Hello there, latest Android build is up. It should fix:

  1. Error when you're going to do part-time job at Shuu's place
  2. Job_id error during morning day events 
  3. Error when doing radio host job
  4. Error when you go to Regio and select "bottom"
  5. Expression error during training camp scene
  6. Can't initiate "make love" with Toru
  7. Computer screen "watch gay porn" error
  8. Side_image error during Toru best ending (flashback scene)
  9. Various foreplay mode errors fix (wrong vibrator position, Toru's commands not scrolling, etc)

Feel free to report if you encounter any other bugs!


Seiyuu Danshi Final - Android 1 GB
Version 2 May 05, 2020
Seiyuu Danshi Final - Windows & Linux 1 GB
Version 24 May 05, 2020
Seiyuu Danshi Final - Mac 1 GB
Version 24 May 05, 2020

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Oh but also THANK YOU so much for making it mobile and also not requiring a second purchase!!!

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Some errors I've seen since update, in Tocchan route anytime I touch/lick his butt the nude realistic vibrator is there I don't even own it 😂. Also if I get an to many pants I can only see 1 page of them. And randomly the screen during foreplay will just go like grey/white checkered it's happened on all routes and completely random.

What do you mean by "many pants I can only see 1 page of them"? Also, when is it "grey/white checkered" happen in exact? I can't seem to reproduce bugs for these two. 

For the pants if I buy like a lot of them say 4 from every store only the first 4 or so pairs show there's an arrow for me to scroll to another page but it doesn't work, I've try to duplicate the white/grey check screen for the last 30 mins and now it's not doing it for me either maybe it was a weird glitch that fixed itself if it shows again I will take a screen shot, while I was testing for that though I found another foreplay issue with toru the action buttons don't scroll and messes up butt play I took screenshots of that if u have a email you would like me to send them too.

Ah, okay I get it for the pants one. 

For the screenshots, you can send it to meyaoigames@gmail.com