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I have a question, if I buy it, do I have to pay that sum every month?

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No, you don't have to pay that sum every month. It's just a one-time purchase.



another question, if I buy [Pre-order] Banana Ranch Game

can i play it? or can you only play Banana Ranch Beta? (I ask why I am collecting the money) OwO

At the moment, it's just the Moocha route you can play. So only the Beta for now.

Hello, just bought the game and became a patron. However, I can't seem to be able to download the game. It just says pre-order. Can't find any way to download it via Patreon either. Am I missing something?

Hello Meyaoi Games, Will this game have an android version?


Yeah, definitely. However, android port takes longer to create, so I'll make it when the game is more stable. 

hi, i played moocha route and i love it! the game is just SO great, im anxious for finn's route, do u guys have a expected date for it?
and i wanna say that i'm absolutely in love with the summer event, the cg was jut so pretty *-*

Hi sorry to disturb anyone but I've been stuck on getting 2 items for awhile, where can I find tough board and black bye stuff bc it felt like forever trying to find it if you can point me the right direction it would be appreciated. Thanks

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Tough board is a crafted item, I believe. It's been a while and I have no access to laptop right now so I forgot the way to get the recipe.  Black dye is also crafted item (recipe is obtained from doing quests for the spider twins, if I remember correct, with raw materials of black colored grasses you can collect in spooky forest)


hi thank you very much

hi, if i buy moocha beta, i will have acess for future betas too?

Yes, of course 😄 You will get access to full version game when it is finally released too.


Just for anyone's curiosity on possible game release dates:

Originally, the game had been planned to be finished by Q4 of 2022. But that was largely in part due to the smaller (original) amount of ROs. After the stretch goals and the many others that were added, it's become apparent to all of us fans out there and the Dev😆🙌 of this game, that they will actually need more time to create/finish the game, especially due to waiting on art CGs because they have to be worked on and tend to take the longest. Artists aren't vending machines, ya know?

Well, anyways, with that in mind --I assume the Dev can work on 3 or maybe 4 max routes a year? At least until we reach that pinnacle of 12 🥳🙌. So this game is likely to be out by the end of 2024 or 2025 (no guarantees tho, because IRL obstacles can occur) For those that don't wish to wait so long, I suggest the beta access and purchasing it whenever you find it on sale. The routes will be added as they complete, and you can finish them 1 by one. Meyaoi's games also tend to take a while to play through for me, so I personally NEEDED the beta access 🤣.

Side note for anyone interested: 

*The Baradise Escape game was actually a game put into motion BEFORE the making of BR. Due to some things, it had to get temporarily shelved. But the artists team is revving to go again on it, and the Dev is ready to work with them and continue this wonderful game🙌🥳!*

Personal note: "It's possible, that even if the Dev only worked on just BR or BE that neither would finish sooner. I think it's because, they still have to wait for things when you work with a team on games such as: BGs, regular CGs, NSFW CGs, sprites, animations, along with coding, etc. This means there will be down times where the Dev honestly can't do anything but wait. So I think it's good that during those times, they can likely hop from working on one game to the next😆🙌"

So just wanted to say: "Thanks for your continuously hard work! And keep on pushing forward 💪🙌😆"

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Thanks for explaining it so well! This is basically the reason. Also, I initially didn't expect each route of Banana Ranch to be this long (I wanted it to be shorter than Seiyuu Danshi's route, but it ended up being much longer instead 😅). The CG count for each route is bigger too (SD has around 14-15 CGs per route iirc while BR has more than 20), which causes the artist's workload to be bigger too. 

