Dates are now easier + audition's trait checkmark

As the title says, just made another update to the build with the following changes:

1) It is now easier to get a good date with the guy (either with talk, skinship, or gifting command)

2) There is now a checkmark that denotes whether or not you have the required traits for an audition or not.


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If I bought the game and an update is released to repair some functions (e.g. the check mark next to the trait), how can I update the game I have already downloaded to my computer?

Sorry if this was already asked before.

Hey there, you can re-download the game. Even if you delete the previous build, the saves are still retained in your new build.

this keeps popping up when I try to load my last save after the patch.. is there any way to export the save file? I'm afraid to delete the app cause I'm already in November T_T

Try redownloading the game from the site, (not using itch app) 

Updated in the itch launcher and now all my saves are gone.. nuuuuu what happened?

i want to know that too. how do we get the updates into the game? Do we redownload it from the email link?

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Redownload. Yeah, link from e-mail should work.

(Using itch app can work too, but people have been experiencing missing saves issue with it, so I'd recommend to just manually download newer version)

does the game automatically update? or do we have to redownload it from the purchase page?