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is this game still being developed or is it the full content?

It's still being developed, but you can play from start to finish for one of the love interests (Moocha, the cow guy) in beta version. The rest of love interests are still being worked on and will be released periodically through beta :)

I Bought the preorder version by accident is there a way I can upgrade to the $45 tier

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to upgrade but you can contact by stating that you want to repurchase at higher tier and ask to refund your $29.99 purchase. Then, you can repurchase the game at $45 tier.

I can't download the game!! I had bought this game a long time ago but when I press the download button nothing happens?

If you only pre-ordered the game, you can't download the beta version. You'll be able to play the game once it is officially released (with all love interests included)

Hello, can I ask if how to get the popular & energetic trait in seiyuu danshi to participate on the Radio hosting. I can't find it.

Popular is learned from a book iirc, and energetic is from a certain food from the same place you get Ramen

I have a question before getting the game. If i pay the $45 pack, i get acess for the upcoming beta characters or just for Moocha?


You get all the updated characters :)


How do I upgrade each farm cell from level 2 >> 3? I don't recognize what the icon of the ingredient is. I thought it was iron ingot but apparently it's not... I am also missing the recipe for crafting a toughboard, so maybe I've missed  a quest for a crafting book?

how do we find a partner for the love hotel quest to help the officers disguise themselves? im so confused can someone please help me

Talk to Hunny when he's at the clothing store ;)

it is a little bit confusing, what do I get when I buy the game now? a demo!? the beta? And will I get the update for a full game too?

If you pre-order the game, you'll get to download the full game when it is officially released (aka when all character routes are finished). Beta is for $45 buyer, which is updated every time a character route is completed.

Is there a way to get tough boards ive done every quest ive gotten but the chess board one also how rare is black grass and black leaf i havent found any 

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I am pretty sure you can only get black grass and leaf as a present from the zombie with the braid :) I was never able to find it freely.

ahhh i see thank you!

Hello and good afternoon! (It's 5:30 in the PH) Can I ask if this is already completed? If not, I'll wait it before I download (I don't play ongoing games hehe). That's all, hope you have a good day!

Same bruh I'm from PH too and I'm still waiting for the final realised of the game 🎮


This game is still in development. You can pre-order it now, and play it when it comes out, or you can wait to buy (though the prices on games like this sometimes go up a bit after release, so I personally decided to buy it early). 

If you wanted early access to what's currently available, you can pay extra for the beta access. Currently only the character Moocha's route is complete for beta, and you can play all the way to the end with him, but no others, so if you don't like uncompleted games, it might be better for you to wait.

If you're looking for a completed game though, I'd recommend looking at their other game, Seiyuu Danshi. That's how I found this one. 

Have a nice day. :)

where can I find black grass for the black dye?

You can find some by gathering at Spooky Forest.

i preordered the game, when can start playing the game

If you pay $45+ you get to play the beta version (currently only Moocha route is available, you'll get access to final game as well). If you pre-ordered the $29.99 one, you can play the game once it is officially released, which the release date is undecided right now.

All we know is it comes out next year and maybe by that time, we'll get more updates on the project.

Hello how do you get the tough boards and what do you use to gift to the monsters you catch?

Tough board is crafted item. I think it's the diy projects book. You use monster cookie to gift monster, but to get the recipe, right now it is by looking at town board and seeing the monster tips news... but this is too easy and miss and I'll be fixing it soon.

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Does anyone know how to make the angel statue from the priest's quest? It's the last one I need to be able to propose but I have no idea what to do. I have already done the police quest at the love hotel and got the badge from them, now I'm just stuck at the priest.

It's a crafted item. Iirc should be the advanced crafting book.

hello how do i use the love blessings and to go to the love hotel with moocha cause i only got one scene with moocha and i go alot on dates with him but i dint get the encounter again to do it with moocha so im abit confused 

Love blessings are used automatically, nothing to be done on your part. Are you on latest ver of the beta? There was a bug causing the love hotel unable to be unlocked but it should be fixed now. However, you should replay from first sex with Moocha scene. After the deeds are over, love hotel should be unlocked.

oh so thats what i did wrong i have to Play it again gee al my work i dont have my save anymore so i have to Play it al over again though xc And yes i have the latest version 

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Ran into a glitch and now all my saves are gone I'm not mad I'm just emotionally drained at this point lmao

edit: Gonna try again later but dang I was working hard to improve my skills 

I accidently bought the game twice while trying to raise my tier, is there a way to combine them or do I have to make a whole new purchase?

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I was trying to get access to the beta. T-T

If you've already accidentally done that, you can contact with me your purchase e-mail address. We can probably work it out by using Patreon key for beta access.

Does anyone know if I buy the game now when it is only Moocha route do I have to pay more to access other routes like Cotton or Yolkie when they get released

No, you only have to pay once.

