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Chuppa chuppa kissing scene... pic.twitter.com/aeKXWjwW4B
— Meyaoi @ Seiyuu Danshi (now released!) (@meyaoigames) April 2, 2019

You can check out the voiced footage teaser on my Twitter account (click link above!)

That being said, there are still lots of scenes that need to be coded, full to-do-list sorta thing below.


  • Coding Shiba after lovers scenes -> gonna try to finish by today
  • Coding Shiba special scene
  • Coding Shiba foreplay mode scenes
  • Coding Toru night dating events 
  • Coding Toru dating events 
  • Coding Toru ending events 
  • Coding Toru before lovers scenes
  • Coding Toru after lovers scenes
  • Coding Toru special scenes
  • Coding Toru foreplay mode scenes 
  • Coding Shuu calling events
  • Coding Shuu night dating events 
  • Coding Shuu dating events
  • Coding Shuu ending events
  • Coding Shuu before lovers scenes
  • Coding Shuu after lovers scenes
  • Coding Shuu special scenes 
  • Coding Shuu foreplay mode scenes 
  • Coding Hikaru calling events 
  • Coding Hikaru night dating events
  • Coding Hikaru dating events 
  • Coding Hikaru ending events 
  • Coding Hikaru before lovers scenes
  • Coding Hikaru after lovers scenes 
  • Coding Hikaru special scenes 
  • Coding Hikaru foreplay mode scenes 
  • Coding general special events 
  • Coding day events
  • Coding general audition events
  • Coding secret character events (MC part only) 

So yeah, still lots of things to code (each point above has ~2-3K lines of code, so it's a LOT of work). If you want to be updated, it's better to check out my Twitter page since I post mini-update there often (unlike in itch.io page, where I usually only post until I have something substantial to say). 

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Hi, are you planning on releasing an updated version each time each route's voices have been coded in?  Or only after they all have?

For now, planning to wait until after all are coded in.

OK, cool, thanks!

Update error: While trying to reach update server: net::ERR_NETWORK_IO_SUSPENDED This came up again while trying to read post. I am automatically logged in when i go on the itch app on my computer. I cant find where to log on to on the app for twitter.

I cant access any  post it said there was an error and account suspended. What does that mean and why cant i see any posts from before.

It says account suspended when you click the Twitter link? Are you logged in to your Twitter account?