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Did I do sth wrong I downloaded the demo, extracted the files, and open the application BananaRanchDemo and run file but the game doesn't work, its say BananaRanchDemo.exe error It happened many times. Even though I deleted and reloaded.What should I do? Is there something wrong or is my computer doesn't support this game? (translate into Thai In case there are Thai people who meet and can help me. : คือผมโหลดมาหลายครั้งหลายรอบมากแต่มันไม่เคยเล่นได้สักทีมันขึ้นเออเร่อตลอดเลยคือผมต้องไปตั้งค่าตรงไหนรึเปล่าหรือว่าคอมผมมันไม่รองรับ)

Hi, I payed for the pre ordered version only to realise that in order to play the beta version I need to pay 45 dollars, I was wondering if I pay the difference will I be able to access the beta version?

nooo dont do that! email the devs and they will refund u and u can get the 45 one, since with itch u still have to pay the full price, they said to just email them if u had checked the update

ah wait sorry here s what dev said 

  1. Contact, asking to refund the previous purchase with the reason (saying because you want to upgrade)
  2. Repurchase the game at $45 tier or up ($60 tiers will get you a Banana Ranch Fanbook for free)

I will try... thanks

lol unless u wanna pay 45 bucks 0.0 but yw

I just contacted them, I will let know if it worked.

I paid the pre-order... when will I be able to download it?

You can click to load it..

When we finish paying, it will show the load for this??

or if you accidentally press close while loading..then give this game web page again..and notice the top of this website or the game logo...

You will see the word download as well.

I also pre-order it, I never could download it ictio speak about the 29$ version where we couldn't play it

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $29.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:


I'm not sure about this one..because I bought it for the first time. 45.00 ever

As for what he wrote, it should mean that when you buy this game for 29.99 .. the game may be full temporarily because the game also adds other characters to flirt all the time.

As far as I's simple, 29.99 is that you bought it first for insurance..and add more 18 will be 45.00 and will be able to be a game that can be loaded at any time and updated every time.

This one, I guess because I just learned to buy like this and then buy the 45.00 type... you try to reply on the name of the game owner, he will probably explain himself.

So I'm not sure how to buy the 29.99 model.

According to the picture, I bought a 45.


Yes you do but me and I think him if he was on the same case, we bough the 29$ version on wich des not gain access to download the game

I wonder if there is an option where I can pay the remmaining amount to be able to dowload the game

in order to access beta its the 45 one- it says it too...yall bought the full game pre order which is 29, the 45 one is the BETA and the 60 is the BETA and full game so if u want to access beta u need to get the 45, in the update the dev said contact them to get a refund if u want to up the price for 45 since sadly itch io charges full price

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We need Chinese. Because there is no Chinese, the appeal of the plot is greatly reduced for us.

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Why cant i move on from when Yolkie thinks about living with me, after that date i cant get anything else

I think there was a bug preventing the marriage proposal prompt. I'll need to fix that.

Ok, thank you


Will there be an Android version of this game since seiyuu danshi has one?


Does this game will be ever finished?


Given the enormous number of characters and the speed of development, I wouldn't hold my breath... I wonder if the developers bit off a little more than they could chew.


l need a refund for it.I paid $29.99 for it, but there is no downloadable file.


I think that's because you Pre-ordered the game, so you won't get the donwloadable file before the game is finished and released.

In order to get the downloadable file you need to pay $45 USD. This gives you beta access to the finished routes, (Moocha, Finn, and this week we get Yolkie).

so if I payed 29.99... how can I change it? by donating more 15.01?


So.... when is this game gonna be finished? Any news since the last dev log?


The creator is currently working on yolkie route based on the Twitter account. I don't know if that's new


According to Twitter, yolkie route is now finished! They said the update should come in about a week. I just really wished they kept us posted here sometimes...

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Well the creator is pretty busy with life and it may take longer since it's one person working on it so it may depend on their schedule


it still feels very unprofessional leaving people on here in the dark for so long. Especially when they update their Twitter more often. 

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Anyone know how to see the Finn CGs again? I have Married and had kids with Finn but he is still not present in the extras menu..?


No update....


wishing you luck creator, always checking up on your progress and hoping the best from both of your projects.


hmm dunno man , this is what girl feeling when they see things like this (when the picture is a woman) , i feel weird when i see this exist, and yet it feel normal somehow


For the guys who ask news about the game, go check their twitter, they post news some time. Don't be to mean, I know it's sad to wait without real news, but it's not that easy to create a game like this. 

So, creator, good luck and continue your hard work <3

We will wait :p But for your follower, it will be very kind of you to give more news and may be a possible date even if it's for 2 years ;p


To be fair people paid good money for this game, only for no type of updates for 8 months since Finn route dropped, and they also have another game out which they seem to be paying more attention to compared to banana ranch :/.


Real problem being they probably use the money earned from the pre-order of THIS game to make their second game instead of using it to do this game. They shouldn't do that at all. That's not what people paid for.


I don't think so. They just begin 2 games at once, but it would be better to begin just 1 at a time. If you want more news you can follow their twitter. Honestly, I really want to play this game that I bought 2 years and a half ago, but I really prefere that they take their time to do the game rather than have a bad game that was launch just because of the dev time that was too long. So it's better to wait and play a good game than have it now and it's sloppy. I'm not really sure their are alone or a group. For me their are alone, because they say "I" in their posts, so if it's the case, it's really hard to create a game alone. They have to write the story, draw the character and BG, search/create musics and coding the game itself. It's not an easy work.

