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Btw on day 21 May I raised almost all 5 hearts for Shiba and I'm pretty sure he's about to confess in the next scene or the next 2 scenes at most, so probably before the end of the month. I want to ask if I'm on line to get the good ending with him as well or should I unlock the confession scene even earlier than this ? Btw if I max my relationship with Shiba but fail to win the award are we still gonna break up or is our relationship just gonna be less convenient/not as perfect as if I'd have won the award ?

So I missed the audition Fight On from 3 March (can never get that one right for some reason), but other than that I took all the auditions right up and including Koisuru Cupid from 19 May, except for the ones that happened on the same day and didn't give as much fame. Should I replay to get that audition too or just to keep going ? I have a guide so I know on what stats should I focus next and my stats are in line to get the next ones till the summer holiday, but Idk how high the margine error is for winning the award and I don't want to risk by missing an audition (even tho the replay would be gruelling just to get that one audition as well).

how long does it take for the physical edition to ship? Do you get an email or something when it does?

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In my most recent playthrough, I got the best ending with dominant Shiba. 

So that's sub!Tocchan, sub!Shuu, and dom!Shiba. 

I'm about to work on Toru's route next, which I've been dreading forever lmao because feet--- however Hikaru feels like an endgame bf due to his cheat. So it is what it is. This is new territory. 

Does anyone have a complete save file? I hope someone would be willing to share...

I already got the sadistic tocchan cg, but it didn't appear in the cg gallery.. is it a bug or I did something wrong??

is there any ways to changes toru from sub bottom to dominant top?? and how could I make haato use the toys he buys from the guy in the park for himself??

when you sleep with him you would choose that you bottomed for him if you want him to top

how do i turn the safe aka censored mode on i dont wanna see the d

is it only me that can't open the mac demo because it's exe or


Please, add the Meyaoi games on steam

How do I go about dating, I'm already at the end of the year and I can't date anyone, Shiba has a full heart but never progresses in anything

Hello, do you still have issues with this?

If you're at the end of the year then you need to restart, even after you start dating a boy you need to progress the relationship with him afterwards in order to get the good ending with him. You need to spend time with them on the week days as well, sometimes you'll get the reused dialogue of spending time with them but if you persist you're occasionally gonna unlock new scenes with them and you need these scenes in order to get to the confession scene. So keep choosing to spend time with Shiba at the VA studio, mall and restaurant during the week days, you need to unlock at least one new scene with him per week till you finally manage to progress your relationship with him enough to become lovers.


It's a really amazing game, I love the voice acting and the just adorable and funny moments in all the routes!<3

I hope you keep making games cuz this is top notch!


uhm  ı cant see star meter ;-; where is it ?

Is there anyway to fix this error?

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 212, in script call

    call _load_reload_game from _call__load_reload_game_1

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 456, in script

    python hide:

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 456, in <module>

    python hide:

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 466, in _execute_python_hide


Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?

How do I get this Haato chibi??????

Is there a chance that the game will drop in price? I am very interested in this game but the price is very expensive for me....


So...I just finished Toru-chi's route and am starting Shuu's route...and MeYaoi, let me just say...I LOVE THIS GAME! It's so simple yet so addictive and the characters are so charming (Shuu's little flower FX literally has me squealing)! I give you all the chef kisses, bravo! Great game! Once I'm done with this, I'm going through my beta buy of Banana Ranch. Literally so excited :D

How do I check my affection level with a guy?

Nevermind I met the stalker guy

i really like the game but....please add auto saves ;w;

 anyone know how to close this 

please make a discord serverrr 

Could someone please tell me how to get these scenes? These are the only ones I'm missing right now  

The one on the left (#4?) is when you give Haato a BJ. If you've figured out how to get #5, please let me know. I'm also missing #5 and #6 on the second page, if you could help me out, that'd be great.

How do you get the trigger for Tocchan's siblings? I have never been able to trigger it and it keeps causing me to fail his route.

What is the earliest date you can get a confession? I got to September to finally date Tocchan

idk about Tocchan because I haven't played his route yet, but I got confessions from both Shuu and Shiba on their respective routes in early June

xD Okay, anyone needing help, besides with Hikaru and Toru, I'll help as best I can. I've still not got around to those route years later lol.

How to get sickly traits

Go to the restaurant and eat the Porridge dish

How to get sickly trait

Where are cheats or do you have to do something to get them?


I was about to leave a good review but my mood was ruined when my stress level was over 50 and my money was reduced by half. I had 200,000 and was left with 100,000. This was my first playthrough so that was unexpected. It was so fucking unnecessary to cut half of my money. I would've been fine if only 50,000 was taken but no. It was fucking 100,00 yen. It got me so fucking mad it was ridiculous. I couldn't even bring myself to write a good review because I was stressing over my money.


Hey guys! i was playing and i didn’t save and suddenly my game screen just went completely black, when i click exit it asks if i’m sure i want to exit but that’s it, i really don’t wanna lose my progress since i’m pretty far with Shuu, any help? 


Can someone please help me fix this bug please,

``` I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While running game code: File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in script $ ui.interact() File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in <module> $ ui.interact() File "renpy/common/00action_file.rpy", line 372, in __call__, extra_info=save_name) Exception: Not saved - no valid save locations. -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------ Full traceback: File 

I don't know how to get the third star in Tocchan route, can anyone tell me how to do it? :(

Will be to buy in steam or GOG?

Does anybody have the complete persistent data?

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