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Does it matter if you have a computer or tablet?

So i LOVED the new demo, but i did run into a small annoyance. In the original demo i remember triggering the event with shiba (at the mall) however i was unable to trigger said event in this version, but shiba still recognized me from when i helped him, (but i didn't help him) This is EXTREMELY minor, but it got me thinking, if you dont meet the characters right away will you run into them in predetermined scenes, and will there be a scene to correspond to you never meeting them before.

I will be preordering (get paid on mondays) , though i'd like more info about the artbook if possible.

Are you sure about that? Because I have tested it again and while you indeed can meet Shiba again, the dialogues is different. If you never help him, the producer introduces you to him instead.

Very certain. i was ACTIVELY searching for him and i didn't see him, while the producer DID introduce him, shiba still had the same dialogue. perhaps it was a fluke,

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He's in shopping mall the first time you go there. And is always there until 16th January. If you go to shopping mall (before 16th January) and don't find the scene in shopping mall, that means you already get the scene.

I have checked the code multiple times, and the thing you mentioned shouldn't happen.

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Wierd I'll play through it again. I did get off a long shift at work, maybe i just blanked out. I appologse for the stress i likely put on you. =D keep up the hard work.

edit: just preordered the arrtbook edition. =D

Haha, it's okay. Maybe you just accidentally skipped the text since you have read it once before =)

hey, I was interested in knowing a couple of things before I pre-order to be sure. First, do you have any idea on when the game will be ready or do you give us updates if we order ? Second, do I have to pay continuously? I just had that happen recently for another game.

Also I'm really excited to see the finished project because this seems like a really good game so far

Current expected release date is December 2017.

For updates, I post an update at our forum every week, but the access is limited to our Kickstarter backers, but I post frequently at Twitter & Facebook as well. And no, it's a one-time payment just as other games in :)

okay, thank you very much! I will pre-order soon *w

I really liked the demo! I'll pre-order soon! However, I DID find that its really hard to increase your charm and intelligence? I spent ages doing the stuff in the mirror and getting told that my charm and increased moderately, but at the end of the demo I was still dull, and although I spent some time in the bookshop reading, my intelligence still stayed as stupid? Was that something that's part of the demo- like how you couldn't do any quests (that i found anyway)- or is that how the game will be? Because it seemed a little bit too hard...

The full game will last 1 year so you will have lots of time to foster your stats so don't worry =D

(If during playtesting I find that it's to hard to increase your intel/charm etc, I'll make it easier :p I'm just worried that players won't have anything to do by the end of the year)

I Finished the new demo and its a great work. I pre-ordered the game too.

Thanks you for the demo and your hadrwork :D

Glad you like the demo ^^

I would like yo be parte of the sponsors un Kickstarter, bit i ser that its no longer posible, because the option no longer appears, is there any way to be able yo be? Thanks you very much.

Do you mean you want access to private forum?

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Of curse, but what do I need to access?

Private forum access is now available as digital add-on for $15. If you are still interested please contact me via e-mail: :)

finished demo and pre-ordered! I love how there are other activities along with dating simulation and storylines. Keep up the great work, can't wait for the full game!

Glad you like the demo ^^

lol i finished the new demo just now and then compare it t the first one i downloaded,,,,, it has gotten alot better!!! I shared it too so i hope the extented demo campaign will be on soon!!

p.s: i also pre-order it with the artbook tag along, i look forward to playing this game! Thank you for your hardwork!

Extended demo campaign is reached, and the extended demo is in progress :) (working to add more things so you can do even more in the demo)

Yay!! Thank you soooo muuuucchhh!!! i'm eagerly looking forward to it!!!

Just finished the demo and pre-ordered the game! It was really amazing and I look forward to playing the full game when it comes out! Keep up the awesome work!

Glad you like the demo ^^

Pre-ordered it as well and am counting the days!

