon poll, so it is confirmed that people are thirsty for the shark boi 😆

The thirst is real 😂


Me wanty Finn. (Always seem to have an instant thing for the red-heads with smirks. xD)

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Meyaoi Games, you really know how to add some sense in my existence (〃^▽^〃)

P.S. I really like the doggy boy.. he is so handsome. I hope he is a top type (//ω//)

Glad to hear that! Hope he meets your expectation in the game too ^_^

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Finn and Haves as a couple, that would be so freaking nice, finn as the power uke and haves as the super seme ;) ? :3 ;)) either way I'm excited for this game!

:3 :3 Glad to hear you're excited for the game! ^_^


Got the email and was like “oh Banana Ranch maybe they’re recommending an animal crossing-like game or smth” and then my dumbass realized it was another Meyaoi game and suddenly I’m confusing my roommate because I’m screeching 


Same! I need my computer to make a special noise for moments like this, because I almost missed the email. But that might have been better, because waiting for this may actually kill me. ;)

:3 :3

It's basically Animal Crossing with gay animals as the town citizen x"D


"Will you make Ban be the TOP or BOTTOM in the relationship? It’s all in your hand!"

Okay then, you promised~ ;D I'm not looking forward to another one of Haato's case where he gets all uke even though I played a purely seme route, like in Shiba's route during the hot spring date. Any other seme would just calm him down or something, not get all hot and bothered. Either explicitly state the protagonist is a seke or commit to the game mechanics you promised, please. 

I like Seiyuu Danshi and I'm so eager to support you guys, so I sincerely hope for further improvement. Best of luck with the game development! ^w^)/

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Well, you'll probably be disappointed again then. I'm not really part of the camp that thinks all tops need to act very... toppy? Being top or bottom is only about who's getting it in the ass for me lol. Sadistic bottoms & masochistic tops exist. In my opinion, tops can still get all hot and bothered. Then again, it's only my opinion, but that's how I'm going to implement it in my game (just in case you're hoping for something different, this game's probably not for you) ^^


Yess! What I like about Seiyuu Danshi is the fact that the semes and ukes don't fall into the usual stereotype! Please keep up the good work!


Fully agree with you, Meyaoi Games, and I'm glad that you play this out in your games! I just bought Seiyuu Danshi and have played through the Shibu and the fudanshi routes... I'm about to start another one now. This game is so addictive! I can't wait until the Indiegogo campaign so I can sponsor you... I love gay VNs and Seiyuu Danshi is on a whole other level.


Haha yeah, I sorta figured. It all comes down to preferences, but since you've marketed it as "It's all in your hands!", I thought it'd be nice if we have player input during the scenes, like in Tocchan's hot spring date where the player can either choose to put it in or being the one done. That was nice, so I was confused why there were no player input during Shiba and Toru's hot spring dates (probably because it's not about actual sex?). I haven't played Hikaru and Shuu's routes up to that point, thus I dunno if they have the options or not. Basically, since you've marketed it that way, I think it's a given to have player input during these scenes. I was disappointed yes, not gonna lie. But I'll still play Banana Ranch because this particular think doesn't impact whether I wanna play the game or not. I just wish the marketing is honest about the top and bottom thing not being a full player input (when it comes to personal dom/sub preferences anyway). If I had known, then I wouldn't have felt confused by the lack of prefences input in Seiyuu Danshi, haha (we have that during/after foreplay mode, so why not in the story itself?). I realized then that SD MC isn't a skin where the player can slip into, despite the player could name him whatever they want. 

I hope I got my point across. So yeah, just something to take into consideration. I'll still support you guys regardless. I'm a budding game developer myself, so I don't play for the sake of playing alone. I play games to learn as well. Seiyuu Danshi has inspired me a lot, so I'm thankful for that. Despite being flawed here and there (and I'm not just talking about the dom/sub thing), the mechanics are enjoyable and hold a lot of potential. I'm excited to see how you guys will improve from here on. Banana Ranch seems promising, like seriously, I can't wait for the demo! > w <)/ And I'm already in love with Cotton and Moocha, so there's no way I can leave this game unplayed now ;w;

Again, best of luck with the game development ^ w ^)/




Glad you're making another game. I loved Seiyuu Danshi! Also the dress up system is such a cool feature happy you included it.


Yay, glad to hear that! The dress-up system will be more enhanced than Seiyuu Danshi's, in that the clothing will actually show up on the character sprite =D

omg i never clicked so fast before



Omg I'm so happy that you guys are making another game, I haven't click on an email so fast before lol can't wait to play the demo and help fund the game and buy it. :D

Yay, glad to hear that. Hope you'll like the demo!

My friends and I are so excited for this game!!! Moocha is so cute!! I loved Seiyuu danshi, its not everyday that I can be a short top or a tall bottom!! That's one of my favorite dynamics but most games seem to never do that, so it's really great to have a game where that's possible!

You can def count on me for kickstarter and preorder!

Yay, so glad to hear that! ^w^

also is it bad that I'm kind of shipping Yolkie/Moocha and Cotton/Moocha already?? I get the feeling i'm going to love their interactions!

They're gonna interact a lot since they're all part of the ranch team xD

I'm sure I'm gonna love seeing Moocha interact with everyone! I think I love him so much because he reminded me of Shuu at first.

Also I noticed you talking about tops not 'acting like tops' and bottoms not 'acting like bottoms' in a different comment AND I AGREE 10/10 Tops don't always need to 'look like tops' and bottoms don't always need to 'look like bottoms'! Like one of my favorite things about Seiyuu danshi was customizing the cast to fit my taste which is usually small not typically manly tops with taller more masculine looking bottoms. I def don't dislike the stereotype but the world is filled with different types of people who enjoy being tops and bottoms

You can bet cash money if cotton is an option I will be having him top Ban and when I eventually write up a fanmade sex scene/fanfiction(if that's cool) Moocha!

Out of curiosity, what ever happened to that Bara Island game you were making? I really liked the art work in the previews.

The artist is currently too busy for the project (they have other fixed projects), and the art style isn't something that can be easily replicated (super beautiful art style tho!). Would love to continue that game someday, but probably needs to be much smaller in scale, or else it might risk never being completed :x (something of Seiyuu Danshi's scale is impossible, probably smaller game with total of 20CGs)

I'm so excited for this ♡


seems things are coming to fuition


Yeah, hope to release the demo in a month time.

has the voting for main partners ended yet


Nope, not yet. It will end on 15 September.

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