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What's the difference between the $45 and $60 version? Is it just the $60 version has the fanbook?

Yea $60 get fanbook as well (but fanbook isn't released yet so currently there's no difference in the two)

Ok, thanks so much! Love your games! Saving up to buy all of them, honestly :)

Thank you for liking my games 😊


Can you make the demo for people who can't pay have the same things as the one for paying as I've tried the demo and would like it so you have more to play like the original version for paying as its getting boring playing that section again as some people can't play it all. 


say what again? How is that make any sense dude?



is the game fully out yet or is still in beta + do u have a discord server?

is the game fully out yet or is still in beta + do u have a discord server?

Hey if i buy the 45$ one with the beta routes do i also get the pre-order ?

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I can't download Moocha and Finn's routes on the app. is that normal?

it only works with the demo


Did you buy the game?



You bought the 45 one?


Then idk it works for me did you go to the top where it shows you bought it and dowload it?


The game isn't out yet. You can get beta/early access (which only has the two routes so far) if you paid more than $45 USD, but if you paid the regular price of S29.99 USD, you only get the pre-order, and will get access to the game when it comes out only.

Did you only pay for the base (pre-order) game perhaps?

I bought the game but it wont let me download it, is it not out yet?


its not out yet, u preordered the game


thank you :) any news when it will be released? I don t mind waiting since it looks like an amazing game and the demo was fun and almost gave me a harvest moon/ dating sim vibe,  I just was wondering :)

have no idea! you could check their twitter for some info!

This game is literally 

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Do you do discounts? Also what's the difference between $30 and $45?


Can't say about discounts, sorry. No clue. For the prices though:

The $29.99 USD one is a pre-order, you pay for it now and get the game when it comes out fully. the $45 USD one has beta access, which allows you to play the game as it's being built. 

Thing is, since the latter is still early access, it's only got two routes complete so far, and is rife with glitches and problems. Thankfully, you can email the developer with the glitches you've found, and they can release patches for these problems thanks to all us players' help.

So, when wanting to look at the Cgs for Finn in the extras tab he is not clickable. I was wondering if this is a problem for anyone else.

I made the condition to see his CG page once you've unlocked his ending. Now that I think about it again, that's a silly decision xD I'll change in this later version along with the other fixes...

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So....... are all routes out or is this game still ongoing? I'm still new to itch, so if I purchase $45 of the Beta version of Finn and Moocha, if the game is updated again later with a new route do I need to repurchase or does the update is for free thereafter? 

It's only Moocha and Finn that are romanceable now. Update is free (including the full game later on)

Thank you for the explanation! =)

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Okay I wanna put some feedback

Feedback: I wish you could continuously fish without pressing the st*pid fishing pop-up ahhhh. I fished and press the pop-up for like 100 times in 1 month. At first it was okay but the longer you play; year 2, year 3. You'll have like no motivation to fish for rewards.

A bug that I've noticed

There like a festival in year 2 that showed the baby before i completed the quest that gave me the egg by the love god.

One of my farm animals disappeared in year 3; Pia. When I put her in the farming field trying to assign another farm animal to watch the field.

Also, My courage reach to heroic I can't I still talk to Howl

Lastly, Where can I find the black grass? to make the cloth.

As for fishing, makes sense. I can make it so it returns to the choice menu you get right before you fish instead of needing to click popup. 

As for baby year 2, that's a bug indeed.

Hm, Pia is a sheep, you can try clicking the sheep tab instead of chicken tab?

As for Howl, I haven't bothered making talk label for him because his route isn't done yet. I'll make it when I get around to do his route lol. 

Black grass is somewhere around spooky forest, I believe.

Is the black grass supposed to be a rarity item? Or provided by the Zombie kid. No matter how many times I visit the spooky forest it doesn't provide the black grass.

Same problem , did you find the solution or nah ?

Anyone else getting visual glitches? Specifically with the top and bottom of the screen not lining up?

Also wanna know: how many years are in a single run? Just finished Year 2 with Moocha.

There's 3 year in single run. 

As for the visual glitches, does it persist even after restart? You can try pressing SHIFT + G and changes the renderer there.

Thank you for the reply Meyaoi :) Loved Seiyuu Danshi, and loving Banana Ranch so far.

