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I found a ton of bugs in the game, I cannot purchase clothes for Toru, sometimes when I skip the character's c;lothes are see through and while on the date when I try to buy food for them it acts buggy. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Hi, I came across a bug in the latest release. It occurs whenever I try to buy punk clothes for Toru's route. 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While loading <'Image' u'pref/funkyshop.webp'>:
  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 416, in execute_pause
IOError: Couldn't find file 'pref/funkyshop.webp'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "shop1.rpyc", line 383, in script
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 1911, in execute"execute")
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 1899, in call
    return, parsed, *args, **kwargs)
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 220, in call
    return method(parsed, *args, **kwargs)
  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 416, in execute_pause
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 1457, in pause
    rv = renpy.ui.interact(mouse='pause', type='pause', roll_forward=roll_forward)
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 289, in interact
    rv =, **kwargs)
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 2690, in interact
    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, **kwargs)
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 3174, in interact_core
    self.draw_screen(root_widget, fullscreen_video, (not fullscreen_video) or video_frame_drawn)
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 2086, in draw_screen
  File "render.pyx", line 516, in renpy.display.render.render_screen
  File "render.pyx", line 244, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 722, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "render.pyx", line 151, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 244, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 722, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "render.pyx", line 151, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 244, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 722, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "render.pyx", line 151, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 244, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 669, in render
    child = renpy.display.render.render(self.child, w, h, st, at)
  File "render.pyx", line 151, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 244, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 722, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "render.pyx", line 151, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 244, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 580, in render
    return cache.get(self, render=True)
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 266, in get
    surf = image.load()
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\display\", line 625, in load
    surf = renpy.display.pgrender.load_image(renpy.loader.load(self.filename), self.filename)
  File "E:\GAMES\seiyuudanshi-windows-final\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 576, in load
    raise IOError("Couldn't find file '%s'." % name)
IOError: Couldn't find file 'pref/funkyshop.webp'.

seiyuudanshifinal 1.0
Sun Jun 16 08:59:31 2019

Hi everyone, I need your help please

So I do the quest with the cats and the dogs and I mistakly took one of the wish for me ans now I don't know how to helm the guy at the shrine :/

You have to start over or load a save before you chose the wish.

You say choose later when she asks, then talk to the guy at the shrine, choose to pray for him, then speak with the Miko again and select pray for the guy at the shrine.

After that, it'll be night, rest or whatever else you want to do and talk to the guy at the shrine the next day for the sex toy.

I cannot do anything else? I'm nearly at the end I don't want to start again 😭

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Nope, you can't. Once you miss the oppotunity it's gone. I did that in my first playthrough too.

I'd suggest just finishing it and doing it in another playthrough. c:

I have everything for the game and I love it, there is just a couple problems.

When I try and look at the Shuu hot spring picture in the gallery, an error occurs.

Also, it is meant to be unvoiced and even with voices muted, Toru has annoying voice during the foreplay scenes, I am not fond of it at all. =w=

how do I watch adult movies on the cinema? I just get romantics and documentaries

The shows change per week, go back each week to check if the adult one's in


Hello! I need help with figuring out the bottom-left scene for Shiba. Does anyone know how to achieve it?

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I'm just wondering about how you get Kei's route, I know how to get kaede though

Be friends with Hikaru first and on a sunday you will visit him and see a scene with Kei instead

Kei will message Haato on

16 June, 3 July, 16 August, 16 September and 16 October

Note: Don't win the Seiyuu award

Deleted post

do I have my fame as unpopular so I don't win? 