@MeyaoiGames hello I ordered the preorder when is the release date

The final release date is uncertain, maybe around 2023 considering the amount of remaining love interests.

I am so excited!!! Wishing you all the best from NY

@MeyaoiGames Hi!! I love all your games so much!!! I had a few questions. 

Who do I talk to for the fashion advice after the first police mission?

Also, how do I increase my affection?

Last question

How do I get the interaction to get a room after I have done the sex scene with Moocha? I went through the tutorial for foreplay and had that scene.  However, after that I cannot go with Moocha to the love hotel.

You should talk to Hunny, when he is in clothing store.

Affection stat has been removed from the game, but maybe some dialogues in-game haven't been modified yet (will do when I'm working on their respective routes :x)

Yeah, the foreplay mode one has one bug that doesn't unlock love hotel. Will fix it soon along with quest log addition.

I'm loving the game so far, but when I go to play the game through the Itch app, it gives me four options when I launch. Two are named BananaRanchBeta and two are named BananaRanchBeta32. It seems with the new update there are two new options. Does anyone know how to tell which option is the updated version? Thank you so much! 

I think 32 one is just for 32-bit version of the game? If you're on 64-bit Windows you should go for the one without "32".

I wonder will the game price difference from the pre-order price, and if so, how much would it be?

Price will increase for sure, but how much I haven't really decided yet...

How do I get broken glass?

Hi! Can someone help me understand how I am supposed to make the coins. I know that I need the ingots, but how do I make those when there is no recipes for them.

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It's a bit too hard to trigger, so will change it later, but for now, you can get the recipes by reading town board posts on Winter year 1 or Spring year 1 from date 15 to 28.

Thanks for letting me know! I'm now on Spring year 2, will I not be able to gte the recipes?


Yeah, that's why I have to change it later... (I think most people do not bother with checking town board posts) x"D

not sure where to post or email so i'll just do it here. ban becomes the walking tree, howl, and a tomato bag after i interact with each one. 

Yeah, this is a weird error that I somehow can't replicate. Does the error go away if you reload the game?

yeah it went away after i re-downloaded the latest version and restarted it. 

also in the 1.3 version ban is still naked after the hotel scene and there is an error after getting bond of friendship. you can't use the items anymore.


@Meyaoi, when you see this, and you get the chance to reply. Would you possibly be willing to make a devlog update called "Game Guide thread"? and that way if any of us have questions about the game or even want to post tidbits about it to help guide each other.

I figure, having a specific place for asking game questions, would make it easier to find later on and also keep us from making super long thread comments on your main page. It'd be really awesome to have!! Especially, for those of us currently playing the game! Of course when you have the time or have taken a rest. I understand if not, but just thought it can't hurt to ask. Anyways, have a great day and ttyl!


@Le20 I completely agree. 


Yes, please. this is a magnificent idea.

Yes, for sure. I'll add some questions that have been answered as well to the post.

Thanks so much! Ya, having an update sections with a post that would allow us to comment and make thread comments for answering in game questions would be awesome🙌


It's up:!

Wow thanks so much! Really appreciate it!

thank you so much!!! 

sorry, why i payed 29.99+45.00 but can't download pre-order the game

Wuh oh, you must have purchased two different versions there on accident. The 45$ version should give you access to the beta and it should download (granted that there's nothing going on with itchio's platform or launcher). 

But only if you payed for the 45$. If you have purchased both tiers: the base 29.99 and the 45$. I recommend contacting support via itchio's email service: ( I believe that's the email I used when I upgraded to a different tier. It took them about 2 business days to reply). 

They should refund you one of the tiers. If you still want the beta access just make sure you ask them for a refund for the 29.99 tier and tell them you made a purchase for the 45$ beta tier. 

Sorry if it's not downloading the 45$ tier you purchased. Something might be wrong with their platform or itchio's launcher app today. Because I tried to update to the most recent beta version and it's still not working. But, I already have the game installed, and have been playing the beta. So for me, I don't know if it's the app or the file, etc. But you should def try and contact support so that you get a refund for that 29$! Hopefully Meyaoi can help you if the issue persists.

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How do I raise the ranch to D? Everyone stopped producing eggs milk and wool. :( 
Should I start over? 

In other words should I hold off from romancing Moocha until I have done some quests?

-I didn't figure this out either until this morning, lol. You're not alone! It's just hiding in plain site.There's an upgrade button under the letter. So under F it will say 'upgrade' and click on that. It will tell you how much money you need, and people hired in order to upgrade. 

-Likewise, when you click on ranch employees it will also have a button that says "level up" and accordingly will tell you what you need to upgrade your ranch employees with. 

-Another thing that I didn't realize until today was the upgrade for what the employees make (milk, eggs, wool, etc). 

-As well as the upgrade button for the Milk, Egg, and Wool factories, and in the corner it gives you two different upgrade options. 

-When you click on let's just say for example, the Milk Factory. Then in the corner of the screen you will find the details needed for both the produce & factory upgrades. 

