FINAL CAMPAIGN EXTENSION! (+ Hunny route funded!)

Since some people have been asking me for it (and since there are still some characters that haven't been funded), Banana Ranch campaign will be extended for the last time to March 31, 2020. This is the final extension and also the LAST CHANCE to unlock these character routes. 

Please pledge during the crowdfunding campaign if you want these handsome guys to have a romantic route of their own!


Patreon fund pledged until March 31 2020 will also be counted towards reaching the stretch goal =) So, if you've been itching to play Seiyuu Danshi After Stories (NSFW additional episodes for Seiyuu Danshi game, which is Patreon-exclusive), it's a great time to pledge since the funds will also go towards reaching Banana Ranch stretch goals! 

For ALL current episodes, pledge  here:

Sneakpeek for the episode:


For the happy news, since the total pledged fund has officially exceeded $30k, Hunny the bunny's romance route has been funded! 

Thanks to everyone pledging, we can now romance this naughty and cute bunny boy in the final game of Banana Ranch!

Cheers! Here's to even more romanceable routes! ^_^

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I am gonna get them all, poke catch LOL... cough....cough*…. I can't wait for the final results.


yesss!!! I really hope we get Grizz too! Ahhhh but now im torn if I want to romance Moocha or Hunny first


What with Raion? After anime and manga Beastars I like lions, wolves and bunnies more... ^___^


Whoo! Hunny's route was reached! Let's see who else we can reach now that we've got an extension.


I'm glad I live by myself because I just loudly cheered when I seen this post. I was really  hoping to reach the centaurs and now we have a chance to reach everyone, I'm excited.

Deleted 2 years ago

I'm the same. I'd be happy with Grizz (he looks HOT) but I'd also like to see others happy by getting the ones they want.