Unfortunately, the issue appears to be on my end. GL2 doesn't fix the issue and ANGLE2 gives me a message saying my graphics drivers may be out of date or not functioning correctly. Thank you for the advice regardless :)

I can still play the game, it's just a bit disorienting. Plus, I kept the older version with just Moocha which didn't have this issue so it's no bother to me if this update is not accessible for now ;)

Great work, and good luck on the next update :D

It's probably the newer version of Renpy that is causing the problem then. I'll need to see if someone has reported this issue to the creator =)

If i bought the $45 dollar Patreon to gain access to Mocha and Fin. Will I lose access if I cancel the Patreon next month? 

You can just buy the beta version on It will be a one time fee.

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I'm a little confused what you mean by Patreon. I don't know every reward on their Patreon site, but I don't think there's one like that on there for that price? 

Do you mean the beta version of the game, here on itch? Cause if so, it's a single payment on the game page for constant access to the ongoing beta with Finn and Moocha, if you pay $45USD or more.

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Playing the Finn beta. 

I've successfully recruited every monster except the Dullahan in the Volcanic area. He was actually the first I tried to recruit, but it didn't do anything so I figured back then that you just had to recruit them in a specific order or something, but nope. I have full charm, the monster cookie recipe, all other monsters recruited, am married to Moocha, have had a child with him, and I still can't recruit the Dullahan. :( 

I have tried fighting to recruit him so many times that the sprites of the encounterable monsters all end up wandering off and disappearing from the map. 

Is it a glitch? Is he just unrecruitable at this stage of the game?

Edit: Also, I've been unable to get any 4* Volcanic ash for the medicine quest. I only find 5* when gathering, and that isn't accepted. Anyone know a way to get it otherwise?

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Also, side note: What kind of sacrilegious, monstrosity of a person, uses ketchup in the recipe to make sushi? XD

Dullahan's befriending rate is a bit low, so it might take lots of tries to get him xD Oh, but you also need to befriend snow beauty monster first before befriending him. I think someone managed to get lucky and reported to me (I might improve the formula later on tho). 

Thx, I'll keep trying to recruit him :) Hopefully, I'll get lucky

Hi there, could you tell me where the tako (octopus) and mer guys are at please? I couldn't find them anywhere... not even at the beach

You encounter them by fishing with legendary bait in beach (for merman) and spooky forest (for the tentacle guy)

Thanks! Got them all!

I love the game but the ranch stop giving produce and the workers are not gaining experience so I cannot level them up though.

You have to put the employees to resting area before they can continue giving produce (each employee has stamina)

Ah thank you I just found where you can upgrade to get the resting area I couldn't find it before.

where is it?

Just below the box in the top left hand corner of the screen while in the ranch.

Where does one get building material? I've been searching for the past few days

You need to craft it. There's a book called DIY projects in general store that contains that recipe.

The only craft book I see is the advance book and I have already read that. I am only at Year 2 summer 20.

The book won't show up on the store if you play older version than 1.02, I believe (that was a bug where you couldn't find DIY projects book anywhere so I added it to the general store stock later on) 

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Ok, I'm playing 1.0.0 still the Finn Beta

aaa sorry for so many questions but i'm having trouble finding yellow flowers and broken glass, is it possible to add a feature where you can see where to get items?

ok finally found yellow grass but broken glass isnt spawning anywhere

I think I got broken glass sometimes in the slime forest, but I'm not 100% certain


May I ask when yur planning on doing Gingers route? I love this dog way to much 😫😫

I made a monster cookie but i'm still not able to befriend monster boys

Befriend requires you to have max charm and learn skill "Bond of friendship" and use it during battle (there will be chance of monsters being befriended). The monster cookies can be used as gifts to those monsters once they've been befriended (to increase friendship level)

ohhh sorry its been a while since i played

sorry for another question, but how many silk threads do i need for the spider twins? the quest log doesnt say

It's 10 =)

ok i have way more than that. like. 51.

It needs to be five-star quality.

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

So I waited to play this game till some routes came out and was really happy to see Finn done. Sadly, I find it very hard for me to want to progress with this game despite me liking a lot about it. Of course, you don't need to take my advice and I know others likely aren't having these problems, but I can't see myself playing this game due to one big important factor: the battle gameplay. 

