Skipping days function?

Since the game is a pain to replay, I'm going to try adding a feature that lets you skip several days at once. Preview of some sort:

One thing I'm still torn about is that, if you use the skip days function, you WILL miss out on really important events if you aren't careful . For example, if you are at 7 January, and you skip to 6 February (using the "sleep for 30 days" function), you WILL miss meeting  Shiba / Toru / Hikaru whose meeting events are date-dependent around the end of January. This issue kinda prevents me from rolling out this update (because some players will definitely get confused of this change)

I guess there are two options that I can consider now:

  1. Skip function is only made available after you've meet Shiba / Toru / Hikaru (so at the very least, you don't miss meeting the love interests?)
  2. Make the skip function available from start, with a huge-ass disclaimer?

Please let me know your opinion regarding this matter!

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I probably have no real weight in this matter, but what about a skip function that has a stop at predetermined flags at any event? I think a good way to reference it would be DMMD's Nitro skip, which skips straight to the next choice from any point. You could create it using a predefined variable I'm sure-- though I've yet to implement it in any of my work. You could then, in theory, set a day limit for the skip as well, so that whichever is reached first will end the script.

DMMD is different in that it is a pure visual novel without any gameplay element, though. It is not possible to implement such a thing, especially considering most events in this game  aren't time-bound.

I was using it as an example of function. I'm not 100% on what you've implemented, but if you put a string identifying events, it should be simple enough to write a skip that reads for the next flag. Depending on how you've put the events into the game and how you tell time in game, among other things will affect what kind of code it would require, or if you'd have to re-code any of it. I'd have to actually look at the script to be able to give better advice lmao.

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Honestly, I personally didn't have much difficulty just spamming CTRL while replaying... the only problem was the daily weekday class animated chibi that can't be skipped. The animation is like 5~ seconds long? But it shows up a lot of times throughout the game so it ends up taking up a LOT of time. Let's say it shows up on 200~ days... if you add up the time 200 times, you actually spend at least 15 minutes watching this animation per route lol. It's really unnerving.

This skip days function is nice to unlock specific CGs but I would really appreciate if you could make it so the weekday voice acting class chibi could be skipped (I mean all the other chibis can be interrupted by pressing CTRL, but for some reason that one chibi is impossible to skip). This way it's not necessary to use the skip days function and we can just normally skip our way through the game without missing out on days :)

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You could also make it unlockable after getting a single ending, since the purpose is for replays anyway.

but so does this mean the skip function is available now via a new download?

Hmm, for some reason some of my save files get corrupted. Like when I try to load a save file it automatically goes back to the foreplay scene even if it's not the time that I saved it. I wonder why.

It is a known issue with old game version. However, even if you update to latest version, the save file will still wrongly redirect you to foreplay mode. To continue, just play until the end of foreplay mode. You might find that you need to replay some days in-game.

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This seems like a useful tool! Although I think the second option would be best for someone to have the option to use it or not, and probably only allowed if they've already played the game at least once. It seems like too much power for someone to quickly receive without understanding how to use the game. I like the option to skip, but I wish there was a different way to skip instead of using the bed. I'm a osu player and I tend to click buttons rapidly, I'm worried that I'd accidentally hit one of the options too quickly and skip too far. Perhaps there should be a specific way you have to be able to use the feature as maybe doing a certain pattern of things in his room or adding a feature to perhaps maybe giving him an alarm clock on his phone or beside his bed? Although it would probably take awhile to do that, so I suppose we'd have to just save before we click on the bed lol. Good luck with getting rid of all the bugs!

I just realized you probably already have it just for people who finished a route or so, sorry! Also I'm already getting used to the change, took me awhile now, thanks for it! Pretty useful considering sometimes I do get impatient but it doesn't get very helpful when I over think things like "what if I missed something?!" I may have beaten all the main routes but I still don't want to miss anything.

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Hello! I tried the 30-day skipping feature twice until I got to December, but then despite not picking the skipping feature again, the next day it was already January 5 for some reason. It keeps automatically skipping for 30 days instead of just moving to the next day. I lost all my VA stat grinding. Help! T_T

Oh, gotta fix that soon... The skip feature is still so buggy ~_~

Okay. I'll just continue crying over my lost stats in a corner then. orz (Thanks tho! ^^)

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I do appreciate this feature. But there is one issue with it. Everything skips properly except the UI weekday/end. So when I skipped ahead, it was the Wednesday, but my UI would think its Friday. Then I would end up with 2 sunday events, cause of the calendar sunday and then the UI sunday. I had to skip 5 days several times more before it syncronized back to the appropriate weeday/end.

