3P route & Grizz route funded!

Thanks to all backers, Grizz and 3P Horse Brothers routes have been funded!

Including Grizz and 3P Horse brothers route, there will be 10 romance routes in the final game! <3 

The current romanceable guys in one picture :3 

Remaining goals are: Howl the wolf ($45,000) and Haves the owl ($50,000)! 

Will we get to reach these two goals? 

Well, anyway, the campaign will end at 31st March 2020! Less than a month remaining ^_^

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My poor Howl got left out 😭 Still thanks for all the patrons for reaching Mr. Bear. 

🙏 Praying for creators good healtb and fitness so we can play the ealrier the better. 

Also the chibis are adorable. Will there be phone cases in the future? 


What about the lion?

I just realized that he wasn't included


Thats right. Mr. Lion got forgotten 😆 

But i pray we reach his route

Yay i wanna hug that bear!!!! Are you gonna do animated CGs? On love scene?

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Haves is the one I wanted the most. Why does he have to be the highest goal?


Ooh, horse boys and Grizzly will be available? Sweet. =D I honestly expected we wouldn't make it to either of them. But that's good. =)

Yay! But is Klein still romanceable?


Shoot, I forgot about his image xD

Yes, he's romanceable.


Poor Klein. Forgotten, but not unloved. xD

That's right. ❤️


GRIZZ YESSSSS!!!!!! oh damn but now im super torn on who to go for first Moocha, Hunny, or Grizz D:. I hope Howl and Haves get funded too