Shiba beta update: various bug-fixes

Well, as title says, beta has been updated to include various bug-fixes for the game! (not only for Shiba's route, there were also some undetected bugs for Shuu & Hikaru, etc). 

Some of the fixed bugs:

- FATAL BUG where none of Shiba's after lovers scenes will trigger
- Error when talking to Shiba at the mart
- Shiba not commenting on MC's clothes during dating period
- April fools scene for Shiba not triggering
- Star bar not increasing for Shiba's route
- Fudanshi dialogue after lovers w/ Shiba are not there
- Bunch of typos for images (especially "embarassed" instead of "embarrassed" - triggers bunch of error)
- Bunch of error pops up during foreplay mode because of typos as well x'D
- Tocchan & Shuu overlapping image during 17 July
- After talking to Shuu in mansion and pressing "nevermind", the day loops
- Hikaru's oversized kissing CG & sweater image size (forgot to resize it to 1280 x 720 asdfghj) 
- Hikaru's dialogues endlessly repeating when using blindfold on him
- Etcetra (a.k.a I forget the rest)

So yeah, basically, a bunch of things have been fixed in latest version, would be great if you could re-download it! (If you don't want to download the 800MB+ all the time, you can use app and you'll be allowed to download only the updates instead)


Seiyuu Danshi Beta (old) - Windows & Linux 968 MB
Version 62 Aug 04, 2018
Seiyuu Danshi Beta (old) - Mac 953 MB
Version 60 Aug 04, 2018

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