Seiyuu Danshi is released! (unvoiced)

Seiyuu Danshi, 18+ BL/Yaoi dating sim game has finally released!

Notes: This version is still unvoiced, and voice patch will be added when it is finished (fastest is December / January next year). 

You can also watch Seiyuu Danshi's OP video + overall explanation about the game here:

If you have bought the game before, download link should have been sent to your e-mail! 

If you've got any issues with the game, feel free to contact me at However, please be prepared to wait 1x24 hour, as I pulled all-night before this and literally haven't slept at all xD (I need mah sleep...)


Seiyuu Danshi Beta (old) - Windows & Linux 968 MB
Version 1 Oct 03, 2018
Seiyuu Danshi Beta (old) - Mac 953 MB
Version 1 Oct 03, 2018
Seiyuu Danshi Demo - Win & Linux (Voiced).zip 938 MB
Version 13 Oct 03, 2018
Seiyuu Danshi Demo - Mac (Voiced).zip 920 MB
Version 13 Oct 03, 2018

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Hello! I just bought the game. It's a cute and fun game and I like it a lot. Definitely worth the money. But I was wondering, when the voiced edition comes out, will there be a voice patch available for free for those who have already purchased the game? Or will we have to pay extra for it?

Free patch! Probably around December or January next year? Even though it is only a partial voice acting, there's still a lot to be voiced. 

why I can't save.... it gets error everytime

It was a known issue for Mac which has been fixed. Try redownloading latest version and let me know if it is working for you.

It’s good now! Thank u!

Woow you guys released it a day early? or maybe theres a time difference, either way i can try it out. =]

It's probably the time difference xD

I keep trying to download the full game (I prepaid in February of last year) but I keep getting an error when downloading that says it's forbidden. I've never had issues downloading from before. I'm not sure what could be wrong. 


Try using the desktop app. I had no trouble auto installing it  with the app.

Thank you for the suggestion! I've never used the app before, but it seems to be downloading fine now. I'm excited to get to play :)