Moocha beta version bug-fixes changelog (ver 0.1.1)

Hi there, thanks for the enthusiasm and the bug reports! Ver 0.1.1 has been uploaded to hopefully address these reported issues.

This build should fix:

  • Error in She Jiu's shop
  • Error in selling item after buying seeds
  • Error in Moocha's event (when cooking together)
  • When eating Smart Nutritious Nyan Nyan Lunch Package at cat cafe, it now adds "Knowledge" stats as intended.
  • Fix unlimited gathering when using mouse click 
  • Error in cooking festival (with unlock_cloth label error)
  • Can't go to ranch after Spring 15
  • Error when hiring from internet listing
  • Error when demolishing factory
  • Error when upgrading factory to level 3
  • Image error: Missing Yolkie's expression during laying egg scene
  • Name is not changed during Yolkie's interview scene
  • Image error: Missing nipple during licking Moocha's nipple scene
  • Courage keeps turning to "1"
  • Book - Seafood not showing up on the bookshelf
  • Police station bug during flower festival
  • All the items in sex toy shop are bought already
  • Error during Moocha's 69 scene
  • Error in ranch after hiring Reina (the chicken employee)
  • Error when trying to propose to Moocha 

Thanks a lot for the bug reports. They're a lot of help! In case you encounter anymore, please send e-mail to and I'll get the fixes up as soon as possible :)


Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha/Finn/Yolkie route) - Windows Version 2 GB
Version 0.1.1 Sep 19, 2021
Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha/Finn/Yolkie route) - Mac Version 2 GB
Version 0.1.1 Sep 19, 2021

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I only knew (and had the note with the error) for 3 of them lol. BTW I should never forget She Jiu's but I bet I will lol. TY for the fast turn around on the list of bugs (3 I knew and the ones others found). Time to "update" (redownload) and get back into the game