If every one is blaming the creator, it will not help them to get motivation :/

And I understand that I think that there is only 2 or 3 routes on (Idk how many, but if it's all the characters that we see on the page then it's a lot) and if it's not the half of the job done yet, it will take a lot of time to finish it... But I prefere to have all the characters with a route and wait longer.

So just cheer on the creator will help more than blaming <3


This game has been in development for a loooong time now and still there are only 2 romanceable characters and their 'exclusive packs' and whatnot are ridiculously expensive. Tbh I don't think this game will ever be finished.


Damn I really Want this game fully come out its such a good game don't ignore it DX< WE WAN'T IT TO BE FINISHED and well done not half done


Is there someone we can contact for a refund?


I've tried buying the game but it won't let me. This game seems to be polished and definitely have more content than most games like this on Steam. My question is why not just publish it on steam and make it more accessible for people and allow for less issues when trying to buy games.


i buy that game and can't download, why?

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I also bought the game but cant play


What you would have bought was a pre-order of the game, not the the actual game itself. And the reason you can't play is that they stopped working on it to prioritize there newest game Baradise Escape.

What you would have bought was a pre-order of the game, not the the actual game itself. And the reason you can't play is that they stopped working on it to prioritize there newest game Baradise Escape.


ive pre ordered this game 2 years ago. Is there any update on the estimated year the alpha version would be released?


I have also bought this game 1 year ago but nothing happens!


Same here :( i was very excited, i know that making a game takes time but i seems like the creators are more focused in the other game 


Can we please get an update even if its just a verbal update on the status. Please and Thank you!!


Hi there i have a problem i bought the game but I can't download it what should I do?


I think you just pre ordered it


So dev run away? No update or anything


I checked Meyaoi's patreon and it seems like they are focusing on their other game Baradise Escape

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You get the recipe by reading the Advanced Crafting recipe book from the bookshelf in your room (I THINK it's one of the books you buy from the general store?). Do you know how to upgrade monsters and how to grow 4 and 5-star level foods?


Damn last update was 8 months ago, and it's seems they ghosted everyone who preordered the game.

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Bruh, are you ever going to update this? It's literally 2023. I paid for this game 3 years ago. But it's legit dead. What is going on? Are we ever going to get what we paid for?


I have also bought this game 1 year ago but nothing happens! money well earned! 

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Do you have any intention to update this game or even releasing the full version? Because the last update was in Jul 2022. Apologies if I sound rude but I really want to know if this game is still active in the making. I saw your other games and noticed the others getting a more frequent update. If you're really working on this game, how long do you estimate for this game's full release? I'm keeping an eye out for this one because of the children features. It's a unique concept for a bl game and I'm hoping for this game to be given utmost attention


Is every route out now or? I'm confused. I want to pay for it but I don't know what I get with the base game. Thank you!


I just played the base game and... it's nothing. It's not really even a game, you cant really do anything - there's no real interaction with the characters, no dates etc. Just a screen that says 'they are unavailable'. I tried to email to get help thinking maybe I was missing something, or downloaded V1.0 but no reply!


The only routes available right now are Moocha and Finn so you can't interact with the others.

Hey, yall. How do I get the Angel Statue? Also where is the 3rd Magical Ponpon item (I've got the one from the general store warehouse and the one from Saber)? Please help!

I've found the Angel Statue, still looking for the last Ponpon

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You get the recipe by reading the Advanced Crafting recipe book from the bookshelf in your room (I THINK it's one of the books you buy from the general store?). Do you know how to upgrade monsters and how to grow 4 and 5-star level foods?

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No problem :)

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Hello everyone, my English is not very good. But I know this game still in development. I'm curious how many times do you have to pay for all the content right now I don't know if the dev. has support for free content for those who have already purchased the game? (or this isn't the full price for the complete game) Should I wait until this game is finished?

If you buy beta access. You won’t have to rebuy it to get new route.

But if you buy the pre-order game you will still have to wait until release.

thank you


Do we have an eta on the release date for this game? I pre-ordered it 3 years ago. 0.0


I ordered it like a month ago, not seeing the 45 dollar for the early release version, and honestly im so mad I cant refund. I so wanna get the early release but buying the beta would be so much money. I wish there would be an update to when this will come out

Maybe you should contact meyaoi for refund.

they dont respond dont waste your time i emailed and messaged on patreon its sad that the dev doesnt respond i waited a couple weeks and still nothing just ask itch thats what i did and i got it back


So is there an estimated full release, release date?

What's the difference between the $45 and $60 version? Is it just the $60 version has the fanbook?

Yea $60 get fanbook as well (but fanbook isn't released yet so currently there's no difference in the two)

Ok, thanks so much! Love your games! Saving up to buy all of them, honestly :)

Thank you for liking my games 😊


Can you make the demo for people who can't pay have the same things as the one for paying as I've tried the demo and would like it so you have more to play like the original version for paying as its getting boring playing that section again as some people can't play it all. 


say what again? How is that make any sense dude?



is the game fully out yet or is still in beta + do u have a discord server?

is the game fully out yet or is still in beta + do u have a discord server?

Hey if i buy the 45$ one with the beta routes do i also get the pre-order ?

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I can't download Moocha and Finn's routes on the app. is that normal?

it only works with the demo


Did you buy the game?



You bought the 45 one?


Then idk it works for me did you go to the top where it shows you bought it and dowload it?


The game isn't out yet. You can get beta/early access (which only has the two routes so far) if you paid more than $45 USD, but if you paid the regular price of S29.99 USD, you only get the pre-order, and will get access to the game when it comes out only.

Did you only pay for the base (pre-order) game perhaps?

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