For a small dev, it is actually *very* common to work on multiple projects at once. Even during SD development, I had asked the artists to start drawing for other games when they no longer had task to do for SD, I just didn't announce it back then (and those games unfortunately ended up not getting continued). For Baradise Escape, I'm fortunate enough to get the artist currently working full time for me, so I keep commissioning them for new art now (at a scary rate for like ~15CGs per month) . Unfortunately, art costs money so I have to quickly finish the Baradise Escape demo to gather funds for further commissioning (otherwise, I'll just keep the project a secret project like I usually do lol, because people tend to assume the worst  😅)

Baradise and Banana have different artists, and I still keep commissioning art for Banana Ranch CGs as well (unfortunately at a slower pace due to artist not working full time). It's not like I can ask Baradise's artist to work on Banana Ranch's CGs, their art style is totally different 😅

Anyway, my current plan right now is: Work full time on Baradise Escape demo until 17th March, and hopefully by then Finn's CGs are mostly completed, and I will then switch gears to work full time on releasing Finn's route, then switch back and forth between the two projects like that. If the CG production for Banana Ranch takes too long, I might try hiring additional CG artist (though it can be hard finding reliable artists that are willing to draw 18+ and match art style ^^;)


Yay, I'm glad I could help explain! And I figured as much too. The art style for both games looks different, so I figured you had 2 completely different teams going, and I think it's great you can hop back and forth to work on the games when you have to wait for more art content from another🙌. And completely agreed, most if not all indie dev groups (or smaller game companies) need to be able to work on multiple projects if they want to stay afloat as developers. So I'm very happy that you're able to put in the hard work and dedication to man both teams and keep going, so thank you😘😆🙌! Your work is very much appreciated ☺!

basically it's going to come out when i finish university and work, \(qwq)/ great, thanks creators! I will come back and buy the game in a few years.


When will all routes be released? I find it weird y'all are starting on a new one even though this game is no where near done with all the other routes, I've been waiting to buy this game once you have all routes released, would like to get with Grizz and Noir.

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The post by Le20 up above this comment basically explains the reason why.

The artists for Banana Ranch and Baradise Escape are different. For Banana Ranch, my only workload from now on is writing the scenes then coding in the CGs once they're done. I'm in the phase of waiting for the CGs to be completed (for Finn's route), so rather than idling around while waiting for the CGs to be completed, it is much better for me to work on another game. It is in fact very common for a small developer to work on multiple projects at once. Yes, sometimes more than two at once. Yes, sometimes those projects end up being scrapped before the public knows their existence to begin with.

Each route has more than 20 unique CGs (not including variants), which takes a long time to draw. I don't want to cut corners for any route, so it will understandably take time to finish. Making game takes a long time. If you have pre-ordered the game and do not want to wait, feel free to request refund. I'll happily process them.


Hii hiii, I loveee this game! But I have one question, you could have sex with the Gods? I mean, they are hot xD

Buaah I cant wait for the full game to go outttt

Have a great day!


Unfortunately, there isn't any way to have sex with Gods in the beta, I'll definitely keep that suggestion in mind though (bcs they're indeed hot! 😆)

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first, I love the beta. I Keep chipping away at it. One small suggestion.

The interaction in the ranch needs some streamlining? Maybe either have the worn out employees auto drop from production facilities!  And either auto assign unused employees to the sleep room or maybe have a visible on the main ranch screen box that shows all the still unassigned employees. Sometimes I miss a few. 

Lastly far be it for me to offer you MORE ways to take my money. But if this game offers post games paid dlc after the fact like your other awesome work….. I’d kill ( or pay $$$) for a sex scene with one or both of your gangster chicken employees >_> hell we don’t even have to be part of it. They can bang each other. >_>. Even if they didn’t get a rivalry Bonus as a ranch owner  id make them work together in the hopes they’d hate bang each other. Also a dlc with West the simple country cowboy cow. >_> grants this is after I work my way though Finn and my doggo. Grizz. Klein, And the cranky Kitty in regular play  mind you. ^_^ ( actually now that I think about it Klein might not be an in game option. I forget. If he isn’t I’d dlc him too in a heartbeat!)

are you going to have a walk through guide available? one that can also be pre ordered?

Yep, Fanbook (consists of art and guide) is planned to be released (only after all the routes are done tho ^^;)

I have bought the ring from Grizz.And how can I propose to Moocha?I have spent time with him many times,but there is no new event.