First off, let me just say that the battle system is fine. It's easy to get and not frustrating. What is though is the whole movement on the map. It's not fun and is buggy. I find it hard to move Ban on the map as he either won't move quick enough to avoid monsters or he gets struck on the background scenery. 

The next big thing is the whole way Ban will level up. I don't think it's good to have it that he can only level up when after completing a certain side quest. I don't know if we're suppose to wait till going out or not, but it's a weird mechanic to have because it seems like the game wants you to adventure to some degree early in the game. Honestly I feel like having his stats level up when he wins a battle or when getting up courage would be the best way for this. 

It's because of this system that I find it hard to want to keep going because I know the rpg element plays a big part in the game from saving the farm to getting items. If we're not meant to do it so soon, I suppose i can get that, but needing to do a certain request to level up just doesn't sit well with me, especially since we have to level up a certain skill which can move slowly. What also makes this worse is that there's not hint to this system, and depending on how one plays, they may take a long time before seeing Ban get stronger. 

If I'm wrong about something or how the system works, I am sorry.  I do think though that Ban's movement on the field has to be tweaked a bit because it's not fun...

Still, besides this, I do enjoy the game and want to play more. I just find it hard to get into the rpg part....I hope i can play it down the line. 

Hi there, thanks for the thorough feedback!

For the movement, unfortunately I'm not a skilled enough programmer to make Ban move anymore smoother... I think Renpy is just kinda limited in real time movement :x (if it helps though, he can be controlled with both mouse / keyboard WASD and arrow, and SHIFT can make him dash to make him move faster to evade monsters. Also, chance for escape is also still very high, so you are most likely successful if you decide to escape battle)

As for the battle, it makes sense to make it immediately available to at least level up a little. A possible tweak would be making Haves' initial strengthening potions immediately available (so, level 1-2 potions already available, which should strengthen player enough to beat the first 2-3 dungeons), and the more advanced potions (3-5) will be unlocked upon quest completion. That might be better? Implementing EXP system / courage-based increase at this point is a bit hard ^^;

Hey Meyaoi, thanks for the reply. I do understand. I hope I didn't offend you. I think this game is really good, it's just the map movement and leveling was a bit of a put off for me. I admit this is likely me. I'm not the best with rpg's honestly, though I do enjoy them. I didn't know WASD could be used or the shift, so I'll try this. I think I just need to be better with the system and not get too arrogant when fighting. But I also understand the limits. In terms of combat, it's just fine. Also, it may be my computer maybe? Sometimes this happens. 

As for the leveling system, I think all you have to do is maybe give a hint that the players need to do Haves side quest. Like maybe he says something is passing. I only knew cause I manage to find your faq. Doing this means you don't have to change anything and it'll be up to the player to manage their time. I think this way it'll solve it. I think my problem was if I didn't read your faq, I wouldn't know how to level up. I think a hint is a good way so you don't have to add any more code. 

Anyway, thanks so much for the reply. I'll try again with the game today because I really want to play. Everything is else is great and the combat itself is good (i love turn based). Thank you for all your hard =). 

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Okay, hint should be very easy to implement! :) No worries, I appreciate the feedback 😁 (might also add the movement control hint since some might not realize you can dash using shift or even move using keyboard 🤔)

Np. Thank you so much for reading and replying =D. I'm gonna play more this week =D

which route do u think ur gonna do next???

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Planning to do Yolkie's since he was the 2nd winner during the previous poll :)

Hey :) just bought the game! (An i Love it :D ) - I had 2 loops so far: 1 at the flower festival - it restarted over and over till i danced with all 3 possible chars. Atm i'm stuck at my second loop: Its the swimming contest on the 1st of Summer. I talked with every Char as much as possible, but after going home the event starts again. Save and Load didn't work :/

This looping problem should be fixed in 1.0.3. Have you redownloaded? (You can still play your save file)

i bought the game yesterday - and I just realized, that i started the game with the wrong exe :) itch shows me 4 different. Thanks for ur reply!

You're welcome :D

I bought both the $30 one and the $45 can i refund the $30 one?

You can contact for refund request =)

thank you

Umm, am I the only one getting a loop glitch/bug during the Test of Courage? 

