[Version 10] Proofreading, skip-able VA scenes, save slots, bug-fixes!



  1. Proofreading: proofreading was done by "Purrfectly Purrverted". 
  2. Skip-able voice acting class scene: you can now skip through the chibi animation of voice acting class scene by pressing "CTRL" (same button to toggle skip).
  3. Additional save slots: I think someone said the save files for the game were too few, well I've added some more save slots. There are 25 pages of save files now, and I hope that's enough. 
  4. General bug-fixes, including: 2 of Kaede's CGs not being unlocked in CG gallery despite having been shown, after Kaede's TV station it randomly jumps to restaurant, and some other bugs that I forget... ^^; 

Warning: it has been reported that using old save files might make underwear function bugged out. Please keep that in mind before updating. 


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Good evening, I just bought the game just a little while ago. But I don’t have any voices, and if I understood correctly, I should have them?

No, it's not yet added.


Oops really sorry .... I will have to review my English classes. I misunderstood :s

Is this game voiced yet?

If i bought this on itch.io how am i able to get the update?

Hey there, you can just re-download the game files. Save files will still be retained.

love u bby

Mini update (still called version 10), but the files have been modified a little to add these changes:

  1. Fixes a freezing bug when buying books in bookstore
  2. You can now replay "endings" via the ending list screen

YAYYY skippable voice acting chibi thank you! I'll go replay to get the CGs I'm missing now x)

how i can update ? or it's auto

You can update by re-downloading the game (saves are carried over)