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Hi, a while ago I queried about what to do if I want to upgrade the game to include beta access and you guys suggested

For upgrade, you can do so by:

- Re-purchase the game at $45 tier

- Then, request a refund on your previous purchase to and stating the reason (for upgrading the tier)

Well, I did so and e-mailed them however I did not receive a reply even after 7 days. Is there any other alternatives to get refund on my original version since I got 2 now?

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You can try e-mailing again. Maybe they missed the e-mail.

ok thank you!

Will this game also have Chibi sex scenes? 😭 I wasn’t really a fan of it last game 


There won't be any chibi sex scene in this game.


Oooo what would happen to the sex scenes then?


I'm so excited to play this. I did the whole Patreon thing, so I'll have the beta access. I'm curious, who is going to be the 1 character that we get to romance on the beta access? I'm thinking it'll probably be sexy cow Moocha, since we meet him first, but will it be someone else?


I just saw a comment below that it IS Moocha, I'm excited! That's a sexy cow, but I can't wait to play Finn, I love sharks.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually really curious about the scenes with Howl, Sterion, and Thunder. I know I will not be disappointed.


Yeah, I also can't wait for Finn either. He is definitely the one i want most. lol


I sometimes get confused with the Quarter Calender too. If it helps I'll put here what the quarter means for beta access and the final game being finished for anyone that's interested. If not 😚 just ignore me~

So for Q1: That's anywhere from January-March 2021. So BETA ACCESS begins with 1 (ONE playable route, NOT the whole game) within Q1 of 2021. So think...AFTER this Christmas we'll likely have 1 available romance route to obtain. From there, you can play the game as it developes and the things added on over time for those who purchased the BETA ACCESS. Those that didn't either need to wait until the game is finished being developed in 2022, or purchase the BETA VERSION.

NOW Q4 is: October-December. So they say that the game will for sure be done by Q4: 2022. BASICALLY, that is Dec of 2022. So about 1yr and a half from this Dec (if you wanna be realistic, that's basically two years away, since right now we're still in 2020). I know, it feels like a long time, but games like this with all the details that get put into them really take 2 yrs to build after they've been funded, sometimes more because most of these developers (artists/authors/voice actors/coders/etc) still have other jobs they need to do along with what they work on for us, and they're also putting in so much detail so it's def worth the wait. 

Current expected release date for beta access (playable until the end, but with only 1 romance-able character) is Q1 2021. Expected release date for the final game is Q4 2022.

What is Beta?? If I purchase pre-order ($29.99 USD), I will not download other versions?

And, if I purchase pre-order and Beta Access, I will download only Q1 of Beta version, not Q2 - Q4 versions?? 

Hi there.

For Beta access: gets to play the game as it is being developed + final version. The Q1 etc is just expected timeframe of update. As long as you get beta access, you will get to download all versions of update.

For Pre-order: gets to play the final version of the game.


I need Beta version!! For final version!!

You can also play final version with $29.99 pre-order, but with beta access you get to play the game early as it is developed :) 

I purchase this game now

But I can't download it yet. When could I download this game?
sorry to bother.

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First release of beta is estimated to be Q1 2021 (Moocha route)

Is it possible to get Haves route:(( I really really want his route. I wish there would have a event or something to get him in the future👉👈

.....I'll be disappointed😭


Do you mean Howl's route? If so, Howl the wolf 🐺 is already funded☺. You can look up above to see all the 12 available bachelor's the team is developing. 

Unfortunately, they cannot add more I would think 🤔 because adding the characters came as part of their crowd funding process. They can only add so many characters based on what funds they get for the game to fund them. Games like this take a lot of funds to produce everything they're providing. Music, voices, versatile characters, coding, art, etc. But I'm still surprised we're getting as many dateable characters as we have😄!

Likely, since you have to pay people to make certain aspects of the game you may not be doing urself so all the money doesn't just go to the main artists or authors. Unless...well, your very lucky and they are talented in everything. Most cases require the main team to hire out voice actors, coders, extra artists to take care of scenes that maybe the main artist can't do or has the time for. 

Sadly, this usually leads to most BL otome games having maybe only 4 LIs(romance routes). In this case not only is this the first time I'll be seeing this many achieved and completed, I think it's also really awesome that we get to even have so many!😆 Lol, now I just can't wait!

Haha, I mean Haves's route. The owl one, you know😓

😮 an owl route? I certainly wasn't paying attention when I played the demo...😅. At main or side characters it seems. I know there was a lion route to achieve and the doctor guy, and that there are prob some other npcs I missed, so sorry about that. I guess it completely passed me that there was an owl character 😅. Well, that's too bad, but I do think it's great they've managed to give us so many characters tho! It will still be nice to have so many routes for once. This year and the upcoming next one, it seems a lot of LGBTQ+ groups, BL/GL game groups, or love otome groups are giving out so many more character routes. So I wonder if this means brands and indie groups are heading in the direction of giving out more options to their players🤔.