To propose, aside from proper love point, you also need to have: 

  • Buy wedding rings at Grizz's woodshop
  • Buy big bed
  • Have finished the priest church quest, until marriage service is opened. To unlock priest church quest, you must first finish the police officers at love hotel quest

After that, the option to propose should show up when talking to Moocha.

Oh,thank you.By the way,in the latter part of the game,the big amount of employees makes me feel bored and even annoyed.Could you please simplify this part?

You can just not hire them. It's pretty much optional content.

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Can I get an estimate at what time will the official game be released ? I've pre-ordered the game (not the Beta)


For the complete one with all the routes... Not sure tbh since the workload for each love interest is not that small and we've got tons of routes to complete. But to give a rough prediction, each love route will take at least 3-4 months to complete.

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😭😭😭 OMG, does that mean we have to wait until 2025 for the official game ?

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demo is amazing, cant wait for the full game! how is development going?:)

also what characters are available in the moocha route to romance?

Just Moocha is romanceable in current version of beta, but there's a good amount of scenes with the other characters as well during the festival events.


Anyone have a clue on how to get tough boards for chess set? lmk

I pay for the the pre-order game and they said i can play the lastest version of the game. Yet i can't download it....

If you only pre-ordered the game, you can't download the beta version. That's for the $45 tier (currently on discount so $40.5). With pre-order, you'll be able to play the game once it is officially released (with all love interests included). 

If you only pre-ordered game recently and don't want to wait,  you can still ask for a refund by contacting

Ok i'll contact them thanks!

Hi, the game is great so far, just one issue im having. How do you view more of your employees for assigning tasks? I currently have 7 chickens but could only view and select from 6. There is no scroll bar to view outside the 6.

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I really need to add a visible scrollbar later... For now, if you have mouse, you can use the middle wheel to scroll. You can also click on the empty area in the box to drag up and down the screen.

Ahh thank you very much. Another thing i came across is the reaping of the crops. 4 days passed and i removed the crops but still didnt get the produce. Is it a longer wait or will there be a notification when its ready to reap?

There should be an icon popping up when it's ready. You can also click on the plot to check how many days left before the plant matures.


I'm really enjoying the game! 

I was just wondering how you get past the foreplay interactive for their first snusnu together and I'm confused on how I upgrade some things to level 2 to 3 because I can't figure out what they are. 

I don't know if I just missed something but I'm struggling TT

When both the heart meter for Ban and Moocha are filled up, there will be a new clickable button to continue.

Yeah, regarding the upgrade item thing, I'm planning to make it hover-able to provide item name information in next iteration of beta!

Sorry for the late reply, thank you so much! I was able to get past it and figure out some of the upgradable materials. I just have to figure out what the stone-like object is to upgrade the rooms.

Thank you again!


Hope you are well,  I'm enjoying the beta but I wanted to asked would you consider an option to stop the white flashes during things sex or cut scenes of the game? I think the right name for this is called "transitions" in games where this happens.

Oh yes, someone also asked me for that option some time ago. I didn't get to implement that because I forgot to do it for some reason... Will do in next iteration of beta!

Thanks! Really appreciate it.


Hi I just want to say I'm so hype for this game and keep the good work! :D


Thank you ^_^

how do I get $40 bundle with the Moocha route??

Press buy now, but click on the Banana Ranch Beta file.

I paid for the beta version a long time ago, how do I access it?

I paid $50 and then $20 twice on Patreon. But I have no way to access the beta. 

Did you fill in a Google form before? I sent a link to Google form for the Patreon backers some months ago, asking for reward address and credit etc. Do you remember filling that in? Anyway, I think it's best to contact me via email for support: as I don't often check itch comments.

If I were to buy the Winter Sale, does it include the beta or the pre-order for Banana Ranch?


Winter sale bundle includes only the pre-order, not beta. If you want beta, you can get it now at discounted price of $40.5 :)

Thank you for letting me know!

