Banana Ranch 18+ BL/Yaoi game: Moocha route is AVAILABLE!

Yep, you read that right... Moocha route is now playable in beta version! :D

Just the general route + Moocha scenes contain 145,000 words already with 25 unique CGs, so you can see how long the final game should end up when all the love interests are done ^^: 

Anyway, please be aware that beta version is not thoroughly tested (though I've tried my best to), so you might get in contact with random bugs in the middle of your playthrough. In case you encounter a bug, please report your finding to and I'll try to get the fixes up as soon as possible.

The beta version is available for $45 backers and up ONLY

(In case you want to upgrade your pledge, unfortunately doesn't have a way to manually do that. The only way to do that would be:

  1. Contact, asking to refund the previous purchase with the reason (saying because you want to upgrade)
  2. Repurchase the game at $45 tier or up ($60 tiers will get you a Banana Ranch Fanbook for free)

Anyway, once again, thank you very much for your patience <3

I pulled an all-nighter to make this (self-made) deadline, so I'm going to sleep soon after this, so forgive me if I don't reply quickly. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the game in the meantime, everyone in Banana Town is waiting for you~


Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha/Finn/Yolkie route) - Mac Version 2 GB
Version 0.1.2 Sep 20, 2021
Banana Ranch Beta (Moocha/Finn/Yolkie route) - Windows Version 2 GB
Version 0.1.2 Sep 20, 2021

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oh my gosh the baby

Deleted 2 years ago

Have you finished the priest's quest? (it's necessary to unlock marriage service)

Yup I just did I can get married now yay😁

One more question it says a slime joined but nothing is there 

Yeah, have you updated to the 0.1.2 upload like 2-3 hours ago? There was a fix for monster taming.

(2 edits)

Sorry one more I'm on the 0.1.2 update and and I did both first time sex with mocha top and bottom but it says I haven't got it  yet. and on the second page of cg for mocha I'm missing the 1st row 1cg  and 3rd row last cg

Is there only a windows version of the game?

There is Mac version too. Android will be made available when the build is more bug-free (since making Android build and uploading it takes a lot more time to do.)

Ah ok thanks also congrats