Thank you ^^

Just preordered it! I really liked the demo and I'm excited to be able to play the full game when it comes out. Good luck and and keep being awesome!

Big thanks ^^

I pre-ordered. Wanted to just say keep up the great work and thank you for making such a wonderful game!

Thanks <3

u should put the link to your social media.

Why do I keep on getting the "The submitted form is invalid. Try submitting again."

at the forum?? XD Please tell me what I'm doing wrong????????? XD

I've seen your posts in the forum =D

No, I meant that when I tried posting again, I couldn't XDD

Hi! So I enjoyed the demo a lot and while there were some issues here and there, such as with grammar, this looks like a really fun game! My only complaint though is can you undumb the protag a little bit? I don't know if his personality changes as you increase his charm and knowledge, but his sort of dumb answers or reactions to things kind of crosses into annoying territory.

Well, that is his personality. This is not really a self-insert game.

I decided to give your game a shot, just to try something new, cute and, probably, sexy as well. And... I ended up thinking about it the days that followed once the demo was over. I keep trapped in the whole system of "you need to build up your life and work to be successful" that you made in a very fun way, and I'm also frustrated that I will not have the opportunity to keep on playing until December. So I decided to help. Your job is definately refined and catchy, and deserves support. So you got mine. Please never stop.

Thank you, that means a lot to us ^_^

So, I've already played the demo and ma~n I can't wait for the finished product~!!

It's so cute and I'm glad to finally meet Hikaru~!!!!!

I just have wonder why I can't see the text messages and the buttons for the outside (VA School, Office, Town, etc.). I also can't seem to read/see the auditions....

Wow, that's weird. I haven't heard about that bug before.

Any screenshot of it? (how the text / auditions isn't displayed?). Also, what OS are you playing it?

I'm using a 32-bit Operating System for playing the demo, and I also have the screenshots

It'd be great if you can report the bug here! =)

I tried to register there but the activation code won't appear in my mail...... Will it just appear later??

What is your forum username? I'll manually activate it for you

(sometimes the e-mail activation doesn't work and I don't get why that happens :<)

Um, how do I download this game to my iPad??

You can't play this game on iPad. Mac version (for macbook PC) yes, but no iOS version.

Oh~ No wonder~ Thank you for replying

Hi, I am curious: Is there a possibility of this game being available on Android and IOS in the future? I'll still buy it for the computer though, but playing would be difficult due circumstances.

Also, I wanted to say that you guys did an awesome job so far. The idea is very cool, it looks pretty neat and I cannot even imagine all the work you've put into it. I hope you take good care of yourselves and I wish you guys a lot of succes~

Nope. The game is too complex to be ported to mobile.

I think it would be filled with bugs.

Hello! I am here to tell you about how amazing Seiyuu Danshi is. Thanks for creating this way btw. I was hoping if I could help promoting this game in Wattpad. This game was the best to me. I have quite a lot features but I seems to forget how to do something in the game. (I forgot too). Please?? I want to hear your opinion please.

Firstly, when I tried to download the demo, it worked. But when I pre-download it, it was stuck and I can't even download

it. I tried until I gave up the 10th times. What? Is it stuck or just my internet is lagging?

Hmm, I think it might be a problem with your internet, since we host the files via and it should be a quite reliable source?

Hello, I'm re-playing the demo with newest version and I've noticed there's no option to use computer? I remember I could do that in my room, but now not? Is it intentional or it's a bug?

Have you used the decorate button to add the computer to your room? In this demo, we have given it freely at beginning of game. You just need to put it in your room :)

(In the final game, you will need to purchase the computer on your own at the shopping mall)

Yes, thank you for pointing that one out. I was so busy skipping already read text that I forgot about that! ;)

do you know how to get in the "extras" menu?

Extra menu is disabled in demo :)

can you have sex with a guy in the demo yet?

No :)

I liked the demo so much, I pre-ordered it! I can't wait to be able to play more.