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Hmm, I can't replicate this bug for some reason. If you have saved it before, can you try reloading and replaying the scene to see if the same thing happens or not?

Edit: Nevermind, I've found the issue now! It seems my fix for overnight dating with Finn causes this error...

Oh! I'm out of the loop! You fixed that really fast, thank you! :) 

Glad you're out of the loop! xD

I ended up getting the $60 version of the game, it says beta access but only the 45 backer says moocha + Finn route, silly question ik but will I be able to play Finn's route?


Yes you can, it is $45+ backers xD

Theres a reoccuring bug in fins route regarding his clothes; when he wears a white suite to confess to the MC he will wear the outfit ever scene from then on until a complete wardrobe change is done on the charcter which took quite a while (2-4 in game weeks). Same thing whenever you see him fully undressed, he will go on the rest of the game naked which make some scenes a bit odd lol, but events such as the festival fix it back to normal. In addition to this if Fin wears the yukata in foreplay mode and it is taken off, his whole dong just dissapears- (Also quick question is there a glitch in his route regarding marrying finn? Im asking since I did all the quests for the priests and have gotten Finn to full with no new scenes appearing, and yes I have chacked in with grizz for the rings but there is no option to buy them :/) Overall the game is great though! I only noticed 1-2 speling errors in the beginning and the game is fantastic, keep up the outstanding work :>

Ooh yeah, those are all bugs indeed... I forgot to trigger marriage prompt event for Finn. Will fix soon-ish!

Fix is up! 😊


I got an error when Finn agreed to join my party. Im not sure if its because he cant adventure with you yet or its an actual bug.

That's a bug indeed! Will fix soon.

Jesus you're fast, a literal speedrun TT 

i bought the $29 and $45 ,but i can't download the $29 one,why?

I did the same thing. All you have to do is go to your purchases and click on the Banana Ranch that matches the time you purchased at $45. Hope this helps

Thanks.But I'm still curious what happened to the $29 one

Oh, that one won't have the beta download links because it's a lower tier so it'll always send you to the same page. Unless you're saying that one isn't in your purchases anymore?

where is the best place for people (with the beta download) to submit bugs and other inputs?

Taken from the game's page:

"(Please be warned that the beta is not yet thoroughly tested and your gameplay experience might be riddled with bugs). If you have any bugs to report, please send me an e-mail at"


so, any news about future updates?



Just asking, is there gonna be a mobile port because Ill love playing this on mobile!!


I didn't play it yet, but if it's made in Renpy then there's big chances to play it through app "JoiPlay" 

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It didn't work sadly, but if there's a chance that's it's gonna be on mobile I'll play it for sure!



So I have a few doubts about the purchasing options(because they are so many lol). 

So buying at 30$ give you the right to preorder the game right? This mean we can download a beta version of the game already? When the game is finished can we play the finished version normally?

The second option about buying the mocha route... Only if we buy this option can we get to marry and have kids on beta? In the future when the games finish will we have the routes for free(after we bought the game for 30$) or we will have to buy each route when they are updated?

Hm for now it's just these question. I really wanna buy this game but it costs to much for me now (my main currency it's not dollar so). That's why I want to resolve my doubts before I actually purchase it. Thanks "3


$30 is just to pre-order the game to play once it is fully released, but it's $45 pre-order and to play the beta. It's one payment, then as they update the beta, you'll get the other routes as well until it is fully released.

If you buy the beta, you will be able to get married and have children.


Will this be available on steam? I mean since your other game Seiyuu Danshi is on steam I just thought this should be on steam as well.


I kind of wish this was free because I'm broke. also, any tips on how to make a game like this?


I really want to play the Moocha route, but I bought it for $29.95 not realizing you had to purchase for $45.   Can I pay the difference or what is the process.


I really hope this game doesnt get buried under the new game in development Im eagerly waiting a new route since moochas.

Howl for me though he might be the hardest so might possibly require some work.

another question, if I buy [Pre-order] Banana Ranch Game

can i play it? or can you only play Banana Ranch Beta? (I ask why I am collecting the money) OwO


I recently purchased the game and the email I received for the purchase is not giving me a option to download the game. Itchio is only recognizing it as a demo.

Can someone help me out


the game is still in early development

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