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What metal do you need to make a hoe and how do you get it ?

I have ore, silver and bronze but it none of them


I cant take a bath, is it a bug?

I can't get into the chief's building. The bearskin at the entrance blocks the way.


can't wait for the full version to be released!!


Hey, I'm trying to run on mac but its crashing instantly. does anyone have a fix


I mean looks great not huge fan way the main character look eh he just looks so out of place but some people like so :D all power to ya! \o/

Lol I agree, all the MLs are so handsome then you just pan over to the MC...he look basic af ngl. I think its the hairstyling as well as the glasses style that makes him look so out of place....Rip


How do i befriend the dog? TT~TT

To the left of the dog is a sign post , interact with it will give you a hint and unlock a side quest, you need raw meat x3 I suggest equipping the strong brunch, hunting the deer in the mountain pass northe of the old man's cabin gives you 3 raw meat per deer 


Is there a guide for the game? Literally been playing for an hour and still don't even know how to shower or where everyone is lol

How to do Mads side quest to find ideas for the bed

Android please =3


I am completely stuck.
I am of the assumption that I have to use the silver I have acquired to make a weapon effective against the werewolves.
And I see people talk about a second merchant. however I can not find him for the life of me.
Can anybody assist me? 


🥺🥺 android??


How do you beat the werewolf

Does the game have animated CG? (instead of static illustrations)
Does the game have voice-over? if any in English?

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the concept of the game is perfect but i got stuck at the first starter island and i couldn't do anything . after reading the comments i found out that i should be able to see some kind of NPC's around the map to buy blueprints from them and yeah there is no such a thing in game . I circled the whole map a few times and there was nothing ...
does anybody know whats the problem with my game ? ( and sorry for bad English <3)

To get to different areas you need to run/walk to the edge of we area, not swim, and there you should see a ( ? ) pop up , I played on pc so I pressed z to go to the next area, note the ( ? ) doesn't always show and sometimes the ( ? ) appears a step or 2 before you reach the edge of the area so as soon as you see ( ? ) press the z and you should go to the next area


I cant figure out how to clean myself or get past the first area. I cant craft anything or find anyone. I've seen comments about how there should be a merchant but I cant find anything. Anyone have any idea where I should go or what to do?

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To bath just go to the edges of any body of water and press z to interact and the option to bath should appear, note you have to be standing on the edge if you start swing you have gone to far as the option won't appear while swimming 

To get to different areas you need to run/walk to the edge of we area, not swim, and there you should see a ( ? ) pop up , I played on pc so I pressed z to go to the next area, note the ( ? ) doesn't always show and sometimes the ( ? ) appears a step or 2 before you reach the edge of the area so as soon as you see ( ? ) press the z and you should go to the next area


how to find water 

To find water just go to the edges of any body of water and press z to interact and the option to drink water should appear, note you have to be standing on the edge if you start swing you have gone to far as the option won't appear while swimming

I'm a litttlee confused. Does anyone know how to get to the jungle area? I've been exploring and been going around in circles not knowing where to go.


It,s a very confusing game. Going around in circles without knowing what to do. A pity because the CGs are beautiful.

Android version?

like, I'm confused because there's an Android symbol on the cover but there's no Android version

Hi, I'm really looking forward to the release of this title. A couple of quick question as I'm playing through the demo, is there a way to get a 2nd stick or weapon? Also, I've never once encountered the traveling merchant and I'm on day 4. Is this a bug or is he totally randomized? Finally, have other people been able to cook or make items? I did the first two quests for the old man, but I'm kind of at a wall since my weapon broke to play anymore content.

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-You can craft stick branches however many times you want by cutting down trees and picking up logs. You can get the branch stick blueprint from the 1st and nearest  merchant who is located and stationed just to the right side from the starting point/statue waypoint (just keep going to the right and you'll see him and his tent on the beach). For cooking and other crafting, you need to find the 1st merchant and the 2nd merchant (in another area) and purchase blueprints from them.


Ok yeah, he definitely doesn't exist in my game at all. So there's some kind of bug. Thanks for the reply!


As I started to get used to the odd control scheme and started to look around the different areas, I ran into a merchant.  Sold him 2 axes then couldn't get out of interface.  I was done selling but there was nothing else I could do.  No keys would work, no options to click on and eventually, the game froze.  Had to shut it down.  Definitely still needs work.


