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does anyone know how to get the tenacle scene

You need to get 100% in the audition for last fantasy RPG on January 24th.

This unlocks the tentacle recording which is called Erohero

Hello, I really want to purchase the game, but I have seen a lot of comments saying that they have lost their saves when restart the game. Is this problem solved?

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Please I need help,
I copied my save files and persistent file so that I could play on my new computer.
now I still had my saves but I can't find my CGs and endings, It's gone
please how do I fix this??  I am so sad now :(

I have the same issue... I still have Tocchan's best ending but Shuu and Hikaru don't have any endings or scenes which is weird because their save files are still there and I already finished their routes... I'm freaking out TT

Is there any way to make Toru a dominant/top. I chose to be a top at first but is there any way to change it. I equipped the dirty talk phrases which are directed to a dom but he still is a sub. Any way to fix it?

during the sexy time you have to still tease him until he takes control for dom and for him to top just select that u want to bottom when the chibi options pop up. after 6 or 7 times they change positions based on what they repeatedly did

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I'm playing the demo and it keeps on saying "An exception has occurred" when I get to the part where he needs to voice act for tentacle porn. I suspect that it this has to do with the image that shows in the game? I need help :(

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Yeah, the CG for that scene isn't available in demo version.

Is their no demo for Android and also is this game available on Android

Yes it is

What do I do!  Help!!  I'm stuck here and I cant even continue the game or restart it at this point. ;-;



Did you use the mouse wheel to view his lower body?

Did you managed to fix it? I also have the same problem and I can't go to main menu anymore

Hiii I just recently bought the game but every time I open the game, all my saves fail to load and it says something about a script error, so basically I lost all my progress. Does anyone have a solution so this doesn't happen again? U.U

I can't get the good or best ending for Tocchan... Already tried 3 times to get the best ending. Always get him to become my lover before June (4th to 9th of June with the Full Heart), but the last scene I have with him is the ice cream in the supermarket. After that, only the phrase "I spend the rest of the day talking and bothering Tocchan. I can feel our love getting stronger" appears to me. 

I've tried everything, at first, I used the money cheat, the second time I did not use the cheats, in the last I tried using all the cheats and refusing all the jobs so that I could stay with him 24/7... 

In all the tries the Shige guy only appears on the Christmas date...

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any other thing that I need to do to trigger the Shige guy appearing? Like... a side mission? Or be friends with someone else? 

After becoming lovers, you should still spend time with Tocchan in the agency. At some point, he should be asked to return back to his previous job, and MC can pick a choice in either letting him back or not.

I stayed with him all the days of the week, Sundays also. All the days in the year in the last playthrough, I only did the first job that is obligatory... All the other days I spent with him and called him all the nights... Even so, the scene didn't appear... 

The last scene that appears for me is the Ice Cream on the supermarket, after that is just the black dialogue box. 

The scene's spending time at the agency, not the mart or phone at night. 

Didn't appear... only the black box

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Hey there! I'm on Tocchan's route, and I got the park scene where he talked about how one of the people in the photos is dead. At one point, he goes, "Remember when I told you I was visiting a grave?" which confused me because he never once said that to MC. Am I missing a scene, somehow? There's also the part about Shige-chan. Once they start talking about his whereabouts, they don't actually talk about who "Shige-chan" is. The game somehow just assumes you already know who that is; before that, they just refer to him as the previous owner of the VA office. Am I missing a scene here or is that just how the dialogue for the game goes?

Also, I still haven't gotten the scene where MC meets Tocchan's family, even though the fanbook says that it should auto-trigger during the first weekend/holiday after MC gets together with Tocchan. During my playthrough, MC got together with Tocchan on July right before summer vacation, but it didn't auto-trigger and it's already September. Did I do it wrong or will it auto-trigger later? (I'm also using Shuu's money cheat and Shiba's VA cheat. Does that factor in?)

Re: Meeting Tocchan's family >> I finally got it! The event auto-triggered on Sept 28, the week after the aquarium date. Instead of the first weekend after getting together, the event happened well after helping Tocchan make a decision about leaving or staying in the VA business (i.e. the make or break choice for the route ending), which is pretty strange. It just leaves me wondering: is this a bug because I used cheats? Or is it because MC got together with Tocchan right before the summer break?

Thank you!

Hey guys can someone tell me on how to get shuu route?

You mean how to start it? If so, just go to the mansion after your landlord tells you about a job there. Click the paper/poster on the wall and enter the elevator to answer Shuu's special question and get the job. As long as you keep visiting Shuu, he'll eventually start hanging out outside his apartment and you'll get more chances to romance him throughout the game, especially once you get his number and can invite him out on dates. 

So I'm currently playing the game for the first time and I'm having trouble unlocking Hikaru's last Scene Replay. What do I have to do to unlock it? I already have all the CGs but the one Scene Replay still seems to be missing.

Hey during some of the foreplay scenes with Shiba I don't see anything except for the text box. The cg changes into a gray checkered pattern. Is this a bug? If so, please help.  

Holi! ¿Cómo se obtiene rasgo tierno? Please, necesito saber.

Hi guys can someone help how can i get cute and energetic trait?


you can get cute trait from reading a book that can be purchased in the bookstore! before purhasing books there's description of traits that you will get after reading it at night. for energetic, you have to eat in the restaurant and pick the dish (I think it was katsudon) to gain energetic trait.

Can anybody help me with this? 


