Banana Ranch | Progress Update Video #2

The second progress update video for Banana Ranch is now up! Do check out the video if you want to know what has changed so far with Banana Ranch :)

If everything goes according to the plan, this should be the last update before the beta version (with Moocha route only) is released.  

To-do-list after this is the following: 

  • Coding Moocha's main events 
  • Continue to finish up the rest of the festival scenes 
  • Side quests
  • Take care of item list + crafting list + cooking recipes and make them balanced throughout the whole game
  • Take care of the finishing stuff (CG / scene replay gallery and more)

Anyway, now that I'm done with the update video, it's back to work for me XD

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Is She Jiu a snake fella? Lookin mighty scrumptious. AND A MERMAN?!! 😭❤❤ ... snow guy! Ugh you're killing me. I'm so ready. 


Always glad for an update. All the new npcs were so interesting, I had to pause so I could appreciate the various designs. I'm especially a fan of the gangster rooster, Zack. <3 xD


Such wonderful work you've been up to! :-D


OMG yay thanks so much for the update was hoping that there was still some progress happening with Covid-19 and all <3