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I preordered the game, when can i play it?

Est. release date December 2017.

Awesome!!!! <3  thanks  :)

After I buy the acces for the stars building with 50000 the game has an error and freezes the background the line said by Haato being "Hey, two-faced guy"

Will the full game be send using link through email?

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For Patreon ($20 tier, min 2 months), will be sent through e-mail. For, will be sent through :) (I think will send download link through e-mail as well)

I love the demo very much and become one of your patreon

Pre-order complete :) Something that I would like to see added: progress bars for the traits and relationships (and a page to see the the relationship options and those progress bars). Trying to update charm, knowledge etc seems like a thankless task, so if we could have a progress bar to see how far along we are and how much more we have to go to hit the next level, that would be fantastic!


My only complaint is that Haato has such a sad flat pancake ass... it's truly a travesty


Hey, the launch date is on my birth month! Saving money right now to buy this miracle. Hope this isn't the last game you guys make! ♥


My only problem is that the 6 weeks of playtime feels really short even for a demo :L (because you have hardly any time to seduce anyone D:<)

I do however love the game and it's concept on an interactive BL game and the characters although some are typical, some parts and characters are unique. And the style of chibi and going on dates you select + the customization is great. I just hope it's open ended and multi-lover for a single playthrough.

Steam? have some chance?

There's no censure in this, so Steam won't allow it. :(

Just finnished a Toru playthrough and felt like squealling like a fangirl. Very unbecoming of a fanboy like me. =D Cant wait for the full game. Think ima play shiba next.

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Wee! Played the extended version, and now I'm even more obsessed with Shiba. Seriously, give him to me already! D8 (please tell me there's a dog ears and dog tail I can buy and put on him later? @.@)

Also started to take a liking to Hikaru with his rudeness. I hope he's not completely a tsundere. Call me a masochist. =P

I did want to say that out of all the little jobs you take, I usually have to play through several times to ace the character. And yet...I totally nailed every emotion for the anime audition with Haru and Rion. Which left me totally depressed after. I don't even like those depressing best friend loves but will forever get the shaft type stories...In fact. I HATE them. (cause the best friend type is totally my type )...and yet I 100% his lines with ease. <.< (Haru! She doesn't deserve you! You just need a sexy guy to make you forget that woman. >.<)

(yes, I'm shipping non-existent job characters with non-existent ocs. xD)

I just downloaded the extended version, and whenever I'm about to progress to a new day or I try to click on my Status, this message pops up ( And it won't let me click out of it without exiting the game completely. I'm not sure what's going on :(

Thank you!

Did you play from the start or continue a savefile (from old demo)?

The download button for the windows demo isn't working...

Same. This is the code I'm getting:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code><Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message></Error>

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I think it's a problem from I will try to contact them.

I tried again today and it's now working. Thanks for the help!

I'm absolutely in love with this game so far, I am having a problem with the Demo though. It wont let me proceed past January Sunday 26th, no matter what i do, it just comes up that their was a problem and crashes. It happens every time I try to go on a date, I really want to beat the demo before I preorder it, am I doing something wrong or is it a problem with my computer maybe?

Can you show me screenshot of the error?

hi, ended up just deleting it then redownloading it, and restarting the game, and that seemed to fix it. Love the demo!! Preordered the game as soon as I finished it.

Hello, so far I'm still playing the demo and I'm on the 3rd of January and I've been stalking Hikaru non-stop at the cinema and at the mall, lol. I just wanted to know when do you actually get his number to invite him on dates and stuff? An Shiba's and Shuu's? Is it trough a story event or is it when they like you enough?

I'm really loving the demo so far and can't wait to play the full version. Thank you for creating this fantastic game. I'm pretty sure it will be on my top list of favourite BL novels :)

You can't get Hikaru & Shuu's number in demo yet :p

For Shiba, just spend time with him until your relationship status reaches "acquaintance" (check via fudanshi dude in park) and trigger scene in VA school to get his number.

Okay, thanks. That explains a lot, haha xD

Hi guys! I just pre ordered this game so wanted to know by when is the estimated time for this to be completed to be downloaded?

Current estimated release date is Dec 2017 :)


I just finished playing the extended demo and am delighted to say I preordered right away! It was a lovely improvement and extension of the original demo and I'm super happy to be able to support this game in this way.

I had a similar sort of bug as a few others, where my "current audition" was stuck on the RPG fantasy game audition even though I failed it. And then I couldn't accept any new auditions, but the game still let me try out for the ramen audition on the day! That was the only problem I came across.

I eagerly anticipate the final product! With the amount of work you guys put it, I think it will be amazing. Thank you so much for you hard work! Keep trying your best! :)))


Yeah, I've noticed that bug. Will re-upload new version soon.

Glad you like the demo!

Hi guys! Loving the game so far! I got a bug when I got to the elephant audition even though I didn't accept it, if you want I can send the screenshot?

Yup, pls send it to our email! :)

Playing through the extended demo and I think I may have found a bug. I am with Toru at the mall trying on clothes and there is no sound or picture other then MC's chibi.

also, I was playing the audition with the elephant and it had an error/coding/bug screen pop up. It's kind of funny though because it didn't show that I accepted the ramen and elephant auditions, just the rpg one. I was not expecting the audition lol.

I am loving the extended demo though. The wait was most definitely worth it. Toru is so cute :D

Yeah, I haven't coded in the expressions and character graphics in that scene yet :p

(I didn't think people would get to that scene xD)

Toru is just so dang cute I can't help but just hang with him lol.

love the updated demo but for some reason I can't progress past 26/1? It's a Sunday and I've got no option to take someone out and am stuck in my room only able to access the apps in the phone

OMG, i descovered this game yesterday, and i'm completely addicted.

