Beta version 0.1.2 is up! (+ changelog)

Thanks to everyone's reports, another batch of bugs have been fixed. The build has now been updated to ver 0.1.2!

This build should fix: 

  • Error after winning milk competition ('ADVCharacter' object has no attribute 'idname').
  • Error when fishing (inventory/icon_fish_bloodfish.png is missing).
  • Error when hiring from TV (candidate_tv is not defined).
  • Beach gathering spot not refreshing.
  • Even after getting boyfriend, relationship status in status menu is still "Single".
  • Cloth "default" missing from wardrobe, MC's outfit is still shopkeeper after going to part-time job once instead of reverting back to "default".
  • When reading crafting books and have insufficient crafting level, MC says that his cooking level is insufficient instead of crafting.
  • Dating system talk error, even when already lovers / friends, options are still locked.
  • Error when crafting SP potions
  • Graphic error: green mushroom spore name is too long and can't fit in the ingredient box, hence will be renamed green spore only xD
  • Fixes some town board error 
  • Fixes fall season is skipped bug
  • Fixes factory being able to be upgraded above level 3
  • Makes fishing a little easier
  • Makes initial battle a little easier (however, if you want to become stronger, make sure to finish Haves's quest because after that you can buy enhancing potion from him!)
  • Fixes taming monster error!
  • Graphical update: fixes UI for using item during battle
  • Graphical error: missing earth attack animation
  • Error when picking "Lake" at dating planner (when required hearts for 2nd activity are met)

Everyone is advised to update to latest version for a more bug-free experience :D

Certain bugs (like She Jiu's empty inventory because all has been bought already) has been fixed, but changes can only be seen if you're starting a new playthrough. 

As usual, if you encountered anymore bugs, feel free to send them to me via e-mail:, they're very much appreciated :)


Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha/Finn/Yolkie route) - Mac Version 2 GB
Version 0.1.2 Sep 19, 2021
Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha/Finn/Yolkie route) - Windows Version 2 GB
Version 0.1.2 Sep 19, 2021

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how do i propose? i have the rings and the double bed

oh nvmd

(1 edit)

I don't know if it's a bug but I've tried getting monsters to stay in the dorms I have had 5 different cut scenes and it says the monsters have been added to my ranch but they aren't there 

Hi there, did you download the 0.1.2 recently or a lot of hours ago? (because I re-uploaded 0.1.2 which should fix that bug)

Ok thank you, also is there a certain date or time to propose because I bought the rings and bed but I might be missing something 

Need to finish priest's quest to unlock marriage service.

ok thank you 

Deleted 2 years ago

do we have to redownload the game for the updates to fully fix, or does it update if you have the app? 

also, i'm really confused on how to get craft skill points- I can't make any of the recipes I have (hp & mp potions and rubicks cube) and I don't know how to get more recipes so i can build up the skill to complete missions. :( 

Yeah, you can redownload the game to get the updates. Or if you install the game via itch app I think you only need to download the updates part (though I'm not really sure as I don't use it myself). You can try finishing the quest of town mayor and get the crafting for dummies book.

I have the quest started but I forgot what he needed, and when I go to talk to him he just says he's waiting for his fish- I've gone fishing a few times and have several different types but I'm not sure what he wants and I don't have any fish related recipes 


It's 5x 1-star quality salmon fish that he wants. I really should make a quest log...


thanks so much!

whenever you have time, that would be great! TTwTT

are salmon in a specific area in the 'outside' section?


Just fish in slime forest and you should be able to get them easily.


A quest log would be very nice 😊.

where can i find empty bottles?

By crafting with pieces of glass as materials.

where do i get the recipie for crafting them?

From finishing one of the town mayor's quest.

oh is it the grilled fish one? the recipie for grilled fish isnt showing up and ive read all the cooking books

No, there's another quest after that. It's the blue jello one iirc. For the seafood book not showing up on bookshelf, please get the updated ver and check 2nd page of bookshelf.