Klein route goal reached! Next stretch goal is...

Thanks to everyone pledging and supporting the project, Klein romance goal has been reached and Klein will be romance-able in final game! Next goal is...

Ginger, the sticky and energetic dog!

We've got $4,802 to go before Ginger can be romanced in the final game! Can we do it before the campaign ends? Well, fingers crossed!

If you want to help fund the game, you can do so by:

  1. PRE-ORDER FROM THIS ITCH.IO PAGE ($29.99 for the game, $45 for game + beta access, and $60 for game + beta + artbook). There are also physical & NPC tiers, please scroll down below to "exclusive content" if you're interested in them!
  2. BECOME A PATRON. Second, is to become patron (go to patreon.com/meyaoigames). Price is the same as if you pre-order from itch.io page, the only difference is that via Patreon, you can pay by installments (monthly installment)

Less than 2 months before the campaign ends!

Get Banana Ranch: 18+ BL/Yaoi/Gay Visual Novel / Dating sim game

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I think you should expand the crowdfunding period. If it'll release in 2021 I think it'll be fine to expand it until month or so into 2020

Deleted 2 years ago

Yeah! a few people have suggested this so i don't think the main fanbase will be mad if this happens. I really want to see all the characters (especially Grizz...) get unlocked. Maybe the dev should hold a poll or something? To see if people are for an extension of the funding period?

Deleted 2 years ago

It's 5k for each additional character? 7 more characters to unlock... so it's.... 35k. Total would be 55k? 

Ganbatte everyone... hope we get to romance all characters, if possible. (Is it possible to have one character as a Christmas bonus? Maybe a little bunny wrapped in a red ribbon? Well it's just me hoping XD)

Good luck!

Yes! We have Klein, and now hopefully get Ginger. I'd be good then.