After entering the village main house for the first time, I cant enter the house anymore. When entering the house the bear fur bugs out so I cant move from the entrance

Bug report for Demo 1.03: If I'm selling Strong Branches they will not be removed from the inventory correctly so an unusable items blocks a space.

Does anyone know what to do to get into Haluca? I'm trying to follow the spirit and it stops at certain circles on the ground and when I interact with it, it just keeps bringing me back to the starting point.

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;-; I'm sorry.. how do I full screen the game? I've tried the typical F4 and ALT+ENTER but neither of them worked. It's unplayable cuz its just on top right side of my screen and my overall view of the game is incomplete since I think there is supposed to be a UI on the top (which I can't see)..

May I ask is Sylvester already can find in version 1.03, I run for both forest ,but I can't find him.

im unable to find any characters

There is a bug that it cannot recognize the ore I have as the material for the Club.

How did you get the scales and the stone next to it?

The scales are from defeating the snakes found around the old man’s house. The ores are from the cave below the ship in starter beach. You need hammer to harvest them which requires you have level 3 crafting skill to make.

It's not a bug, you just have the wrong type of ore. You want the Bronze ore (looks brownish instead of black like coal).

Thanks, I have no idea there is a brownish one. I made the club finally.

Is this game completely finished now that its version is above 1.0?


no, it's still in Early Access as far as I'm aware.

ı couldnt befriend with the dog. I tried giving raw, cooked meat also milk, I looked for a bone or something like that but couldnt find any 

also i believe we should get a hammer at the start like a starter pack. we can get axe and apparently strong branch near the start area, I couldn't see branch at first. But I couldnt find the hammer I looked almast all of the map, also made a map myself there are missing features like that jewish sign thing wants something circle and ı cant give any damage to werewolves i thinks it has a connection with the jewish sign and that has to do something with we can get with a hammer. 

When I couldn't save that soft bl uke, I got stuck, and as I got stuck, I started to build theories in my head. In the end, I blamed it all on not finding a hammer.🙃


😔I was in the same situation until I finally figured it out.

In the dog's map, there is actually another hint item, hidden so well that I didn't even realize it was interactive.

For the weapons that can kill werewolves, I think is about other weapons, merchant has the answer.

I do think there are very few tips though.


Thank u🥰, gonna try that out also were you able to find a hammer? İf yes can u give me a hint

For hammer, you need to buy the blueprint from the merchant next to the starter beach and crafting at level 3. I suggest crafting strong branch since it only takes 5 logs. Crafting it repeatedly can level up your crafting skill.

Where exactly can you bath because I've been interacting with so much water types its a pain?

you can bath in all water sourcesexcept sea (cave water, lake) . there is a waterfall and a lake at the center of the map,  at the left of that ungrateful and unpleasable dogs owners home (old grandfather). you can bath there if ucant there is a bug

Game concept is perfect but there are so many bugs. When I save my progress at the statue near the farm with a dog, after load game from that progress whatever or how many times I try when I try to exit from that area game crushes. I even thought that it is because of my pc (8gb i5) I changed pc to (16gb i5) but it still happened (at least crushes reduced). 

as far as i see Crushes happenes when ı try to make tools or food, wash at lake those are most often ones.

Also there is a bug again at the crushed boat. If I'm right we should get 1 axe but when I left that area (start point) and come back I can get 3 more axes for 1 time only.

But I got nothing to say about artwork and concept. That's exactly what I imagine when I play those brokeass gae games just for 🌽 scenes. I expect great work from your team🤗😘

Yeah still lots of bugs. Ver 1.0.3 has fixed most of those random crashes at least. Are you on that version?

🤦‍♂️ no ım on 1.02 version, Updating rn. Also does this comebacks are useful? I'm trying to help and if these are not useful I don't want to  be demoralizing.

It's fine! I'd feel demotivated if the feedback was like 100% negative but if it was a mix of positive and negative then it wouldn't be lol.

which lake are you referring to

so  learned how to save the game and sleep now there is one think ı couldnt get. How do ı interract with animals? ı sow a lot of cow, chicken etc. ı followed them,  cornered the cow etc. but couldnt interact.