So long as you don't get to 'superstar'

Okay thank you 

I'm curious. How do i get all sex toys? There's actually only one i don't know how to get. The boy at the shrine always says, he wants a boyfriend but i never got the chance to help him.. how do i do his quest? ^^ 

You have to accept a quest from the maiden to feed all the strays. Do not use the wish after and give it to the guy

hey i keep on missing my auditions it just keeps on skiping on to the next day.

anybody know why? :(

Did you meet the requirements for the auditions? If not you won't be able to attend them

i do meet with the requirements. But it skips to the next day :( 

Strange, it doesn't happen for me. Besides the basic 3 requirements, chara, tech and sing was there like a cute, ramen lover, sporty etc type of requirement? If yes then you have to meet those requirements as well or it still considers the audition a fail

hey i always miss the power audition i

it justs skips to the next day 


Ive just revisited this after buying version 1. How do I update?

any tips on making more money? i need to pay rent 

Does anyone know if I can activate cheats on a save file? I don't want to start tuuchan route over again from scratch to get the things I'm missing. I just what to get the things I'm missing. 😭😭

Nope. You can only set the cheats at the start of a new playthrough

Well that's gonna get frustrating, lol thanks for replying. 

anyone how to get the cute trait?

Cute trait is a book, buy it at the bookstore.

thank you!!

how do i get the cute trait?

Hi, wondering if the skip days feature is a cheat/unlockable bc I don't have the feature in my game. (I've only done one play through).

As far as I can tell you can skip days after the first play through, just click on the bed your using and it should activate.

Hm weird my bed will only let me go to sleep.

Hello! I am currently on Kaede’s route and I’ve been using the max fame & money cheat so I’ve been going to the bar everyday and switching up between working and drinking on the days you can do the bar job. I am in early July now and have yet to get the drunk bar confession scene.

I haven’t romanced anyone either. 

Is there a specific pattern I need to follow with visiting the bar to get scene with Kaede?

Did you take up his one night offer? If you did then you won't see him again. Here's a summary for Kaede, hope it helps.

Kaede's route – Turn on cheat

*You must win the Seiyuu award for this route

1.  Have a drink at the pub then take up pub part-time job

2.  Refuse to have a one night stand with him

3.  Take him to a hotel after a few scenes for drunk confession

4.  Take on one more pub part-time job scene where he doesn't come to the pub anymore

5.  Accept talk show job in December.

6.  On 11 December, attend talk show then call out to him

Deleted post

Are you trying to download from the website or the app?

Deleted post

when I start a new game it doesn't ask me if I want to use a cheat

how to achieve the best ending for any charcter routes

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I've been trying to get the doggy roleplay CG since two-three months after buying the doggy costume in-game late June after unlocking the puppy CG. I visit Shiba daily throughout the weekday, we're lovers and the meter is totally full, and it still hasn't happened, it's September now. 

So is that a glitch or has the event passed me by?

The way to activate the scene is that shiba has to bottom at least once and i think has to be a sub still im not sure

...Huh. I never actually tried that, since the CG where the MC is topping Shiba looks so silly. Shiba is so muscular, lol! I'll try it out that way soon, as I started over the route for the third time.

Yeah lol I agree! His physical appearance doesn’t fit it but personality it does since he is such a good boy lol! 

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Now I'm doubly curious! It's the only CG of his I don't have and it was driving me nuts. I'm gonna re-do Tocchan's route too and make him a sub, for reasons, ofc lol! If this works, you'll have my undying gratitude~


Of course! Happy to help a fellow yaoi lover! If you need help with anything else like questions just ask and ill reply as soon as I can! :D

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EDIT. I'm feeling a bit lost. I'm on Toshiyukis Route but can't figure out how to trigger the 3rd star-event. The heart ist completely full, i visit him in all 3 locations and dating him like everywhere. What do i have to do? :'D I have the apron.. if thats necassary.
Ah well nevermind. Shiba was the trigger :'D grah

I'm trying to play Kaede's route. The first time I worked at the bar, I encountered him. The second time, he asked me to join him and I chose the option to make excuses and hurry home (basically, I turned him down). Ever since then, I haven't seen hide nor hair of him, and I've been working at the bar every single F/Sa/M. It's now July, and still nothing. Is this a glitch or does he typically not show up again until way later if you reject him initially?