One thing that did bug me a bit was the fact that I would sometimes be stuck waiting for the next sentence to pop up. I prefer to advance the speech by hitting the enter button rather then clicking my mouse but it would not advance sometimes till I hit it 10 times. Other then that, it looks great!

Pressing ENTER and using mouse to click is identical. Both produce the same result.

In which part did you try to advance? (If you mean the chibi animation and such, well, they can't be skipped with either ENTER / mouse).

it was in places like when I would practice in the mirror to increase charm, or randomly when talking to someone.

Ah, it's actually advancing. Take a look at the dots "."

If you're pressing enter, the dots will increase. When it's 3 dots it will advance to next textbox. Or easier to check, if there's a mic image at the end of the sentence, that means pressing enter will advance to next textbox. If there isn't a mic image at the end of sentence, it means that sentence is not finished yet and pressing enter will show the next text (in this case, only a dot appears so it appears to not be advancing...)

But anyway, it seems to be causing misunderstanding, so I'll probably just remove those 3 dots thingy lol.

Hi! I just wanted to say that your game is amazing! I'm super pumped for this to come out so I can play all of it! I was happy to see we were able to reach the goal for an extended demo and I just got it, but I've run into a problem. I tried playing the extended demo and I can't get past the intro for some reason. It's not just me, my dorm mate and a friend I introduced to the game is also having some issues. It's just we get stuck at the map where it allows us to sort of tour around and see the different places. It wasn't like this in the previous demo and I thought it might just be a mac thing but my friend and dorm mate have pcs so I don't really know.

Ah.... I made a mistake when revamping town map scene.

Will reupload new version soon (but my internet really sucks right now... so it might take a while *sigh*)

Okay, I'm glad I was able to help you with this comment. I can't wait to play the new extended demo. I hope your internet gets better.

I included Seiyuu Danshi in my Valentine's Day blog post here:

I kinda just wanted an excuse to talk about it... I'm really looking forward to the game! :D

Thank you for spreading word about the game! =D

Of course! :D I just got to play through the extended demo and it was really great! I love the added features(and I had a much better date this time)! While I was playing, I picked up some grammatical errors, spelling errors, and sentences that were maybe a bit hard to understand, so I wanted to share them with you:

When the mall mascot wants to tell you his story, one of the options is: "Heard his story" when it should be "Hear his story" as it is present tense.

Haato speaks to the VA receptionist with the cat ears and says: "Oh, that's anti-climax." The proper word would be anticlimactic, as in, "Oh, that's anticlimactic." Haato also speaks in past tense and says, "... shota got corrupted..." but it would make more sense if it was "... shota get corrupted..."

In the streaming interview with Hikaru, the interviewer says, "Wow, I'm sure your fans is really happy." fans is a plural, so it should read, "Wow, I'm sure your fans are really happy."

When the VA receptionist is speaking to Haato in his apartment, he says, "One of the 'rabbits' is now escorted to hospital and we'll go live in one hour!" The sentence reads strangely to me. I feel it would read easier if it said something more like, "One of the 'rabbits' has been escorted to the hospital and we'll go live in one hour!"

VA Receptionist also says, "By rabbits, I mean people wearing rabbit costume and become the background characters on the 'Sunday Kids' show." Again, this sentence reads strangely. I think it might read better along the lines of, "By rabbits, I mean the people that wear the rabbit costumes and become the background characters on the 'Sunday Kids' show."

Haato says, "Alright, let's do this fast and get those money!" it sounds better as, "Alright, let's do this fast and get that money!" (I suggest this only because I have heard people say it this way before)

When Haato speaks with Hikaru, Hikaru says, "It's okay if I'm the one who do it." It should be, "It's okay if I'm the one who does it." There is also a small spelling error when Hikaru says, "Anyway, your should get the fuck out of this room now." 'your' should be 'you' in this case.