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Hi I was wondering how i would make coins I haven't found any recipes

I'm going to modify this later because I feel it's too hard, but you can get the recipes by seeing the town board at a certain month (I forget whether it's Winter year 1 / Spring year 2... XD)

it was winter year 1, ‘tips for motivating employees’ poster. I was about to ask the same but I wanted to see all the festivals so rushed to winter before they were waiting too long to be upgraded ^_^

Hey "Meyaoi Games", i wrote a mod (Alpha 0.1) translating Banana Ranch (Demo) into Polish.
The translation includes all Texts,Menus,GUI,Textures,etc... with the exception of elements requiring code interference.

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Thank you for your hard work!

i bought the game but it wont let me install it 




i loved the game so far, but seeing ban suck on moochas nipple while his kid is feeding is just a no from me dawg lol keep up the good work tho the art is amazing

is this game still being developed or is it the full content?

It's still being developed, but you can play from start to finish for one of the love interests (Moocha, the cow guy) in beta version. The rest of love interests are still being worked on and will be released periodically through beta :)

I Bought the preorder version by accident is there a way I can upgrade to the $45 tier

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to upgrade but you can contact by stating that you want to repurchase at higher tier and ask to refund your $29.99 purchase. Then, you can repurchase the game at $45 tier.

I can't download the game!! I had bought this game a long time ago but when I press the download button nothing happens?

If you only pre-ordered the game, you can't download the beta version. You'll be able to play the game once it is officially released (with all love interests included)

Hello, can I ask if how to get the popular & energetic trait in seiyuu danshi to participate on the Radio hosting. I can't find it.

Popular is learned from a book iirc, and energetic is from a certain food from the same place you get Ramen

I have a question before getting the game. If i pay the $45 pack, i get acess for the upcoming beta characters or just for Moocha?


You get all the updated characters :)


How do I upgrade each farm cell from level 2 >> 3? I don't recognize what the icon of the ingredient is. I thought it was iron ingot but apparently it's not... I am also missing the recipe for crafting a toughboard, so maybe I've missed  a quest for a crafting book?

how do we find a partner for the love hotel quest to help the officers disguise themselves? im so confused can someone please help me

Talk to Hunny when he's at the clothing store ;)

it is a little bit confusing, what do I get when I buy the game now? a demo!? the beta? And will I get the update for a full game too?

If you pre-order the game, you'll get to download the full game when it is officially released (aka when all character routes are finished). Beta is for $45 buyer, which is updated every time a character route is completed.

Is there a way to get tough boards ive done every quest ive gotten but the chess board one also how rare is black grass and black leaf i havent found any 

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I am pretty sure you can only get black grass and leaf as a present from the zombie with the braid :) I was never able to find it freely.

ahhh i see thank you!

Hello and good afternoon! (It's 5:30 in the PH) Can I ask if this is already completed? If not, I'll wait it before I download (I don't play ongoing games hehe). That's all, hope you have a good day!

Same bruh I'm from PH too and I'm still waiting for the final realised of the game 🎮


This game is still in development. You can pre-order it now, and play it when it comes out, or you can wait to buy (though the prices on games like this sometimes go up a bit after release, so I personally decided to buy it early). 

If you wanted early access to what's currently available, you can pay extra for the beta access. Currently only the character Moocha's route is complete for beta, and you can play all the way to the end with him, but no others, so if you don't like uncompleted games, it might be better for you to wait.

If you're looking for a completed game though, I'd recommend looking at their other game, Seiyuu Danshi. That's how I found this one. 

Have a nice day. :)

where can I find black grass for the black dye?

You can find some by gathering at Spooky Forest.

i preordered the game, when can start playing the game

If you pay $45+ you get to play the beta version (currently only Moocha route is available, you'll get access to final game as well). If you pre-ordered the $29.99 one, you can play the game once it is officially released, which the release date is undecided right now.

All we know is it comes out next year and maybe by that time, we'll get more updates on the project.

Hello how do you get the tough boards and what do you use to gift to the monsters you catch?

Tough board is crafted item. I think it's the diy projects book. You use monster cookie to gift monster, but to get the recipe, right now it is by looking at town board and seeing the monster tips news... but this is too easy and miss and I'll be fixing it soon.

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