Also, I'd honestly flip the list from (skip 30, skip 10, skip 5, skip a day) around. So skip a day on top, then five, 10, 30. That way you don't accidently hit the top option and skip 30 days. =T

I'll update with the fixes soon.

okies. thank you for the hard work and the amazing game. =)

By the way, Is it possible to add a "Nevermind" Option to Skipping Days? I accidentally clicked on the bed and didn't mean to and now I HAVE to sleep. Thank you!! UwU

Oh good point. Will be added in next build.

i think the first option is better, but after that, it's kinda like "use at your own risk." loving the whole game btw.. just finished Shiba's route, and now I can't wait for the voiced patch lul

I say make the skip feature available after you meet all the love interests. But only put it in New Game+

Now if only there was new game plus, so that I don't have to redo any of my stats...unless we do. I haven't finished my first playthrough yet, but it's been fun. :D

Woooh so glad you did consider a skipping function afterall, even if its buggy atm. I hope those bugs can be worked out in the future though. Great work!!


Yeah, I can't be held responsible if players end up missing events because of it tho xD

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I wouldnt worry too much about it tbh, i mean the best solution here would be to introduce the skipping function after meeting Toru and Shiba but also reminding the player that it is a completely optional feature and is advised to only be used when they have already beaten the game atleast once because it will affect important events.

Maybe have a warning pop up on the options that would cause you to miss an important event? Like if skipping 30 days would make you miss meeting a love interest, put a big red exclamation point next to the text on the option? If something like that isn't possible then I'd say go with the first option. It doesn't take that long to meet the guys, IMO, and playing that part over again won't be too bad, especially with the skip feature.

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Hello there, what is the error message you encountered? Do you remember?

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Cheat? Was there such a thing for this game?

yes you unlock different ones for everyone of the 5 main char's best ending you finish, Toru-Max personality stats, Shiba-Max VA skills, Tocchan-Unlocks the 2 secret chars, Hikaru-Max fame and Shuu-Max money

As long as it is optional, I agree with this feature... Option 1 would be better, imo... Although I like the game as it is too, and I would prefer other things being implemented instead (which I'd recommend in the main thread and not on this one).

I'm not gonna add anymore feature to the game, though. This feature is added because so many people are asking me about it (because the game's a pain to replay and too time-consuming).

I should've said performance tweaks, rather than implementations sorry... The game is perfectly fine as it is, of course,  no need to add new features... But I meant it could be tweaked a little bit, for a more comfortable experience while playing. ^^;


Performance tweaks suggestion are fine =)

I just don't want to add anymore features to this game because at this point, there are too many features to the extent that some are not polished enough ~_~ 

Oh! Maybe you could make the calender much more exact so that people could see what they´re missing

I was thinking that I should just try to add the dates where auditions become available and when they are on my auditions guide so that people can see before they skip. Just adding it all to the calendar might just make it look super messy and possibly overwhelming, although it could be done so that after the first play through there could be a filtering option on the calendar that could show audition dates and availability, but that might be a lot of work for the devs.

That´s true,  I was thinking more in terms of date-binded events. Auditions would indeed make it messy.  And great idea with the audition guide! 

Wooooohoooo, I´m all for it. Yeah, the first option sounds way safer. And I personally don´t mind waiting until meeting all love interests since the worst pain comes from grinding through late summer+autumn anyway

I think both 1 and 2 would be a good idea, even if you can only skip after meeting them, than there should still be a warning that you could miss important things like birthdays, special date events etc.

Also it doesn't take too long to meet them all, so not being able to skip until you have met them might help give people set up their play through and think about some things before getting overzealous about skipping.

To be honest I would love a skipping option. Sometimes I get to a point where I have maxed the lovers heart, unlocked most of the cut scenes, done all the side quests and reached superstar level but it's still weeks/days till something interesting happens. Especially now that I'm doing Keade's route got his last cut scene in May, I have no idea what I'm going to do after I reach superstar level.

It also might be a good idea to only make the skipping option available after your first playthrough.

Yeah, the plan is definitely to only allow skipping after you finish a guy's best ending at least once xD 

Hmm, I'll try and see if I can code it better to allow for special day to still be triggered.... 

good luck with that :3