-I'll also add the images pertaining to this down below if they help! And that way anyone else that has the same question can also check here for it. Sorry if the images are super large, I wasn't able to make them smaller.

Upgrading Ranch

omg!!! Thank you so much!!!!

No prob! Glad I could help😆🙌

How do you go to the love hotel and have...with Moocha? I have been trying for a long to figure it out and I can't


Oh man, sorry I missed your reply. I had to go back to diving into a school term paper and a group project for my professors💀, and when I dive into hw I sometimes forget my surroundings 😭.

To answer your question, I actually haven't gotten that far myself🥲. But last I went to the love hotel, I was given a quest after talking to that police duo. So I'm assuming the love hotel will open up after I complete the quest for getting the owner of the hotel to help out the police in staking out their suspect. 

For me, I couldn't outright do the quest because it said my Knowledge Stat was lacking. So I have to go back and build that first (via reading books in the library or watching the news when your at home). So I'm assuming once I have a full knowledge meter, and go back to complete the quest, I will unlock the love hotel options👀 🙌!

Oh! You said "go-to" lmao, see how tired I am. This is what hrs upon hrs of school work does to me🤣. Anyways, I actually didn't realize this either until today. But at the end of the day when your taken home. 

In Ban's room, in the bottom left hand corner where the map screen is. Click on that and it actually takes you to the night life aspect of Banana Ranch. The only places you can visit at night tho, is the bar, the forest, the ranch, and the love hotel I believe. If you still can't figure it out, then feel free to send me another reply and I'll screen shot where it is in-game tomorrow after my classes let out🙌

How do you complete the priest's quest?


to unlock the priest quest, you have to go to the love hotel at night and help the two police officers with there quest. once you finish it all up then you can gain access to the priest's quest.

but I don't know how to finish it?

Or to get empty cups for acrft

cups come from crafting, you get a book from the mayor after a quest 

what part are you at

I'm currently collecting slime

In the crafting menu the gold ingot is not there. It is only gold coin and large gold ingot...

Yeah, that's a bug indeed! Should have been fixed in 0.1.3 :D

Got a bit of an issue with assigning tasks to ranch employees. When you get more than 6 of any employee type (cows, chickens or sheep) you cannot select more then the 6 most recent hires! Please add a scrolling feature to the employee selection menu!

There's no graphical scrollbar, but you should be able to drag the screen / use mousewheel to scroll up and down. Though, I might add visible scrollbar later in the future to prevent confusion.

Tried dragging the screen. I think the scroll bar would be a good idea. Thank you!

When you buy the wedding ring from Grizz do you get something in your house / inventory or is there a scene that's supposed to pop up or? Also I have full hearts with moocha but it will only let me use basic topics on dates, do I have to start from the very beginning again or do I just keep my old saves :? 

So I know you have to get the wedding rings and the big bed to propose to your lover, but there is one more step which is to complete the priest's quest. But I'm not sure what it is since I haven't gotten it... still tryna figure it out. If you get something could ya let me know :)

It's the priest's quest, but you must first finish the police officers quest at love hotel until they give you some helpful citizen badge which will unlock some additional quests.


Who do you talk to for the disguise?

Talk with Hunny. I did it during the day and he was at the clothing store. After that visit the police officers again at the love hotel and the next day you are going to have several new quest


Thank you! You're amazing :)

how do you make dye?

You get the recipe book from finishing spider twins quest (iirc)

How do I get the spider quest? I've talked to them and they complain about their work. I have enough charm so I have been doing the model gig, do I need to do that more? or? 

Same with priest quest, need to finish the police quest first.

Ok, thank you again for answering my questions!

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Thank you for all the hard work!!  Should She Jiu's store be available?  It appears blank to me, just a white panel. Also, are seeds suppose to be restocked?  I bought all the seeds for the first Spring season and  now seeds for spring in the second year are not available

If you are playing on the 0.1.2 version it should be there. If you started playing before the 0.1.2 version, then to see it you have to start a new game to see it.

oh, it was an 0.1.1 save I was using, Thank you!!

yeah no worries! :)

How do you get the priest's quest?

How do get the employees to rest?

Get the ranch rank to D to unlock 2F, then build resting area.

Deleted 239 days ago

So Does this mage Mpreg now? cause i see a child...


Not exactly mpreg, the kid is born by a magical means.

ok just wondering I've been excited for this game, but I'm not a huge Mpreg fan so I was curious thanks for th fast reply!

so i have a question, how do i get a monster to join me? also how do i raise my hp? 

You need to use bond of friendship skill (max charm skill) during battle. For raising HP, after you finish Haves quest, you'll be able to buy enhancing potion (for attack, defense, HP, SP)

Build 0.1.2 has been reuploaded to fix some other issues, most notable one is the monster taming not working as intended. Before you go taming some monsters, make sure to update!

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