Shuu beta update: various bug-fixes

The new build fixes these bugs:

- Shuu's endings do not show up on endings list screen
- When MC and Shuu go to the sushi restaurant it gives the dialogue of when they go to the sky view restaurant 
- Exception: DynamicImage u'char/shuu/base/[shuuexpress].webp': could not find image. (u'char/shuu/base/ohflower.webp')
- Shuu's doctor scene can't be triggered
- Shuu's foreplay mode costume: sailor costume & nurse location is all messed up
- Toru's face randomly pops during Shuu's foreplay mode events 
- Shuu wears his bath robe during aquarium date

Credit goes to the ones who reported these bugs! If you find any more bugs, please kindly report to Thanks!


Seiyuu Danshi Beta (old) - Windows & Linux 968 MB
Version 39 Jun 16, 2018
Seiyuu Danshi Beta (old) - Mac 953 MB
Version 38 Jun 16, 2018

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i bought the 28.99 is that the whole game???

and it just plays to the 15th of ffebruary 

The game hasn't released yet. 

but if it does will i recieve it?

If you pre-ordered it, then yeah, you'll get the game when it is "officially" released.

These news are only regarding beta. Beta access is different from full game.