Great job guys. i hope buy this game in the future <3


I've just finished playing the extended demo and I'm happy with the updates~!! The new expressions were cute~!!! I'm also happy with the special scenes~!! (By the way, can you decorate the chocolate?? If so, where/how?? I couldn't find it XD) I really think it was a real power up~!! (Though I do miss Hikaru's running-hand-through-my-beautiful-hair during the first meeting XDD

By the way, is it okay to pre order while using another's computer?? I think my computer really was the problem since when I tried to play it on my grandfather's, all the weird things disappeared......

Oh and, should I just ignore the exception trace back thing??

To decorate choco, go to restaurant on 13th February and talk to the restaurant owner! You'll then be able to make homemade choco and decorate it :D

And yeah, it is fine to pre-order in another computer. As long as you login with the account you purchased the game with, you should be able to download the full game in any computer you have :)

Can you show screenshot of the exception traceback?

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Oh okay~!! Thank you~!!!

I couldn't take a screenshot but I did take pics of it~

Oh and the traceback text document is also seen in the SeiyuuDanshiExtendedDemo-1.00-pc folder

Can you send the pic you took? (if it's hard for you to post in forums, you can e-mail me at

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Hi! :)
So I've been playing the extended version of the demo and it's really great so far, but I have a little problem with the room, (or it's just me being stupid because I didn't read through it properly), but it was a Sunday so I had nothing to do, but I couldn't exit the apartment? There's probably a button right there and I'm just blind, but do you think you could tell me where it is? xD I've been stuck in the room for about 20 minutes.
Thank you~ <3

During the Sunday, you can't exit your room, but you are able to invite the guys on a date (with the button near your phone).

Or, is there no button at all in your screen? If yes, that's probably a bug that needs to be squashed xD

The same thing happend to me on SUNDAY, 26/1, so it's probably just the end of the demo

Hm, actually this demo ends on 15th February, so that shouldn't happen.

Did you do any particular thing the night before? (During my playtesting, I experience that too, but it happened so randomly I couldn't find the cause.)

I had the same thing happen to me on the 26 day of January too!

and when i exited out and tried to play again i ended up geting this error page :(

Did you download the extended demo?

(bcs the error page displays Seiyuu Danshi Demo 2.04 which is the previous version of the game)

Same thing happened to me. Stuck in the apartment on a Sunday because there are no buttons to interact with so now I can't get passed Jan. 26th.

Does it matter if you have a computer or tablet?

So i LOVED the new demo, but i did run into a small annoyance. In the original demo i remember triggering the event with shiba (at the mall) however i was unable to trigger said event in this version, but shiba still recognized me from when i helped him, (but i didn't help him) This is EXTREMELY minor, but it got me thinking, if you dont meet the characters right away will you run into them in predetermined scenes, and will there be a scene to correspond to you never meeting them before.

I will be preordering (get paid on mondays) , though i'd like more info about the artbook if possible.

Are you sure about that? Because I have tested it again and while you indeed can meet Shiba again, the dialogues is different. If you never help him, the producer introduces you to him instead.

Very certain. i was ACTIVELY searching for him and i didn't see him, while the producer DID introduce him, shiba still had the same dialogue. perhaps it was a fluke,

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He's in shopping mall the first time you go there. And is always there until 16th January. If you go to shopping mall (before 16th January) and don't find the scene in shopping mall, that means you already get the scene.

I have checked the code multiple times, and the thing you mentioned shouldn't happen.

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Wierd I'll play through it again. I did get off a long shift at work, maybe i just blanked out. I appologse for the stress i likely put on you. =D keep up the hard work.

edit: just preordered the arrtbook edition. =D

Haha, it's okay. Maybe you just accidentally skipped the text since you have read it once before =)

hey, I was interested in knowing a couple of things before I pre-order to be sure. First, do you have any idea on when the game will be ready or do you give us updates if we order ? Second, do I have to pay continuously? I just had that happen recently for another game.

Also I'm really excited to see the finished project because this seems like a really good game so far

Current expected release date is December 2017.

For updates, I post an update at our forum every week, but the access is limited to our Kickstarter backers, but I post frequently at Twitter & Facebook as well. And no, it's a one-time payment just as other games in :)

okay, thank you very much! I will pre-order soon *w

I really liked the demo! I'll pre-order soon! However, I DID find that its really hard to increase your charm and intelligence? I spent ages doing the stuff in the mirror and getting told that my charm and increased moderately, but at the end of the demo I was still dull, and although I spent some time in the bookshop reading, my intelligence still stayed as stupid? Was that something that's part of the demo- like how you couldn't do any quests (that i found anyway)- or is that how the game will be? Because it seemed a little bit too hard...

The full game will last 1 year so you will have lots of time to foster your stats so don't worry =D

(If during playtesting I find that it's to hard to increase your intel/charm etc, I'll make it easier :p I'm just worried that players won't have anything to do by the end of the year)

I Finished the new demo and its a great work. I pre-ordered the game too.

Thanks you for the demo and your hadrwork :D

Glad you like the demo ^^

I would like yo be parte of the sponsors un Kickstarter, bit i ser that its no longer posible, because the option no longer appears, is there any way to be able yo be? Thanks you very much.

Do you mean you want access to private forum?

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Of curse, but what do I need to access?

Private forum access is now available as digital add-on for $15. If you are still interested please contact me via e-mail: :)

finished demo and pre-ordered! I love how there are other activities along with dating simulation and storylines. Keep up the great work, can't wait for the full game!

Glad you like the demo ^^

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