Mini tutorial for demo

Due to requests received, here is the guide for the demo!

Main storyline tutorial:

  • After intro part, inspect the door to the cave up north near the beach area. There'll be quest update to find someone else to move the rock with you.

  • Go right from initial beach area and you can find Mads lying on the beach. Interact him to further the quest.

  • Go back to the previous blocked cave with Mads following behind you.

  • You'll be prompted to collect 5 coconuts. Collect them and talk to Mads inside the cave.
  • Survive on the island until 7 days (day showing "Day 7"), then go back to the cave.  You'll get a scene.
  • After that you're left to explore the island on your own!

How to reach Haluca tribe to meet Ragnar, Lex, and Citali:

Here's the complete flow along with map guide! (pay attention to the arrow image and the number)

1) Go up from the initial beach area

2) Continue going up north from the forest area

3) Repair the two bridges and head south after the path is open

4) Enter the deeper part of the forest:

5) Take the right-most path to continue your way to Haluca tribe, but you need to go to the left-most path to collect "Mysterious Fruit", which will later be used to communicate with the Haluca tribe members (Ragnar, Citali, Lex)

6) After entering jungle area, enter the cave. After you're done with the cave, go to the right.

7) Head up north and you're done. You've finally arrived at Haluca tribe! If you have / have not collected the mysterious fruit, head inside the tent and interact with the book there where you finally know about the mysterious fruit. If you have collected the fruit, you'll have a prompt whether to eat it or not. After eating, you'll be able to communicate with Haluca tribe natives, otherwise you can only see garblish words written there.

How to "officially" move base camp to Haluca tribe?

  • Talk to Lex, you'll receive a small house key
  • Go to north from the village, head towards the small house on the right and interact with the door.

How to get the CG scenes in demo:

  •  When you've spent 7 days on the island, during the night time you'll get Mads' masturbating together scene.
  • If you take a bath when Mads is idling near the spring area (around 9:20 to 12:45), you can get Mads' bathing scene. IMPORTANT: Mads will only begin moving around the island after the initial 7 days have passed and the main intro quest is finished!
  • Talk to Citali when he's cooking lunch (from 10:00 to 11:00) and ask if he needs help with anything. He'll ask you to help him gather some materials. After the quest is finished, talk to Citali again on other day when he's cooking lunch to get Citali's feeding scene.
  • Talk to Ragnar when he's idling in jungle area (from 6:00 to 11:00). Press the "talk" button when your bond level with him is 2 or above, and you'll get the scene prompt. If your combat level is too low (below 4), he'll say that you're currently too weak to follow him. Otherwise, you'll get Ragnar's scene.
  • You can interact with the board near the big house to trigger the "new house" quest. Currently, only the intro part has been coded.

Anyway, that should be it. If you've played the demo, make sure to fill in this survey! It'll be very helpful, thank you =D


Baradise Escape Alpha Demo 1.05 - Mac 406 MB
Version 4 Apr 22, 2022
Baradise Escape Alpha Demo 1.05 - Windows & Linux 441 MB
Version 5 Apr 22, 2022

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were do you find the bedding for Mad's the quest side quest 

I am having issues with repairing the bridge on the other side of the cave by the bamboo trees.  anybody else with this issue?

Im currently having the same problem.

Doesn't let me go to the area where the Mysterious Fruit is.


This might be a silly question...but how do you eat?!


open your inventory then click on the food and then the character

Ragnar doesn't appear in the Status section. I can't raise his bond level.

Have you talked to him after eating the mysterious fruit?

Yes. All the other characters work perfectly fine, it's just him.


I don't know why, it won't let me fix the second bridge (T_T)


Thanks for the report! Ver 1.03 should fix this ^_^