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Hey everyone can someone help me with this cg in chibi gallery how can I have this one?

I got to watch the video on youtube with the game explained by the officially voiced characters! I love them all so much! Do we have an ETA on when the voice patch will be finished? :)

is there anyway or cheatcodes to pass the days ? It make replayability really boring...


There are cheat codes, unlocked once you have gotten at least one best ending. 

wich road am i to follow to unlock the time skip cheat ? I've already completed Toru with Best Ending

Replay from beginning if you want to use cheats. 

If we already date with main character, Is it possible to meet the hidden one? (Kei)


sorry for any trouble but this error just popped up when I was taking a look at one of the cg on shuu's gallery 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While running game code:
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 203, in script call
    call _load_reload_game from _call__load_reload_game_1
  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 446, in script
    python hide:
  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 446, in <module>
    python hide:
  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 456, in _execute_python_hide
Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?
-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------
Full traceback:
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 203, in script call
    call _load_reload_game from _call__load_reload_game_1
  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 446, in script
    python hide:
  File "C:\Users\melis\Downloads\games\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 862, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "C:\Users\melis\Downloads\games\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 1912, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 446, in <module>
    python hide:
  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 456, in _execute_python_hide
  File "C:\Users\melis\Downloads\games\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 728, in load
    log.unfreeze(roots, label="_after_load")
  File "C:\Users\melis\Downloads\games\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 1867, in unfreeze
    self.rollback(0, force=True, label=label, greedy=greedy, on_load=True)
  File "C:\Users\melis\Downloads\games\SeiyuuDanshiFinal-pc\renpy\", line 1696, in rollback
    raise Exception("Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?")
Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?
seiyuudanshifinal 1.0
Fri Feb 01 20:13:42 2019

Hello there, do you remember which CG of Shuu it was? (the page number?) 


the one with the hot springs

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does anybody know what the smiley face stands for?? Sorry I'm new

It shows you what level you're at with the guy in question--like, unknown, acquaintences, friends, crush, and lover. I believe that particular smiley is acquaintence. 

Hey guys! Anybody knows how to get the chib when tocchan "roling on haato penis"?


He has to be bottom and you have to continue with foreplay... donť click on "make love" button, on heart. Just let him to do it to the point, that he canť wait.

Thank you!

When are the keys going to be sent out for the fanbook

Already sent out. 

Thank You

Does anybody know, how can I help the guy in the shrine, that wants a boyfriend? I am genius, casanova and saint, bud he doesnť want to talk to me :-(

You have to do the 'feed the strays' quest from the priestess and give the wish to him

Sh... I already did that, but for yourself :-( I see, there is no option to do it again but for him :-(

It's no big deal actually, he gives you a dildo but it doesn't connect to any cgs

Is there a guide to secret characters?

You have to  clear Tocchan's route then you will meet secret characters.


when will the voice version be out please.

I want to purchase the game, but it is really expensive in my country...

Will there be a sale soon? i need to play this badly :(

Hi there, the game will likely go on sale during next winter the earliest. I do not like big discount as it feels devaluing to the game, so it likely won't be a big drop, though.

It's alright, even if it just drops around $27 $28 usd it'll still be more affordable. I'ts just that in exchange here, the game almost goes up to $110.000 COP, im just a student and that's basicaly my whole income for expenses in university monthly lol. i can sacrifice aroud 80.000 or 90.000 but more than that...

Ah, I see. I usually do around 10% discount. Be sure to check my twitter since I usually post about discount announcement there =)

So I recently bought this game and was supper excited for it but I can not make it go. Something is wrong with the game file. I downloaded the Windows/Linux version but when I attempted to unzip it with WinZip I received the message:

One or more files could not be unzipped.

The following file could not be opened or is not a valid zip file:


Can I get some help on how to unzip this and play, please and thanks.

Hi there, did you make sure the download was completed successfully? I think the download was incomplete, and thus displaying such an error message.

I believe so. I have downloaded it a couple times now,(deleting it each time before downloading it again) one of witch I sat and watched the download myself. Yet, every time I get the same message. Also, I am not sure if it is important but each time I have downloaded it it claimed it would take several hours to download but it finishes in under 10 minutes.

Ah, it's definitely the download issue, I believe. Can you check the zip file and see its size? If it's less than 900mb, it's definitely failed download issue. 

Can you try using app to download the game? (It might help in downloading the game)

I worked! Thank you so much for the help. ^^

I recently download the after stories(window ver.) one and now I'm stuck on how to use it on the game?? Somebody help plz!!?

Hi!! I already had a saved game but I changed my ssd, I erased everything on my computer and now i don't have my game anymore (expected) but is there a way for me to find back my progression from before??

Thank you, and excuse my English because i'm french :)

Hi there, it won't be possible since the save files are likely deleted when you erased everything on your computer.

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please can you tell me, how can i get these 3 chibies????

Oukej, I´m missing the first one. I know it it 69, but does Haato have to be top or the bottom????

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If I'm not wrong, I think that to get the 69 one; the character you are going out with has to be dominant. It doesn't matter who is  bottom or top.  When the guy gets to be dominant you just have to use the mouth icon in his penis a few times. 

My level for Toru is being stable like this from June until August. I've already tried to meet him everyday but the status is not change. T T

Could anyone give me your advise? How to increase the status to Toru's lover?

That is maximum status. You can´t get more. :-)

In the picture is in the Crush status, it is not change to Lover even MC meet can call Toru everyday for 2 months.

Keep meeting Toru during the weekday events and eventually he will confess to you at the park.


Any news on when the voiced version of the game will be out? I've been holding off on finishing this game cause I want to hear the voices :(


So I saw a bunch of video previews with Hikaru in his idol costume in foreplay mode so I gotta ask how does one get it, if it's actually possible to get it?