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/adultshops.rpy", line 326, in <module>

NameError: name 'gotomatsuriwith' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "main.rpyc", line 710, in script call

  File "newdirtytalk.rpyc", line 469, in script call

  File "adultshops.rpyc", line 326, in script

  File "/data/user/0/", line 1729, in execute

    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):

  File "/data/user/0/", line 1943, in py_eval

    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)

  File "/data/user/0/", line 1936, in py_eval_bytecode

    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/adultshops.rpy", line 326, in <module>

NameError: name 'gotomatsuriwith' is not defined


I didn't really get far in the game, only one ending. 

but I opened the game after not playing for a week or so, and all my progress was deleted but I still had my saves. but CGs and endings were gone. 

I'm meh about it because I didn't get far but I'm afraid it'll do it again

foreplay tutorial

why cant i proceed in the foreplay just stops working there

Me too 😭. Can somebody help up solve this problem. I wanna continue Shuu as my lover in the game

Hey fella. All we have to do is press anywhere outside the picture. You see the black in the screen you press there and it will proceed. It will not work if you keep on pressing on the picture or near it. That's what I do and now I'm currently in the good part hahaha

i tried doing it and nothing happens?? 😨

I tried it doesn't work 😭 I can't proceed

How can I be genius? 👁️👄👁️😅😂😂


Watch in the cinema some documentaries or be a tutor

+read books in bookstore/agency or purchase TV and watch news tho watching documentaries is the fastest way

So I maybe late to the party but does anyone know all LIs' real character inspiration?

To me, it seems like this:

  • Toshiyuki: Kinda reminds me of Sakuma from Hadaka Shitsuji
  • Toru: Akashi Seijuurou from KnB?
  • Shiba: he seems familiar to me tho I couldn't really remember which character(s)
  • Shuu: Haruka Nanase from Free?
  • Hikaru: Yuuki Shinomiya from Tokyo Xanadu. Their tsundere-ness also match!
  • Kaede: ???
  • Kei: ???

Would love to hear other people's inputs on this one. :3

Kei always struck me as a Murasakibara look-alike because of his long-ish purple hair. ^^

Hi does anyone know how to unlock haato's 2nd CG? Thank you so much 😊😊

You unlock this image during the "fun time" at the end of a date with any of the main bachelors. Use the "mouth" foreplay on your chosen partners genitals. It may take a few times for the CG to trigger. It kinda feels like there is a invisible counter.

Hi does anybody know how to manage to unlock this screenplay??😊😊 plsss help me thank you so much in advance🙇🙇

I haven't unlocked all of the images yet either but for these ones, I believe you get different CG's depending on whether you're top or bottom during "fun time". If you haven't run through the game as both sides yet, try that.

Hi can anyone help me with this one? That is the last but i dont know how to open it?? Thank you for your reply☺☺..

You unlock this image during the "fun time" at the end of a date with any of the main bachelors. Use the "mouth" foreplay on your chosen partners genitals. It may take a few times for the CG to trigger. It kinda feels like there is a invisible counter.

Does anyone know this side quest? The boy had a two girlfriend haato told the other girl that his boyfriend cheating on her.. when they found out the two girls became friends and gave me 5,000 each.. just sharing for those who didn't try this.☺☺

Ohh well I don't exactly remember the date but you will find her in the mansion where shuu is 😅

Why the tutorial on the first foreplay with shuu does not loading?

how did you get the tutorial?

Can I ask how to have or achieve the best ending for tocchan?cause it is my second time playing tocchan route but in the end it always a bad ending,shuu route is easier than tocchan route

I think you'll have to win Seiyuu Award and have full heart relationship with Tocchan. 500 fame is enough to win the Seiyuu Award. Also, auditions are more important than hanging out with the guys. But if you don't have any audition, you should hanging out with the guys as much as you can! And try go on a date with Tocchan every sunday. Wear elegant outfit that you can buy at the mall as well! Idk how I got the best ending as well- also, interacting with townies is also important. They will give you extra money. Good luck!

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Please can someone help me?tell me how and when can i get the tickets for hot springs. I didn't get the tickets from mart for 2days hot springs do i need to have a boyfriend first? When i played with shuu i automatically got the free tickets from mart but when i played with toochan i didn't get it😭


Just bought the Digital Fanbook and I just wanted to say THANK YOOOU! Its beautiful and I love it so much, thank you for all your hard work! Best BL/YAOI Game out there for sure! Can't wait for Banana Ranch <3

how can make my frame known so i can go outside

Go to the audition always.

hewow i have problem in the mansion i answered ponpon but it didnt worked :<

Hi my game just lag in the tutorial for foreplay mode and I don't know how to resume it please help me

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Hi im new to this game and i don't know how to unlock shuu route because when i enter ponpon in the riddle its always say im wrong!!! Should i atleast finish one route??? please help me i really appreciate it!! 

im playing the game right now and im at one scene and it keeps doing this:

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Me too! TAT It was at the BL recording! I can't continue the game unless I do the BL recording since I can't refuse! Although when I keep clicking ignore, it will go over the recording scene, but I will have to record again since "It's still lacking something", so I'm in an infinitive loop!

According to the screenshot of the error, you two are probably playing demo version. I purposely removed that scene from the demo.

So, whenever I open the messages in the demo the game crashes? It shows an exception occurred and it won't let me ignore it so I hafta close the game.

Are you playing demo or full version? Demo hasn't been updated in a long time, so there's an error here and there. The errors shouldn't persist in full version of the game.

the demo, cause of it I kinda just gave up playing tbh since pretty sure it's important feature XD

But either way it definitely looks like a good quality game so I'd definitely buy it if I wasn't broke

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