Lol so I'm dumb, I just realized Haves was the doctor clinic scientist like dude that showed up briefly in the demo. Didn't realize he was the owl...but now it makes so much more sense!


Omg finally started playing the demo, it's so good! Now I totally want more😆! Also, def loving Yolkie and Cotton right now, their both so adorbs. Thunder makes me laugh, and I love how the loan shark totally a shark🤣. I def want to see the MC squirm his way into Yolkie's heart the most right now. * I just gotta wait for that beta access🥺...😅it's ok tho, the wait is totally worth it*

Right?!?!?! Yolkie so far is definitely my favorite, he's so sassy! Definitely wanna see how Ban "cracks his shell" and gets close to him, lol!

And yes, the wait is gonna be SO worth it, I can tell--and it's almost over! Like, we've still got 2-4 months to go, but since I've been waiting for almost a year now...2 months is nothin'! Super stoked XD

(BTW, if you haven't been following Meyaoi's twitter, you should definitely go do that! They post lots of updates and progress images for the game there on a pretty regular basis 😄. I legit made my first twitter account for the sole purpose of following this game, lol!


Sadly, the wait for me is actually just starting considering I forced myself to wait and play the demo...🤦‍♀️, but true waiting now is still is a lot easier knowing how long this game has been in the make. It's too bad it's not a sort of episode release like you see in some VNs, where we could keep playing to build up cash and stuff for the farm ranch. I would be happy just being able to do that since in Seiyuu Danshi I would spend foooorever building up money (even tho it was fun so no complaints there) but it can get tedious when you want to move the story along...but really need the mula😭😭. And thx I'll think about getting a Twitter, never had one before either.  

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Anyone else most excited for Cotton's route?  Hunny is stealing my heart as well as a close second.

Ah, I feel you, though I personally am probably most excited for either Yolkie or Howl---I wanna see Ban win those tough-to-crack guys over 😉. But Cotton is a major sweetie, and I think he'll grow on me just like Moocha did once I see more CG's with him and Ban and see more of their interactions in-game ❤

Hello! does any know the expected time frame the beta version will be launched?

"Current expected release date for beta access (playable until the end, but with only 1 romance-able character) is Q1 2021" (AKA, around Jan-Mar 2021) 😉


anyone besides me hoping sharkboy Finn has more in common with sharks than teeth and gills? :-p

Let's hope the double "n" is the only thing double about finn, know who my first romance goal is gonna be >_>.

LOL!!! Well, thank you for making my google search history even more bizarre than it already was 🤣🤣🤣


Hello, is gonna be full voiced this time or this game will not have voice actors?


I wanna know too. :(

when can I download the bata ?

" Current expected release date for beta access (playable until the end, but with only 1 romance-able character) is Q1 2021" (AKA, around Jan-Mar 2021)

Is it possible to donate and gain beta access if you already pre-ordered the game?

You bet! Someone asked this question earlier in the comments, so here's what Meyaoi said to them:

- Re-purchase the game at the $45 tier

- Then, request a refund on your previous purchase to, stating the reason (for upgrading the tier)

Hope this helps! 😉👍

Thanks a bunch 👍

Only question after that is: can I get a refund if the previous purchase was almost 300 days ago ^^' I imagine so, given the reason, but I'm a paranoid person and it's all being converted to Canadian Dollars.

I'm pretty sure you can, but maybe email and inquire about it first if you want to be totally sure? (but oh man, I feel you on the Canadian exchange rate--I got some Ranch Employees and wow, it's NOT $485 Canadian Dollars, I can tell you that 😅😂. Totally worth it tho 😜)


Aaaaah I would totally donate for a Ranch Employee, but even Beta Access is rich for my blood 😅😂 (I only have a part-time position and current events have made finding better work even more difficult. This will just be a treat for myself once I save up again 😅)

Fair enough! I've been super fortunate in these covid times with my job, and CERB has been immensely helpful as well, but times are hard for a lot of people still :(. It's super awesome that you're treating yourself with beta access tho, kudos! Treating ourselves every now and then to things that bring us joy is super important ❤


I think we should talk about how hot the cat cafe owner is

LOL, yaaaaas ლ(´ڡ`ლ). Saber(Sabre?) is definitely a prime specimen of cat-hood, I must say 🧐🤤😳


Hi i noticed there is a character on twitter that is a black haired purple eyed rabbit. Is that character romanceable or is he just a side chara?


He's one half of the love hotel couple, so he's a backer-designed NPC (*cough bought and designed by me cough*)--he's not romanceable, sadly ;p
I can't seem to be able to link the twitter post of their initial reveal, but here's the original pic:


ah i see thanks!