Anyone knows how to get 8th and 10th Tocchan cgs? Need assistance here.. 

Doesn anyone know how to unlock the last scene from Shiba? (The 2nd from the 2 line in the last page)

I believe that's the Christmas cg, if I'm not mistaken. :)

The one he is giving a ride right?

Yeah, he gives him a piggyback on Christmas.

Weirdly, the only chibi cg I can't get from any route is the very first one on each page. I've no idea how it is and tried everything to get it. Anyone know?

The first Chibi CG is them 69’ing

The guy you’re persuing must be dominant and use the mouth Icon on their penis. It took me a few dates for it to activate 

Thanks! :)

I went through through Tocchan’s route and couldn’t get his 12th or 13th CG. Help?

I don't have 12 yet, but 11 is from the hot springs trip. Maybe it depends on if he's a top or bottom? No idea. Hope this helps a lil bit.


I think it's during the fanmeet event (around December, you'll get notification about upcoming fanmeet if your fame is sufficient)

You will unlock either CG 12 / 13 depending whether your Tocchan's top or bottom.

Thank you so much!

Sorry, I thought you said 11. I'm silly. Glad you got an answer though! :)

Is there a difference if you pick a different answer when you have the chance to confess? Will it derive a route where the other confesses instead? I was just wondering since Hikaru says he will take care of it himself with his idol ways so I just curious

Yeah. If you confess at that time, you confess first. If you wait it out some more (while continuing to increase his heart stats), the guy will eventually confess. This applies for all, with the exception of Toru-chi'route (in his route, both him confessing / you confessing is in 1 scene).


when does the doged-roleplay with Shiba happen after buying it from the bear ?

Spend time with him at VA school after buying the "costume". If you have topped him at least once before, you'll unlock the scene.

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I didn't get Kei's first message, though I was a friend with Hikaru, had Kei's scene, and waited until the date. I didn't have a lover either. I'm not sure why? I mean I skipped until near the date, could that be it?? EDIT: I'm not sure if it was the cheat that wouldn't allow his ending or maybe I didn't realize it was at night LOL. Figured it out.

For Kei route, you need to be friends with Hikaru and see the first scene first (first weekend after becoming friends, if I remember it right) 

Yeah, I didn't realize it was going to be during nighttime LOL. I got to the day of the 16th and was like "aw it didnt work". Haha just me being silly. Thanks for responding though!

I unlock the first scene with kei after be friends with Hikaru and evently kei call me to chat in a karaokê. But...he only call me again after I reject the the declaration of love of Hikaru(this breaks my heart...)

I do not know if have other way to kei call us...maybe its just waiting for him(?)

What's the number of fame points needed to win Seiyuu Award?  THANKS

PS. Sorry if this was already ask. I might have missed it while browsing the 800+ comments here @.@

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Nevermind, it's 500+ fame points

Can someone help me how to get Shuu best ending? I've already played him twice and still got the worst ending. I don't know what I did wrong. (*w*)b.


You need to make him end Magical Ponpon

Please teach me how kind sir.  ^^b

If you keep spending time with him after going out, you will eventually get event in which Shuu asks for your opinion :) 

Thank you so much! ^^b

How I get shuu best end? Its do not winner the seiyuu award?

You need to make him end Magical Ponpon and win Seiyuu Award.

thank you!

How do I fix my save files? They keep getting corrupt in Shuu's route and it keeps opening in foreplay mode then crashing.

You can send me your save files to and I can fix it for you (they're in your "saves" folder)

Alternatively, you can just play through the foreplay mode (just "ignore" every crash message there), and you will be returned to probably several days before that.

I've read that the more you progress on a guy's relationship, your phone wallpaper will change? I'm "Lovers" with Hikaru but the phone wallpaper is still Haato. Bug?

No, the wallpaper system is scrapped from final release. 

I see. Would've been a cute detail but oh well.

Indeed it would be cute! Maybe cool features like that could be added in the late future? Since they're already working on so many cool stuff, like artbook and voice. :)

how to get good ending of tocchan 

Choose same choice as when you get best ending, but do not win Seiyuu Award. 

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Hey guys ... How can I unlock the CG with tocchan at the festival? He is already my boyfriend, but I still do not get the CG of the festival of fireworks, and I replay so many times ..


Hey there, Tocchan doesn't have CG during fireworks festival, you two just go there to hang around. Fireworks CGs are only in Hikaru's route.

oh,really? Thank you!


how do I get the dog forplay with Shiba ? I had the event where i brought it to the bear but it didn't appeard the next date

Deleted post

Hi there, do you have the latest version? Also, what OS are you using? Does this happen everytime you raise your charm or is this just a one-time thing? 

Is not there a guide to help me?

There is this: (but no CG guide)

And here I am again, back to ask for help XD. Man, this is probably one of the hardest and awesomest BL game I've ever played. Anyone know how to get Toru's very last scene replay (the one after Haato's blowjob)? I assume it's based on a CG but I've already unlocked all the CG's for Toru's route. The only possible scene replay I could think of is the one in the shower or the fan meet? Do I need to do something special in those two events?

I think that's the vibrator scene one? If I remember it right, you need the beaded vibrator (from the guy at the shrine), and for Toru to be a top.

It is indeed the beaded vibrator! Thank you so much!!!

Once you have 1 full hart and are at crush status how do you become their boyfriend? <3

Have you gone on weekday date events with them? You have to see all their weekday events (max out the 5 stars as well as the heart). Keep meeting up with them during the weekday until you can either confess to them first or let them confess to you in a few days time after instead.

Hope that helps :)

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