That's all I have noticed for now. I plan to replay again and try some different things too. If I notice anything else I will be sure to let you know! :)

The game will be proofread later on when the script is complete :)

Just curious: are you thinking about making physical copies available for purchase? I will definitely pre-order the digital download for myself but I would like to give the gift of BL come the holiday release season.

We will sell physical copies upon game release :)

noooooo im done with the demo nooooo please i want more time to play i don't want to spend $24.00

Hello! Question, how do you play the demo on a mac?

Uploaded Mac standalone version build. Check out the demo section! =)

Awesome!! Thank you so much!! :D

Played the demo, and so far this game is really cool - I can't wait to see the full release.

I like the job system, and some of the other mechanics that are not implemented yet will be pretty nice too, I'm certain.

And of course, the art is so pretty... Can't wait for the CGs!

The only complaint I have are the prices of items like books and food at the restaurant (this is expensiiive and obviously unrealistic), but I suspect this is intended for the player NOT to be able to purchase these things in the demo. Am I right about that?

I'm curious - if exploring the right locations at the right time, is it possible to meet all of the cast in the demo?

Prices of books and foods is expensive because they enable you to learn "Traits", which will be necessary for certain jobs. So yeah, they're not really meant to be too cheap because you can only purchase each food once =)

For your second question, nope. In this old demo, you can't meet certain casts because you can only meet them starting from Week 3. We'll be releasing new demo next week, so please wait for it! :3

Ooh okay, I understand now! Maybe it would be interesting to tell the players about the food and books thing somewhere, somehow? When you see the very cheap clothing and then the very expensive books or food... it looks like the prices should have been the other way around. I mean, in a realistic way. While if the player knows about it, it makes total sense!

And thank you, that's good to know, so I won't freak out trying to meet everyone and not managing to do so haha!

Oh, and another small question. You said in the game description the climax of the romance doesn't happen by the end of the game, and you play being in a relationship and all that stuff for a while. This is the only aspect I'm worried about because when you do that, the risk exists about the romantic path becoming less interesting after that. So, do you have events planned for that or anything similar? I see things like fight are possible, but I guess this is something else.

We will keep it in mind (the explanation about books and foods, maybe will put a tutorial somewhere in final game!)

And regarding the after-lover life, what we're trying to do to make it interesting enough would be:

1) You can already become lovers in half-game. You and your partner's love is blooming, but you don't know all about them. There are things that they're still hiding from you, and the main arc of the love interests itself only start after you become lovers for certain time (not a super heavy conflict tho, this is a lighthearted game :3)

2) There are still lots of events that you can get ONLY after becoming lovers: hot spring trip, ski trip, night dating events (during weekend dating period) to name a few. It's an incentive to make you want to become lovers as fast as possible.

3) Cute stuff like receiving messages every night from your lover

4) Foreplay mode? It will have collectible kinky outfits (cat costume, etc) & toys, which hopefully makes each sexual encounter more interesting. Haha xD

I see - it definitely seems interesting them!

It's a nice touch to add so much events exclusive to the love life, and the first point in particular is interesting. I mean, the part about learning some major things AFTER the relationship started.

Well, I guess that'll be all as far as my questions go - thank you for answering!

Do you have a planned release date yet?

Official Kickstarter release date is Dec 2017 (lots of things to do left xD)

DECEMBER Dear Lord... Never in my life I've wanted a year to end faster... Anyway this new demo is so fantastic I'm already saving money to preorder. You just wait and soon I'll throw my dollars at you \o/

I'm so excited :D Definitely going to pre-order once I have the extra money.

Yay, thank you ^^

Hi! I'm really interested in this game, and I'd like to know if there are plans for a Steam release with an R18 patch maybe? Thanks for reading and sorry for bothering you! <3

I'm not sure yet. Maybe we'll do it, but it would be several months after we release on / directly to our website since Steam requires various modifications such as the achievements system =)

I see! Thanks for the reply! =D

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