No problem, my dude (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


Hello! I am interested in the NPC - Ranch Employee, but I had a few question on it. For designing I was worried because I am not artistic at all so would just a random character creator be all right for a rough sketch, and for the "interview" would it have to be voice as O do not own any good microphone. Thank you!


Hi there! For the image reference, you can use random image generated from character creator / use images found from Google for hairstyle / outfit idea. There isn't really any requirement for the level of detail, you can give as much detail as you want / can provide :) 

For the interview, there's no need for you to give the voice. I usually only ask for you to specify the rough personality for the character you design and write dialogues based on that set personality.

Hope that helps!


That totally does thank you!

Okay, I HAVE to know--is the adorable "femboy hooters" cow character that popped up on twitter your design, or someone else's? 😜😆

Hello there. I have purchased the [Pre-order] Banana Ranch Game but i would like to ask if its possible to upgrade it to the [Pre-order] Banana Ranch Game + Beta Access? I would also like to ask if its possible to have an estimate of when is the earliest Beta coming if i do buy the beta access? Just a month estimate would do

For upgrade, you can do so by:

- Re-purchase the game at $45 tier

- Then, request a refund on your previous purchase to and stating the reason (for upgrading the tier)

As for beta estimate, the first route beta (Moocha's route) is planned to be end of 2020 to early 2021 (might be leaning more to early 2021)

Hello! I was wondering if I join the beta access what is the difference between the 29.99 Pre-Order that says "Version 2" beneath it to the 45.00 Pre-Order and Beta Access that says "Version 1"? Also is the Fanbook digital or is it in a physical copy? Thank you for the help!

Hi there, the "Version 2" is just the annotation for the build version, it doesn't have any difference (the version 2 just occurred because I made a mistake and reuploaded the placeholder file)

For fanbook, it's digital for $60 tier. Physical version is available for the higher tier.

Alright! Thank you so much for the help! :)

So exciting.This game looks funny and fantasy .But the waiting time would be too long.My friend talked me to play seiyuu danshi,but this one is more attracted.


Yeah, definitely play Seiyuu Danshi and maybe "follow" Meyaoi games so you get updated when Banana Ranch finally releases (I think there's a button on the right-hand side of the page that says “Follow Meyaoi Games," just click it 😊). (Tho being a part of the beta team is FUN! Join us...ufufufu 😈)


Im so excited

I feel ya, my dude q(≧▽≦q). If you want more updates/info, check out Meyaoi's twitter if you haven't already: 
It gets updated pretty frequently too, which is awesome XD

Can this run on 32-bit operating system, and seiyuu danshi too?

Yeah, it should support Windows (32bit and 64bit), Mac (probably not the Catalina version, though), and Linux.

Thank you, i hope my old pc can run those

You can download the demo and check if it works with your PC. If it runs well, full version will run okay as well.

will this full game will bea free??

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If you're asking if the full game will be free, I would say no. I'm guessing the purchase price will be similar to this dev's previous game, Seiyuu Danshi, which was about $33 USD. 

However, as someone who's played Seiyuu Danshi and the Demo for Banana Ranch, I can tell you with 100% confidence that the purchase price is WORTH IT! You get a LOT of quality content, MANY hours of gameplay, and the games themselves have high replay value :D

How could I change my delivery address for the physical part (Basic Physical Pack) ? (I'm gonna move out before the reception)

Hi there. Did you pledge via Patreon / If via Patreon, please contact me via e-mail and let me know your Patreon account name & new address. If via, I'll distribute reward survey forms later on where you can state the fixed delivery detail.

It is via, thank you for the quick answer :D


Sounds like the first ever english yaoi game to implement a marriage and kids system. That is quite awesome. I'll be following and preordering this game asap. Thank you for creating these two yaoi games, since I already own seiyuu danshi. They really mean alot to this niche fanbase we all are in. 🥰

Amen! Are you gonna get in on the beta testing action? 😉


1000% quite excited

Haha, I feel ya! I stalk Meyaoi's twitter account to an unhealthy degree, but I don't even care! All the updates we get are worth it, and she posts pretty frequently too! (here's a link if you haven't checked it out already ;p


you are a godsend lol thank you


Omg right! I love how incorporated their system is, they put a lot into their games. Like for example, not all BL /YAOI OR LGBTQ content I buy, will have the protagonist as reversible, so that you can choose to be top or bottom, rather than having it chosen for you. But I understand adding on everything and more, requires a lot more funds. So people really have to be buying these games at the price you would almost pay for a console game. Which tbh I'm totally up for when the content is this great, lol! 

