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did you not have enough of my money with the other two games?!?! >_>

brute. Monster. Tempter. Tease. Fine take even more. 💰 

I am curious  will there be animation in this one?  NOT that it needs it was just curious since  I feel like it’s the only BL challenge you haven’t used yet and wondered if you were gonna ace it too one day ^_^


It's technically doable since Renpy now supports Live2D natively and coding it should not be hard, just making the animation itself is very time consuming so I've gotta find someone who doesn't mind doing Live2D animation for the hardcore gay stuff (and do it with a price within the budget constraint oops x'D) 

I'd attempted to animate a CG myself (I posted the animated Haato masturbating CG on Twitter before) but end result is mediocre and too time-consuming 😬

no worries everything you do is awesome and it’s not like you need More when your output is so good. I just figured it was your one Unconquered horizon since you have gone after all the great BL stuff. Interactive foreplay.  Fully reversible Cgs of couples. voiced ooh la la scenes. And Technically you did animate those chibis so you’ve at least dabbled in it all then! What an achiever ^_~  and I’m sure your haato was awesome (I gotta go check that out actually ttyl!…) 

Amazing 👏 just take my money😫! I can't even wait sfsfsfsf😭😭😭. But yaaay, this looks awesome!! Will there be ways to purchase it like you have set up for your other games on itchio? And maybe a tier that includes a beta tier👀🥰🙌?


Yeah, definitely! Might setup a month / 2 month long fundraising campaign ala Banana Ranch on for some additional love interests (have got 3 more guys in the making that haven't been shown yet 👀)

Omg! So exciting I can't wait😆🙌


Is there going to be an ending where Alan is back to his urban life with the tribal boys? Or is it only possible to stay in the island with them?


There is ending where they go back to modern life for each guy :) (that will require some more extra steps in-game rather than the just stay in the island ending)

Free download android?


I'm still waiting on the full banana ranch why you tease me like this....shut up and take my money how can you make such lit BL games!!


My mission is to populate this world with even more BL games ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyway, I'm currently in waiting mode for FInn's CGs to be completed so I'll use my idle time to finish the demo for Baradise Escape :p

Ahhhh Finn!! Can't wait your games are for real amazing compared to most BL games since they involve actual play not just visual novel games.

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*gasps* Merman...

But seriously, I can't wait to play this! All the men are very attractive, and I love that the MC wears glasses. Great option for reversible roles too. I bought your other two games, so I'll definitely buy this one. :)


Glad to hear your feedback! :D


Das ist mein fetisch.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I like the look of the characters, especially Citali.


Glad to hear that! ^^

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