Hi I'm planning on buying this but I do not have installed. would it be a good idea to have it before purchase or is it okay to not have it installed?

I didn't even have an account when I purchased the game two months ago, and I was able to download/install/play it, so I think you're good to go. Although I did read that you might need the app to download the after stories? Can someone confirm/deny this?

Thank you, I've brought it. Time to extract and get down to business lol

do i need to pay for the voiced version? or is it a free update to the game?

its free :D

Have purchased the game, but the system here got the problem, they still not sending me the content of the game TT

i just became a patreon memeber so i could play after stories. But still wont install. Not sure if i did something wrong when downloading.

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Love the game so far. I am having trouble though with the 5th star filling in for Tocchan. I have visited/hung out several times during the day, called him and gone on a date but yet it won't fill.  I have tried various sites as well. I am on Nov 3 now :( 2 months trying to trigger it. I really don't understand why it is not working. Pls help!!

To see the heart levels go to the park and speak to the boy with black hair who gives you the information on birthdays and events.

Thank you. I finally figured that part out haha. Now if only the star filling part worked.

I have a bug: the cg where Toru and the MC walk under an umbrella. The name of the MC suddenly changed to None and stayed like that for the rest of the game.

 I'm on my third game play on Tocchan's route but how do I get the office s*x cg? I'm wondering because it's the 12th of October already and nothing is happening. I've taken him on the date and everything. 

@Meyaoi I think there is an error with the game because when it is Shuu's birthday (In this game play I didn't interact with him or Hikaru at all) and the voice acting cg plays twice.

How do you access the time skip function of the game? Where do you find it?

It unlocks once you finish the game for the first time.  You get to it by going to your apartment and clicking on your bed.

Is there anyway to download updates without installing Itch?


Wait so what happened to the english voice actors? Is it now a full japanese cast? I'm very confused...

i want to buy this game via credit card. Did you also accept payment via japanese credit card ?

And if I have paid, what should I do for the next ? Thank you 


What ever happened to having the voiced version of the game which was originally promised late December/January? It's the end of March now... Sure these monthly After Stories are great and all but I've been holding myself back from finishing this game so I don't get to enjoy the After Stories yet because I've been waiting for the voiced version. Any news on this yet?

Comming soon Toochan and Shiba VO coding is done.

check with their twitter for frequent updates

For some reason I can't seem to play the game. Every time I try to open it it says it's probably missing :(

Do you use antivirus? It's a common problem that antivirus false alarm deletes the game files which causes the game to not play properly. Or, there's a chance the game isn't downloaded properly as well, but the error message should occur during unzipping process. 

I'm not entirely sure of this unzipping thing since I'm not that good with computers and all :/  But I'll try to figure something out.

I got it to work now, thank you for your help! :D

Minor bug: the "Seiyuu Boys" photobook 'audition' says (on the agency computer) that the recording is on August 27, but on the calendar it shows the photoshoot is on the 18th.

Thanks for the notice. 

Also a suggestion for the game: in addition to letting us skip in certain day increments after we complete the game once, also let us skip the "intro sequence" (the tutorial, etc) that lasts for... iirc the first 2-3 days? It's just annoying having to go through the same stuff and get walked through it when I already know what to do.

I am trying to istall the after stories download but it keeps saying i need a new app do you know what  this mean please .

What is the error message? 

It tells me to install but after it runs it just keeps coming back to install.


there is no message error like before it just wont install

i just became a patreon memeber so i could play after stories. But still wont install. Not sure if i did something wrong when downloading. Could you please get back to me. I am getting this message. Update error: While trying to reach update server: net::ERR_NETWORK_IO_SUSPENDED. Please get back to me.

Where did yoyu get the error? app? Try downloading the base game without the itch app.

I already have the base game brought it a while ago.  and downloaded the after stories i go to my owned items it tells me to install the after stories and the bar comes up while it installs but then when it finishes it just shows  install.

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