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Right?! This game (and Seiyuu Danshi) are 110% worth their purchase prices XD. (And I myself have had a blast spending a stupid amount of money on backing Banana Ranch, lol ;p. No regrets!)

When can I receive the physical items if I purchase physical pack?

Physical items will be delivered several months after the final game release.

I've bought the game with beta access($45), does it still show demo version when I open the game, or it's my own problem? If it is, can anyone tell me how to fix it?

Hey there, beta access period hasn't started yet. You can see the top of this page for current expected date.

So does it means that I can only play the demo version at this moment?


Since I already have the 29.99 pre-order, do I need to pay for another 45 for the beta access?

I'm pretty sure you'd just need to pay the difference, but I'm not 100% sure on the method of payment you'd use 😅

Deleted 208 days ago

Beta access: You get to play the game as it is being developed (updated with each love interest route finished) + the final game when it is officially released

Pre-order with no beta access: You get to play the final game when it is officially released

Deleted 208 days ago

Question: Is there a time limit on the remaining 4 Ranch Employee NPC's? Like, will they be up for grabs up until the 1st beta test, or will they be removed sooner/later than that?


Probably around 2 months before first beta / when I finish up the ranch interview stuff.

Gotcha, thanks Meyaoi! *quietly goes to check bank account and US to CAD exchange rates*

Hi I purchased Banana Ranch Game + Beta Access + Fanbook and was wondering when can I get to play them?

When the 1st route if finished.

And when's that? :)

"Current expected release date for beta access (playable until the end, but with only 1 romance-able character) is Q1 2021. Expected release date for the final game is Q4 2022."

You can check the top of this page for any changes in expected date.

Alright thank you very much, and I'm sorry for bothering you '^^


I'm playing the demo version and I've met all the characters but hunny?. Is there a particularly location in the game i need to visit in order to see his character?.

You need to go outside town at night & you can meet him at the night bar.

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oh I see! That probably won't happened until the full version is released?  for the people who bought the $85 tier when will the merch to sent out? 

? Ah, no, I mean, you can go outside your room at night. You can do that in demo.

Merch won't be sent out before the game is finished.

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Oh really?! So would I just have to click the town map once I'm in my room?. I'm sorry for all the questions but I had one more is the campaign done or is there time to get Haves route to open up?


The campaign is done :). It originally went until January 31 but was extended another 2 months until March 31. I think we've gotten all the characters that we're gonna get at this point :)

Will there be a similar amount of h scenes as in Seiyuu Danshi or will there be more?


Probably more since there are more love interest and the game has 3 years instead of 1 like seiyuu did.

I also think there will definitely be more "H" scenes in that there are more love interests, and we just got news via twitter that at least 1 character will have 20 CG's (Moocha), so all love interests might have a bit more CG/h scene content than the Seiyuu Danshi characters. 

However, I think the actual length of 1 route will be the same as Seiyuu Danshi--while there are 3 years in Banana Ranch vs Seiyuu Danshi's 1 year, they are broken up into 4 seasons rather than twelve months. So, instead of playing 12 months with 30 days each for 1 year (12 x 30 x 1 = 360 "days"), you play 4 "seasons" with 30 days each for 3 years (4 x 30 x 3 = 360 "days"), so it works out to around the same length  ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ 


I really loved Seiyuu Danshi (still do) I played the demo of Banana Ranch so I'm having really high expectation. I sincerely thank you for your hard effort! 

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Though the game has no offical date guide, I can already tell that Howl is going to be the hardet one to romance


I pre-ordered this for 60$ but never got the email to beta test when does it start?

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Next year for beta and the release date is a year after

Okay thanks so much for the reply I was confused.

happy to help

I'm confused whats going on? so i preordered it and when its released would i get a notification to tell me i can download it? is it the full game and will the new available characters be released with it? im lost help a fellow person :(

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The Funding Campaign is over. Beta Testers will be able to play each route as the developer completes them so as to provide bug feedback. The completed game isn't expected until an as of yet determined date. The additional romance routes have, as you'd expect, pushed the release date back by quite a bit.

I would imagine that those who purchased packages that included Beta Testing as a perk will recieve some manner of notification when each route is ready to play.

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oh ok, thank you


Just putting this out there for any fellow dummies like me who didn't realize this--Meyaoi has a Twitter account that has many more updates on the development of this game! It appears to get Banana Ranch related posts/tweets pretty frequently, so I'd totally recommend keeping tabs on Twitter as well as here if you want lots of updates on how the game is progressing 😉👍


the chicken-boy laying eggs through his butt weirded me out @_@


aww the last character tho...*sulk* owe well..


Technically, Haves is not the last character. Raion doesn't have his route too. Anyway, i'm already really happy with 12 bachelors that we have now ^^

I feel you lol, I was actually looking forward to his route... I'm still excited about having 12 bachelors tho 

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