List of bug-fixes (latest ver 1.05)

Thanks for reporting the bugs!

Version 1.01 fixes the following issue:

  • Error when exiting the cave 
  • Save file not showing up the correct day count

Version 1.02  fixes the following issue:

  • Error when trying to open up chest in the area after cave
  • Can't access the chest in 2nd floor of cave

Version 1.03 fixes the following issue:

  • Can't fix the 2nd bridge 

Version 1.04 fixes the following issue:

  • Blackout during Mads masturbating scene

Version 1.05 fixes the following issue:

  • Chest key not returned if your inventory is full when trying to open chest
  • Rocks / tree trunks nodes are bugged out if your inventory is full 

If you encounter further bugs, please report them via / comment below and I'll fix them up as soon as I can!


Baradise Escape Alpha Demo 1.05 - Mac 406 MB
Version 8 22 days ago
Baradise Escape Alpha Demo 1.05 - Windows & Linux 441 MB
Version 9 22 days ago

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So I've encountered a bug that's potentially game-breaking. When you try to pick things up when your inventory is full you can't pick it up again after freeing up inventory space, it's just bugged out. It gets a bit confusing since they stay like that forever. I broke my first axe trying to harvest lumber from the same bugged node. Had to restart since I forgot to save and didn't have enough lumber for another axe :(

It gets worse though, if you try to open a locked chest when your inventory is full the key gets used like normal and you get the regular inventory-message. When you try to open it again it's still locked and needs a new key. This happened to me with the ancient fruit... Luckily I remembered to save right before.


Thanks for the report, will be fixed soon in 1.05!

New problem!!!

When the scene of the protagonist and the ex masturbating together appears, the cg doesn´t come out, the entire screen is black and only the dialogues are visible.

The worst thing is that it stays black even when the scene ends, and the whole game stays black even though it should be out the next day.


Oops, that's a bug indeed. I... seem to have forgotten to hide the black transition x'D

Will upload fix soon!

Hi, I'm on my 2nd year already and still can't complete the cop mission II.  I bought the 45$ pack, have a full heart relationship with Moocha, but still no interaction whatsoever. 

Can you give me a hint? I'm getting frustrated.. :((

And also how do you craft the 3star iron ingot or something? :(((((



Fixed in 1.04, thanks for the report!

I don't know why, it won't let me fix the second bridge (T_T)


Oops, that's a bug indeed. Will fix soon!

I managed to cross the bridge, but it still won't let me enter the forest (I think this isn´t a bug, a text appears where the protagonist thinks that the forest is dangerous)( (T_T) (T_T).

Honestly, the 7 days of tutorial are getting long, is there no way to skip them?


Yeah, you can get inside the forest after the surviving after 7 days is over.

I might shorten the length to something around 3 days then? 

Good idea!