While I was standing in the grassy section under the slope my character is standing on, I saw an interact sign. When I pressed it, it left me just below area/panel where my character is now. You don't get stuck there, but it allows us to interact even though you're not connected to the top of the hill

Yeah, that's a bug indeed. I'll get around to fixing that later.

You don't interact with animals. Instead you use weapon to hit it like you do for enemies.

Aow ı got it, ı used a hoe but its not a weapon.


Pardon me, how can I save game progress? I have tried all keys but can't find.


You can only save via the statue.

Thank you!

pardon me but how do you make your mc take a bath 


Interact with any watery area to drink and have a bath, but you can't drink sea water.

What are the controllers for the game?

I tested using PS3 controller but any Xbox controllers should also work.

Ok, I wasn't clear :) what are the PC keyboard controllers? Can i jump or climb, etc.?

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No jump and climb. Just basic movement using the arrow (for keyboard) and joystick (for controller) and use tools, save items, interact etc. There should be a somewhat input helper in the game to indicate what actions you can take and which button to press. I plan to make it possible to rebind control, but it's not currently possible in this version.

Here, I am. I got to check the other side of the island (first it was north where I met the old man and the dog but can't tell how to befriend the doggo) and the second one is going west. The problem I see is that when we go from the location we appears to where our MC's ex is unconscious, the map doesn't show the interrogation exclamation that you usually see when you encounter something unknown, going inside the cave, going inside the cabin, talking to the statues, etc. 

I spoke three times with my Mc's ex, but he just repeat the same phrase. It is a nice touch to see the CS when taking a bath. I just dislike how we can only drink and take a bath in one location lol. 

I have encounter one bug? one of the rocks that is in the place before we get to the MC's ex location is sparkling but can't interact with it. Beside that I haven't met anyone else. Just two people and the doggo.

the game looks cool, but... i didn't meet any of the boys lol this demo looks more like an early alpha, you can't release demo without tutorial or a more refined map that guides you to the main events

Just played it again. The area I said that closed the game was the upper right where I was going to be able to go to the other side of the map/island. I met the old man. He gave me a quest. I was able to explore the area and didn't have the problem with the screen as previously. Sadly, after I went to the cave for a second time to get the underwear to swim faster and was ready to exit, the game closed.

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Hmm now that I think about it, it might be because of Particles2D (the sparkly effect thingy). Were you able to ever see a sparkly effect on the ground?

Yes, I collected many shells, and even the broken ship/boat got many axes and a wooden stick. I was able to chop the trees, but didn't have any use for them yet. I was able to see like 3-4 statues. The special effects/sparkle effects were present on the ground, around the statue, etc. I will try to check the game tonight and see if I get the same problem or another one.

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Aaaaa I'm so confused 😭

The game always runs in my computer just fine. I'd prefer if it were also crashing in mine just to make it easier to bugfix... Btw, what is your PC spec? Hmm it might also be because has coding practices of mine that cause memory leak... What is your RAM size?

EDIT: I found some errors on my end... not sure if it relates to your crashes, but I'll fix those in version 1.03 and hope for the best (?) lol

My RAM is 16 GB. processor 11th, I don't think the video card would make a huge difference (since the graphics are not that demanding) but it is the latest. My RAM is the average. Well, tonight, I will check it out and tell me if I get more bugs :D

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Mine is 16GB, so that's probably not it... I've uploaded ver 1.03, which at least fixes crashes during loading save file and some NPC schedule error causes random crashes too (every error results in random crashes which makes it really hard to pinpoint 0_0). Hopefully it reduces the frequency of your crashes X"D

If you can, when you re-test, could you run the game through command line so that it pops up the complete debug log?

Type cmd on the explorer bar like this, press ENTER, it should popup a black box

Then type "start BaradiseEscapeWindows1.03.exe" or "start BaradiseEscapeWindowsDemo1.03.exe" (without the quotation marks) depending on the version you're playing.

There should be many scary lines popping up there, but it's the complete log of what's happening back-end. Hopefully during the crashes, there will be better hints to be found there.

Game unfortunately won't open for me TT^TT
Just blackscreen then Program Not Responding

Ah, I'm not sure why ^^; Might be because the new engine requires slightly higher requirement for PC spec (the graphic card)

Ah, unlucky me then.
Oh well, it is what it is. Good luck with this and your other projects :)

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